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    Well i started on MM over 4000 miles from where i intended to live, all the facts in my profile were correct, including the 'redbeast', i had over 1700 hits, still talk to many nearly 3 years later,
    I meet a few 'very hopefulls' when i travelled this way, it seems very obvious certain things matter, but distance for me was not concern. I knew what i wanted and also what i didn't want, i know that my cultural difference and background were big pluses, but found care and gentleness along with looking for the inner person a huge attraction among American girls.
    So distance and time are not a big problem, if you can communicate for hours on a meaningful daily basis, the first meeting is like old friends, quite amazing i assure you. But such long distance sorts the grain from the chaff and is worth the strain !!!!
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    redhead524 write:
    Help me understand if one is truly looking for that one very special person, why is it that so often the maximum distance range is oh, say 10,15, 25 or 50 miles away from your home?

    I am not a big believer that "Familiarity Breeds Contempt"... I think much the opposite, of course much of my experience is based on my own experience. Perhaps it was just the wrong partners poisoning my statistical database. I have tried it both ways, but I guess being still single, the conclusions drawn on proximity might be mixed.

    I think someone needs to be close enough to get to know well before making decisions about the relationship. Of course, depending on population density, as 25 mile radius in metro Atlanta would yield more prospects than say someone living on the border of GA and AL, where overall population and available dating partners is much lower.

    While some importance must be put on developing and evolving the relationship, there are times when enjoying the relationship you already have must be exercised. Far Away Penpals may make very good LDRs, but offer very little in the area of cuddle time.
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