Why Are Women Attracted To Power?? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    the chemistry dies because we let it,both sides are to blame. we change the way we talk,from a sweet voice to a moredemanding from one another,stop being thankful for the little things.
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    i love the business man type, smart, witty, and strong, through some italian in there, perfecto...i like a man who takes charge of things, turn on for sure...
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    TahitianBeauty write:
    I believe women are attracted to powerful men for the same reasons men are attracted to beautiful women.

    I have read somewhere that this is in our genes/nature back to the dawn of man. Deep down, women want a stable provider for their offspring, men want a provider of healthy children. Perhaps some deep urge to propagate the species.

    I guess thru the eons the definitions have convoluted a bit as to what is power and what is beauty, but I believe the tug is deeper than the surface and maybe deeper than we can truly understand. Of course, there are those that improperly act on those feelings, but we are merely humans, and perhaps egotistically/falsely believe we are the most evolved of the species... :o)
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