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    Narcissa's Song

    As a flower blooms of sunlit morn...
    As a petal softly opens...

    As a breath of clean refreshing air...
    Take me as your token...

    It is here ...I am...will always be
    A servant ...of desires...

    A classic flawless element...
    Which manifests great fires...

    You'd shed yourself ...of breath and life...
    to captivate the passion...

    Obsession only has one rule...
    Consumption is its ration.
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  • View author's info posted on Nov 08, 2005 06:29


    The tares of Ashur's venom are withering...
    Ecclesiastes joined with Aslama...
    And those who worship gold..
    Have forgotten the golden rule...
    There is no such keeper of elitism..
    With haven of hope , comes humble leaders....
    Whose canon laws blend with muezzin.
    Immanuel venerate your flock...
    Mohammed by your side..
    Pacisci, Pacisci....
  • View author's info posted on Oct 07, 2005 09:22

    Preserved And Enhanced

    Eyes of steel blue, they look right through you..
    A romantic of sorts...with a trail of cohorts..
    In a time when your life..is just loaded with strife..
    And a prince in your arms, that knows all the charms..
    What seems to be your saving grace
    Is the mirror which bears your pretty face

    Of distraught , of kindness, of fairness too
    Those kind brown eyes...which welcomes who?

    Have you ever glanced at what rules by chance..
    In the forest of life..

    Preserved and Enhanced.
  • View author's info posted on Oct 07, 2005 09:14

    Secret Hearts

    Can you hold my secret heart
    Palmed in your gallant hand...
    Can you give my love s start..
    Despite our seperate lands..

    A freedom would be to not deny
    The love which destines us to lie..
    Custom beckons tradition's mournful sigh
    You hold my secret heart.
  • View author's info posted on Oct 05, 2005 05:03

    Yes I posted a few pieces on "Hearts Quill" as well, its a lovely site. Thanks
  • View author's info posted on Oct 04, 2005 13:52

    Thank you for your warm welcome...and kind words.
  • View author's info posted on Oct 04, 2005 13:02


    A gentle kiss inspired, by moonlit whispered breath..
    The smoothness of her skin..to touch.. he would trade death..
    The hunger felt within him ...A desire for his heirs..The lightness from each star stream...reflected her dark hair...

    The sequential moments fleeing ...Intrigue of lust and love..
    His command was for her only..Reigned issue with Above..

    He only knew he loved her...he could not challenge why
    To forsake all known tradition...appease his heart's deny

    For that gentle soft sweet pleasure...of innocence so pure..
    Propelled a kiss of passion ...His courage would endure.
  • View author's info posted on Oct 04, 2005 07:57

    The Princess

    Her hair fell soft and freely, the casting of the night..
    Her skin textured a smooth velvet in the pale of sweet moonlight...

    Her br***** verged the softest petals, a thornless stature of a rose
    Her eyes, kindled light from heaven, the angels did hath chose...
    Her smile warmed the dawning winter, a quiet cold solace..
    Her voice was that of harpsichord, splendor echoed in her grace...

    The blessing of her essence , was her innocence so fair..
    She brushed back her uncertainty , with the whisper of her hair..

    In the millennium of stars, which revealed her deep eyes..
    Showed the world the fairest princess..beauty held no alibis.
  • View author's info posted on Oct 04, 2005 07:46

    The Moon Dance

    Moon , dance with me soft ripples...
    Caress the darkened lake

    and kiss the light upon my lips
    Your lunar glow doth make...

    And mesmerize my hollow heart...
    With beams of midnight joy

    and play your light , upon my skin
    As I...Your loyal toy...

    Will dance with you , my sacred light
    Embrace me with your madness...

    'Tis I who wait your timely deed..
    To rid my world of sadness
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