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    I read in one woman's magazine that the best way for you to know the character of a man is to ask a simple question like "How do you envision yourself three years from now"? Asking a question like how he envisions himself to be 5 or 10 years is not as effective as the previous query since guys basically don't foresee things that far, not that they're not driven or intelligent enough but because they're logical and realistic by nature.
    On first dates that I had before, I had used this question to know if I would accept a second date from a man or not. Of course looks matter somehow but what I find sexy in a man is not merely the physique but the way he thinks. I'd rather end up with an "Archie" than a "Big Moose".
    How about you ladies out there? Any guys who'd be interested to answer this question, not just career wise but consider all aspects like relationship(s),etc? What's on your mind?
    Have fun everyone. Namaste!
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    Oh, and I hope I have my own persoanl Indiana Jones to help me find all those ruins (and seduce me in the tomb of course,LOL.) Ahhhh, I should be so lucky, but hey, the career is going good!

    I have no doubt you'll find your I.J. very soon, RomanticLass. If I were a guy, I would have chased you around by now:)
    Good luck and I wish you the best...
    Sometimes it makes me wonder of all the "good ones" have been taken already here in Texas...Lol!
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