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    we're on your page soldier. don't think we're not, almost everyone knows your committment to do what you're doing. can't say enough about that to you, but you know that when you walk through an airport don't you?
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    Hi tallblonde50

    As a mother who has every respect for your profession, can you give me any advice or url's to go to as my son 19 is about to be deployed to afghanistan.
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    Regardless of how a war is started, the military give us our protection and freedom because they dont just fight wars. They do many things such as peace keeping, keeping us safe within our country and lay their lives on the line for us and for others.

    Without a military our countries would be in sheer chaos and under constant fire.

    This is a profession that is one of the most respected as are firemen, teachers, doctors and nurses etc because they are what make us survive.

    My son is young but he is in our military and whilst I worry like crazy, its what he wants to do and im so proud of him.

    My upmost respect for the lady that started the thread.
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    I am willing to die for my country's legacy of freedom, but I am not willing to go fight a war that we initiated under false pretenses. Do you have any idea how these wars are undermining our own genetic structure? How many babies of soldiers, are being born with birth defects in this country? How many Americans have died or are permanently disfigured, paralyzed or diseased from unnecessary warfare, or how many billions of US dollars this has robbed our country of?

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    I'm taking this personally, MM is not allowing me to post, obviously because i am showing people things about the government that the news doesn't tell you. So check out the armed conflict and terrorist thread, and since my freedom has been taken away on MM to comment freely, all i can do is reply to a quote... Im a paying member here... this is a free country, right?

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    Hey I'm in the Marines and I have about until 2010 to get out. I wasn't born in this country but I think that you're a thief if all you do is take and not contribute to your society. I just got back for Iraq and I volunteered to go back in January. I'm going to have a BLAST!!! (no pun intended)

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    Great 2 see some real American's. I am non partisan, but you are either with us (Americans), or you are with the terrorists. Yeah we are not aloud to torture heathens like Saddam, but these beasts cut our heads off and seem to get great pleasure from it. America is a free country, no matter what many want to protest, and we are still working on protecting our freedoms. The iraq war is in fact about power, but it is also about tactical positioning to take over other countries. We are after a free World, and are currently the super power who can achieve World peace, this is if Iran, China, and North Korea don't put a stick in our tires. There are many other countries who hate us for good reason, but history is history, and repeats itself. Good luck to the opposition, the blue will always come out.
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    Azafgirl, I want to thank you for serving our country, if you ck the message board, there is a thread there that was started. It thanks men and woman for serving our county, that is what the thread is called. Very good story that I posted also with it. So again thank you and all the other people that keep us free... Unsnaggedeagle
  • View author's info posted on Nov 23, 2005 12:26

    azafgirl write:
    OK...I gotta get on my soap box here for a sec......I'm in the military, the Air Force. I've been in for 18 plus years and looking forward to getting to retire in less than 2 years. I am PROUD to be a member of the military and although I dont always agree with what goes on I will continue to defend my country. You are all entitled to your views and opinions about the military...but please do not disregard me just because I am a part of it.... so "B" you are from another country LIVING and WORKING in the United States making your way in life unfortunate that you do not respect the military and the government for the freedom it has given you to do so....sorry.....but how could I NOT take that personally?

    you go gurl, great for you, and you are a great american, i sit on county committes and stuff in my town and i am working with a freedom memorial park for our town right now to be built in memory of 911, and all who have died, I only have to raise 2 million to build it, i am very respectful of my country being american indian brother in law is serving on the blackhawk as a med in war so hats off to you and happy holidays...
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