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    iowaredhead write:
    Thank you for your reponses. I have contacted MM numerous times. My ISP does not filter mail so I have no idea why I am not receiving them. Unfortunately, I will have to cancel my membership plus dispute the charge through my credit card company. Since I cannot communicate with other members, I am not paying for a service that wasn't rendered. Thanks again for trying though.

    Or you could just sign up for a free mail account on Y A H O O . c o m ... Do not let technology get in the way of perhaps finding what you have always searched for...
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  • View author's info posted on Nov 08, 2005 19:44

    bubba100 write:
    Also check your spam folder,i know sometime i get mail from people here and it will go to my spam folder

    Yes, my thoughts too. Also, depending on the size of your ISP(Internet Service Provider, like Yawho, etc.) They might be entirely blocking the domain from which these mails originate. If you get no resolve from MM, you might try getting in touch with your ISP's mail people.

    I was a watcher for awhile and got several mails on my yawho account, so I don't think not paying would stop you from receiving, unless the rules have changed since I was last active this past January...

    PS. I guess there are some words we can't use here. Hopefully if this forum is moderated they will understand that I am not trying to slide anything by but merely trying to help.
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