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    how to handle a troll? simply ignore and hope they go away? feed into it and hope it is semi amusing? there are some that bantering is amusing- but after this kristy incident that i could not and would not ignore - i have come to the conclusion that a person acts out in direct correlation to how much pain they are in-- therefore anyone who becomes the target is simply the scapegoat or the deflection for the troll == MM has issues big ones- they need to fix in order to keep thier current memembers.. tomarrow their will be a new troll- i say let it roll or if they are semi amusing then banter with them i mean shoot they h ave nothing else to do.. if it hurts or offends someone ignore it.. the regulars have a semi idea on who is sane and who has crossed the line into actual unstability.. theres lots we can do with them-- theres a team of angels that can tackle any troll and take em down in one shot... big world out their and lots of whckos in it.. mels issues should be cleared up mm received many many complaints.. so now it will be another day... perhaps a chat room might work for those who are sane..
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    I remember a few years back MM would require sometype of financial proof to validate millionaires and certify them as such. I wish they would go back to that format,it would eliminate many of these so-called millionaires,doctors,attorneys,pyschothterapists,poets,ect. I for one would be certified, I only know of a few men on here that would be also, no females.
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    Come and post in the fun is back thread..we have got to get this party started....where is Dom when we need her....she needs to post her legs for have fun...I miss posting with you....
    Did you see the funny pictures on the "APB out on MAS thread" lol...
    I took them when I was lost in eastern Washington.
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    This excerpt is from an article suggesting the best way to deal with trolls. In order to beat them you have to understand where their coming from..

    "They stay only as long as we feed them well. If we want them to go, all we have to do is to stop feeding them.
    Recognize and understand that they are here to hurt us with their own rage. Everything they say about us is a reflection of their own self-hate. Even when they hit our triggers, it is their rage, their self-hatred that they are giving us. We don't have to let ourselves be hurt by the fact that they hate themselves. We can let them drown in their self-hate, simply by ignoring them.
    When no one responds to them, they are left with their own venom. That is the last thing that a troll wants to have to deal with."
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