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    * It is illegal to play dominos on Sunday.
    * It is illegal to wear a fake moustache that causes laughter in church.
    * Putting salt on a railroad track may be punishable by death.


    * In Fairbanks, it is illegal to feed alcoholic beverages to a moose.
    * It is an offense to push a live moose out of a moving airplane.


    * In Tucson, it is illegal for women to wear pants.
    * In Glendale, it is illegal to drive a car in reverse.
    * It is illegal for donkeys to sleep in bathtubs.
    * If a person is caught stealing soap, they must wash themselves until it is all used up.


    * Flirtation between men and women on the streets of Little Rock may result in a 30-day jail term.


    * In Los Angeles, a man may legally beat his wife with a leather strap, as long as it is less than two inches wide, or she gives him permission to use a wider strap.
    * It is a misdemeanor to shoot at any kind of game from a moving vehicle, unless the target is a whale.
    * It is illegal to set a mousetrap without a hunting license.
    * It is against the law to hunt for ducks while you are in an airplane.
    * It is illegal to ride a bicycle in a swimming pool.
    * In San Francisco, it is illegal to wipe one's car with used underwear.
    * In Ventura County, cats and dogs are not allowed to have sex without a permit.
    * Persons classified as "ugly" may not walk down any street. (San Francisco)
    * All persons wishing to keep a rhinoceros as a pet must obtain a $100 license first. (Norco)
    * Animals are banned from mating publicly within 1,500 feet of a tavern, school, or place of worship.
    * No vehicle without a driver may exceed 60 miles per hour.
    * Women may not wear high heels while in the city limits. (Carmel)
    * Detonating a nuclear device within the city limits results in a $500 fine. (Chico)
    * One may not use one's own restroom if the window is open. (Dana Point)
    * Elementary schools may not host poker tournaments. (Fresno)
    * It is illegal to drive more than two thousand sheep down Hollywood Boulevard at one time. (Hollywood)
    * Drinking intoxicating cement is prohibited. (Indian Hills)


    * In Durango, it is illegal to go out in public dressed in clothing "unbecoming" one's sex.
    * In Pueblo, it is illegal to let a dandelion grow within city limits.


    * In Hartford, it is illegal to educate a dog.
    * In New Britain, the speed limit for fire trucks is 25 M.P.H., even when going to a fire.


    * Getting married on a dare is grounds for an annulment.


    * In Miami, it is illegal for a man to wear any kind of strapless gown.
    * In Sarasota, it is illegal to sing while wearing a bathing suit.
    * Having sexual relations with a porcupine is illegal.


    * All males in the state between the ages of 16 and 50 are required to work on public roads.
    * In Quitman, it is illegal for a chicken to cross a road.
    * It is illegal to change the clothes on a storefront mannequin unless the shades are down.
    * In Atlanta, it's illegal to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole or lamppost.


    * In Hawaii, it is illegal to insert pennies into your ear.


    * In Pocatello, "It is prohibited for pedestrians and motorists to display frowns, grimaces, scowls, threatening and glowering looks, gloomy and depressed facial appearances, generally all of which reflect unfavorably upon the city's reputation."
    * Boxes of candy given as romantic gifts must weigh more than 50 pounds.
    * Fort Madison, Iowa - The fire department is required to practice fire fighting for fifteen minutes before attending a fire.


    * In Chicago, people who are diseased, maimed, mutilated, or deformed to the point of being "an unsightly or disgusting object" are banned from going out in public.
    * In Chicago, it is illegal to fish in one's pajamas.
    * The officially recognized language is "American."
    * In Guernee, it is illegal for women weighing more than 200 pounds to ride horses in shorts.
    * In Chicago, it is illegal to eat in an establishment that is on fire.


    * Monkeys are forbidden to smoke cigarettes in South Bend.


    * State law forbids any establishment from charging admission to see a one-armed piano player.
    * In Ames, warn your hubby that after lovemaking, he isn't allowed to take more than three gulps of beer while lying in bed with you-or holding you in his arms.


    * It is illegal for restaurants to sell cherry pie a la mode on Sundays.
    * In Lang, it is illegal to ride a mule down Main Street in August, unless the animal is wearing a straw hat.
    * In Natoma, it is illegal to throw a knife at anyone wearing a striped shirt.
    * Wichita, Kansas - Before proceeding through the intersection of Douglas and Broadway, a motorist is required to get out of their vehicle and fire three shot gun rounds into the air.
    * In Lawrence, Kansas, it is forbidden for anyone to carry bees in their hat, while on the city streets.


    * It is illegal for a woman to appear in a bathing suit on a highway unless she is: escorted by at least two police officers; armed with a club; lighter than 90 pounds; or heavier than 200 pounds.
    * It is illegal to remarry the same man four times.
    * A Kentucky law states that burglary can only be committed at night.
    * In Lexington, Kentucky, it is against the law to carry an ice cream cone in your pocket.
    * In Owensboro, Kentucky, it is illegal for a woman to buy a new hat without her husband trying it on first.


    * It is illegal to step out of a plane, while it is in flight.
    * In Rumford, it is illegal for a tenant to bite his/her landlord.
    * In Waterville, it is illegal to blow one's nose in public.


    * In Baltimore, it is illegal to wash or scrub sinks, no matter how dirty they get.
    * It's illegal to mistreat oysters.
    * In Baltimore, it is illegal to take a lion to the movies.


    * It is illegal to wear a goatee without a license.
    * North Andover prohibits its citizens from carrying "space guns."
    * State legislation forbids dueling with water pistols.
    * In Boston, it is illegal to take a bath unless one has been ordered by a physician to do so.
    * In 1659, the state outlawed Christmas.


    * A state law stipulates that a woman's hair legally belongs to her husband.
    * In Detroit, it is illegal to make love in a car unless it is parked on your property.
    * Under state law, dentists are officially classified as "mechanics."


    * Women may face up to 30 days in jail if they impersonate Santa Claus.
    * In Minneapolis, double-parkers can be put on a chain gang.
    * Every man in Brainerd is required by law to grow a beard.
    * In International Falls, Minnesota, it is against the law for a cat to chase a dog up a tree.


    * In Canton, it is illegal to kill a squirrel with a gun while in a courtroom.
    * In Natchez, it is illegal for an elephant to guzzle a beer.


    * In St. Louis, it is illegal for an on-duty firefighter to rescue a woman wearing a nightgown; in order to be rescued, a woman must be fully dressed.
    * While children may purchase shotguns in Kansas City, they are not allowed to buy toy cap guns.
    * Any city in Missouri can levy a tax to support a band, as long as the mayor plays piccolo and each band member can eat peas with a knife.


    * It is a felony for a wife to open her husband's mail.
    * In Whitehall, it is illegal to operate a vehicle with ice picks attached to the wheels.
    * A law in Helena, mandates that a woman can't dance on a table in a saloon or bar unless she has on at least three pounds, two ounces of clothing.


    * In Omaha, barbers are forbidden from shaving their customers' chests.
    * If a child burps during a church service in Omaha, his or her parents may be arrested.

    * It is illegal to drive a camel on the highway.
    * Everyone walking on the streets of Elko is required to wear a mask.

    New Hampshire
    * In New Hampshire it is illegal to dye margarine pink.

    New Jersey

    * In Newark, it is illegal to sell ice cream after 6pm, unless the customer has a note from his doctor.
    * It is illegal to slurp soup.

    New Mexico

    * In Raton, it is illegal for a woman to ride horseback down a public street with a kimono on.
    * The Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary is banned in Carlsbad.

    New York

    * In New York City, it is illegal for a woman to be on the street wearing "body hugging clothing."
    * In New York City, it is illegal for a man to turn around and look "at a woman in that way," and violators are forced to wear horse blinders.
    * In New York City, "It is disorderly conduct for one man to greet another on the street by placing the end of his thumb against the tip of his nose, at the same time extending and wiggling the fingers of his hand."
    * In Greene, it is illegal to eat peanuts and walk backwards down a street, while a concert is on.

    North Carolina

    * In Charlotte, women must have their bodies covered by at least 16 yards of cloth at all times.
    * It is illegal to use elephants to plough cotton fields.

    North Dakota

    * In Fargo, one may be jailed for wearing a hat while dancing, or even for wearing a hat to a function where dancing is taking place.
    * It is illegal to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes on.
    * It is illegal to serve beer and pretzels at the same time in any bar, club, or restaurant.


    * In Columbus, it is illegal for stores to sell cornflakes on Sunday.
    * In Oxford, it is illegal for a women to disrobe in front of a man's picture.
    * In Youngstown, it is illegal to run out of gas.
    * It is illegal to hunt for whales on Sunday.
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    Sad some of the laws we have. Even sadder is the laws would not be there UNLESS someone did those things. I would not want to go to that state that you can't wash the sinks. NASTY

    I would like to add one more: In Elgin IL it is illegal to be homeless!! I saw a guy get off the bus and he was asked by a cop if he was homeless...He said yes he was homeless...he was arrested on the spot. It said in the town paper that he served 2 weeks for the crime. Upon release he was rearrested 3 blocks from the jail after another cop asked him again if he was homeless knowing he was. He got 3 weeks that time. Town paper was there when he was released the second time. They reported he ran 3 hours before stopping 3 towns away. Unfortunatly for him being homeless in that town is a crime too. He got 2 more weeks. So this guy got 7 weeks total in jail for being homeless. After hearing of the man's situation a preacher took him in so he was not "homeless" and gave him a grayhound ticket to california.

    Moral of the story...Don't be homeless in Illinois!!!!!
  • View author's info Posted on Nov 12, 2005 at 10:00 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    Ok Mahogony Angel lil lady,

    Here is one to add to your list. I read somewhere that it is illegal to kick the heads off snakes in Texas, when they poke their heads up through the sidewalk cracks in front of businesses. Seems back in the cowboy days when they had wood slat walkways in front of the towns businesses, snakes would pop their heads up and the towns people would kick their heads off. The snakes would fall back down under the wood flooring foundations and cause a bad stink problem when they decayed. That law is still on the books in Texas the article stated, lol.
  • View author's info Posted on Nov 11, 2005 at 05:48 PM


    * In Columbus, it is illegal for stores to sell cornflakes on Sunday.
    * In Oxford, it is illegal for a women to disrobe in front of a man's picture.
    * In Youngstown, it is illegal to run out of gas.
    * It is illegal to hunt for whales on Sunday.
    * In Bexley, it is prohibited to install or use slot machines in outhouses.


    * People who make "ugly faces" at dogs may be fined and/or jailed.
    * It's illegal to get a fish drunk.


    * The town of Hood River prohibits the act of juggling without a license.
    * In Marion, ministers are forbidden from eating garlic or onions before delivering a sermon.


    * Any motorist who sights a team of horses coming toward him must pull well off the road, cover his car with a blanket or canvas that blends with the countryside, and let the horses pass. If the horses appear skittish, the motorist must take his car apart, piece by piece, and hide it under the nearest bushes.?
    * Automobiles traveling on country roads at night must send up an rocket every mile, then wait ten minutes for the road to clear.

    Rhode Island

    * In Providence, it is illegal to sell toothpaste and a toothbrush to the same customer on a Sunday.
    * It is illegal to throw pickle juice on a trolley.
    * In Newport, it is illegal to smoke a pipe after sunset.

    South Carolina

    * Every citizen is obliged to carry his gun to church.
    * No horses are allowed into Fountain Inn unless they are wearing pants.


    * It is illegal to use a lasso to catch a fish.
    * In Memphis restaurants it is illegal to take unfinished pie home. All pie must be eaten on the premises.
    * Also in Memphis, it is illegal for a woman to drive by herself; "a man must walk or run in front of the vehicle, waving a red flag in order to warn approaching pedestrians and motorists."


    * The entire Encyclopedia Britannica is banned in Texas because it contains a formula for making beer at home.
    * One needs permission from the director of parks and recreation before getting drunk in any city park. (Galveston)
    * A recently passed anticrime law requires criminals to give their victims 24 hours notice, either vocally or in writing, and to explain the nature of the crime to be committed.


    * A husband is responsible for every criminal act committed by his wife while she is in his presence.
    * Pharmacists may not sell gunpowder to cure headaches. (Trout Creek)
    * Women may not swear. (Logan).


    * In Seattle, women who sit on men's laps on buses or trains without placing a pillow between them face an automatic six-month jail term.
    * In Seattle, goldfish can ride the city buses in bowls, but only if they keep still.

    West Virginia

    * It is legal for a male to have sex with an animal as long as it does not exceed 40 lbs.


    * In St. Croix, women are not allowed to wear anything red in public.
    * It is illegal to cut a woman's hair.


    * It is illegal for women to stand within five feet of a bar while drinking.
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