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    That's nice, really nice. I'm looking for the same thing. The money really doesn't matter to me, because frankly, I have none. I've lived without, I can keep living without. It was never a big deal to me. I'm not materialistic in the least bit. All I want is a man to cook me dinner;] And a dish washer that works :P damn !
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    I think there are two key points to recognize:

    1) Men are expected to support their mates. Doesn't matter how much or how little you have, you are expected to support your mate.

    2) If your values are so different that you would perceive her as a gold digger, you're probably never going to make it to the alter with her.

    The key is in finding someone who shares your values. I've already done the expensive cars and $5K bottles of wine and I choose to not do that anymore. These days I drive a 10 year old Saab with 175,000 miles because I like the car. I no longer have a wine locker at Morton's and don't even like eating out all that much, I'd much rather spend the evening cooking with or for my woman and enjoying each others company.

    On this site I've met women who earned 10's of millions of $$ every year, (hell, one had her own Gulf Stream) and were amazing women. It didn't work out because their lifestyle is different from what I choose...

    The bottom line is to not worry about running across a gold digger, worry about finding someone who enjoys the same lifestyle you do... and if you can afford to give her a few nice things along the way, fine.

    Money doesn't always last, some very smart people go to bed wealthy and wake up broke and you want a woman whose in the game for you, not the trinkets you can buy!

    Likewise, one car wreck can destroy her gorgeous looks and if that's the only reason you married her then what happens then?

    What I find on this site is that its a better class of people... most emails get answered (and if not, you learned they're losers so be thankful they just saved you a dinner) and most people I've met actually look like their pictures.
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    I sure didn't like the idea of having to give my wealth in order to sign up. [I thought to myself: My own family has no idea - why should flaunt it in public ?] I think I could do better at Fling or similar, because it's all about personality and compassion whom one wants to meet.

    The thought of Gold diggers or fraud surely crossed my mind, to that extent I decided to create my own version of how to respond, which tests the true compassion & politeness of a person before I waste my time setting up a date. It's a simple formula which sadly I can't divulge in a public forum (the secret would be out) but it works 100%.

    On the other hand I enjoy reading and replying the blogs & forums, so I may just stay only for that purpose. I have raised no hope for success therefore if nothing comes to fruition then there is nothing lost or gained.
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    sharp1 write:
    It's not difficult to pick out who is truthful & who is not. There a distinct breed...some are ostentatious & pompous; others are humble...the latter being more preferential.

    never meet anyone who told the truth by being pompous or ostentatious. humble yes. the later is prefered. but you are certaily correct:) millonare or no millionare one can still fabricate their life no matter how humble.
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    sharp1 write:
    It's not difficult to pick out who is truthful & who is not. There a distinct breed...some are ostentatious & pompous; others are humble...the latter being more preferential.

    thank you sharp1

    its certainly is a time and place for everything under the sun. yes its wonderful to be humble. I would say I am. But some of the ladies here are sharks and I am not about to get bit. lol They would argue even if they had the richest husband in the world. Maybe too many Anna Nicole Smith's.....possibly. just some...
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    TripleS write:
    You lie, she lies, he lies and each will suffer the consequences. It's up to you to decide who is real and who is not.

    Kind of like being a troll on a dating website.

    Is that a tropical weight wool suit you are wearing, Island?

    yes it is by the way. do you remmber buying it for
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    PeggySue1961 write:
    Oh, that's okay guys, I really didn't expect anyone to take me up on my offer lol. Actually, I posted the same thing on a blog, in the middle of a heated discussion going on. SweetAimee was/is involved in it and yet, in the middle of it, she took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday. Now, wasn't that nice of her!!!! I said so on the blog. I kinda felt bad because my birthday is a little ways off yet but still, it was her thought that counts.

    Okay I would like some opinions. I was thinking about my generous offer and then I thought, would it be better to experience a day spa only once and know what you are missing or is it better to never experience it at all. Like the age old question....Is it better to have loved and lost or to never have loved at all?

    Peggy Sue

    Peggy Sue slow down :LOL
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    Jacobite write:
    Permit me to add a little story from the annals of history. Cosimo Di Medici at one time the richest man in the world asked the most famous architect in Italy to design a country house for him. upon seeing the design Cosimo said that he did not like it.

    Why? Asked the architect. Did I not use enough gold, marble, silver or bronze? No Cosimo replied I do not like it because it is not discrete. People passing by should merely think of it as a big house. Only those I invite inside should see the inner splendor and opulence.

    Only a man with a rich heart could have said that. I added Cosimo to my list of good examples upon hearing that story.

    interesting comment
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    If the choice is under 1000k or over, you'd think the decision to pick the more appropriate wouldn't be difficult.
    I'm no millionnaire nor am I looking for one. I just figured I'd go out of my comfort zone and 'rub' shoulders with a different crowd.

    Whatever their reasons for lying, as pointless as it is you'd think they'd have sense enough to know they'd get caught. Guess it's the game they choose to play in life.
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    It is true many lie, but I think it is just they do not understand that people will contact them even if they aren't rich if they like their personality enough. As for me, I only came to this site because I wanted to find smart people to speak with.
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