Danger Narrowly Averted ??? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

  • View author's info Author posted on Nov 10, 2005 21:33

    Or just a bad date that didn't happen???

    I woke up this am to nice mail "Subject: Good Morning". A local woman on another site had seen my profile and intrigued by its rhetoric decided she would write. :o) Mentions her children, and church on Sundays when she is town, divorced over a year, good working relationship with husband, blah, blah blah. Free tonight with kids at Dad's, free the weekend.

    Nice profile, good pictures, nice smile, kids and animals. I write back, answer questions, mention hey you're free wanna do drinks? WTH...

    She writes back answers questions, mentions the astrological compatibility of her sign and mine, blah, blah, blah Here the cell.

    Bops me back another mail a little while later with YaWho lovesigns link to our two signs. Subject: Romantic

    Call her later that afternoon. Hell, Piscesboy is spontaneous from time to time. So she talks about 5 minutes, and has to go talk to the limodriver who normally drives her when she goes downtown, as GA has a pretty tight ZeroTolerancePolicy. Gotta get some stuff to ship out for a client "Let me call you back in a few."

    She calls back in few, and we talk a bit. She pokes fun of my picture snorkling in Aruba as on her ancient monitor and computer ruuningwin98, it looks like a darked out picture of a man naked on some moss or leaves. LOL, it took me a minute to figure what the hell she was talking about. But anyway, the limos gonna be there @ 6:30 if on time, can be in my neighborhood within the hour...

    So I left it at I would call her when I got home from work around 6:30. I was walking in the door from Atlanta traffic, and the phone rings.

    "Hey, This is asfsdfasdf. I have been looking at our charts, and this just isn't working for me. I decided I am gonna do (other zodiac sign of your choice)tonight..."

    "So, let me get this straight, you have decided you are going downtown with an OZSOYC???"

    "Yes, the stars just aren't working for us tonight"...

    "Alrighty then, you have a great night!!!"

    First profile I have blocked in last 3 rounds, which spans over 2 years.

    Ladies, this is what your co-genders are doing to polute your dating pool, and you wonder why some men are a little skiddish and approach perhaps not as gallantly as they did in their foolish youths?

    Well, now you know the rest of the story...


    Opinions, thoughts, whatever? Please express them, let's throw the floor open to discussion.

    I would ask one thing please, let's keep it on topic. Things sometimes tend to wander around here. :o)
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