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    Every couple days I check in here and, really, all I see is that the forums are worse and worse. I remember back when I first joined as a non-paying member in the spring, back when non-member posts appeared immediately as opposed to the twenty-four hour lag accorded to non-subscriber posts.

    The forums back then were fun. We use to have fun with this ... role playing ... poking fun at each other. Occasionally feelings would get bruised and everyone had to kiss and make up. Shi*t happens ... and it did.

    Somewhere along the way there were "those people" who decided that the forums were not fun for them any more ... for whatever stupid reason. And what happened was that they decided to make it so that the forums weren't so much fun any more.

    Oh ... people still stuck with it and tried to keep up the good humor. For a while it worked. But there were inevitably "those people" who poked into the threads that were still fun ... to spread .... well, whatever you wanna call it: grief, mayhem, hatred, pettiness, slander.

    And ... there were those who ... for whatever reason of their own ... had behaved in such a way that they were maligned. Not to say that they didn't deserve to be maligned. But some of them were people who were trying to make amends for what they had done because ... well ... no one wants to be disliked.

    Well ... then the "Succession of Witches" advanced to the next level. A number of fake profiles perpetrated by person or persons unknown began to appear.

    Now I should note that some of these fakes are benign, have actually been around for a good while now and post such interesting and wholesome stuff that we actually think that they are real people, and geez, some of them are even being paid for so that their posts appear right way! Hey, I briefly had a non-paying fake of my own before I felt it was "safe" enough to post my own profile: CarltheCat ... look him up. And ... hey ... whatever. If pouring out one's useful information under a personna other than one's own floats ones boat, who'm I to quarrel with it, right?

    (Just a side note, the people who are still here and met me in Columbus at the Bomb Squad Meet this past summer can vouch for one thing: I am "relatively real". Heh!)

    But there's other fakes, we've seen many lately, who post in with the ridiculous trash that appears every freaking day on the forums now.

    We've seen a nice topic like the "Beauty Tips" thread get ripped on by this brand of fake. We've seen Mel accused of being something awful (how ridiculous is that?) by this brand of fake. We've seen this brand of fake start arguments between people who should not be arguing with each other. We've seen this brand of fake break into a civil thread and senselessly insult people.

    It might be only one or two people doing this ... might be more. Anyone on this site can point a finger at another person and say: 'I know HE/SHE is the one doing it'. Anyone can speculate, provide facts and proof (which are useless), start a "Witch Hunt", et cetera. Anyone with a bone to pick with someone else can single that person out and say: "that's who's doing it". My advice to the people who have so earnestly embarked on doing this? Don't waste your time.

    The only entity that can prove anything at all is the technical department of MM. THEY are the ones who can see the IP addresses where posts are coming from and THEY are the ones who can put an end to the fakes. I dunno if they are actively doing anything about this ... probably not. Who knows? Maybe they are feeding on the negativity on the forums now. It has even been speculated that the thread moderators themselves are spawning these fakes. I doubt that, but if it is so, then their IT Department needs to be downsized for lack of workload, they have too much time on their hands! Or maybe they need to be outsourced to India. Yeah! That's it!

    Anyway ... those of you who are familiar with me know I have other stuff going on that keeps me away (mercifully) from MM most of the time. So ... for my part and where my opinion is concerned, I wouldn't care a whit if the forums went away tomorrow. A lot of us have formed user-groups on various sites outside of MM to stay in touch and banter like we did in the old days. It is still in its fledgling state, but we are running with it ... and we are both having FUN with it and staying away from the acrimony and the "Succession of Witches" that the MM Forums have become.

    Final note, to MM Moderators: Fix the forums, or get rid of them. That is, unless you are enjoying the way they are now. If so ... hey ... knock yourself out, jerkoffs. And to my friends and "friends" ... enjoy life, and I Love you all in my own way.

    Have a nice day.

    (No more black eye!)

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    Always the voice of reason dahlin :)
  • View author's info posted on Oct 05, 2005 13:06

    (No more black eye!)

    How's your neck? Ummmm but more importantly how do you like your steak...woof woof!
  • View author's info posted on Oct 05, 2005 12:07

    uglyrockling write:
    Oh ... and one more thing ...

    YUMMMMMY...nice round wee arse
  • View author's info posted on Oct 05, 2005 06:03

    uglyrockling write:
    Oh ... and one more thing ...

  • View author's info posted on Oct 05, 2005 00:48

    Hey Baby....nice azz...
    and keep it goin on in the journal!
    I am proud of you.
    Love Julia
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    Oh ... and one more thing ...

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