Whats a girl got to do? Long Term Relationship

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    Orlando nailed it...  you can neither give nor attract what you don't have.

    I hear it all the time... I want a nice guy... someone tall, successful, romantic who loves me unconditionally... just a great guy.

    OK, that's what every single woman in the world wants.  So for those guys who are like that, what makes you good enough for him?

    You think guys like that don't have women beating down their doors?  If you women who want these things had what it takes to catch these guys, you'd have these guys.

    Just sayin...
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    I think we find our love when we find ourselves.  I think we have to learn to love ourselves and then we will attract a person who wants to be with somebody positive, strong, and assured.
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    You know, sometimes I think I am too choosy. Either they are cute and brainless or they are so smart they have NO social skills. Sometimes I think asking for a little common sense is asking for too much. ;) Do you have the same problems?
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    Wow...Maybe I should skip some of the obvious statements. BTW, foto, I really don't see why it is so hard. Maybe it is our standards. ;)
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    Blackmouth write:
    This is the only message MM will deem clean enough to submit. Wanna see me kill you, you disgusting queer. Just for that I'm gonna kick your stinking gimp and any homo I catch looking like you or sounding like you. And I'm gonna find someone in Beverly Hills or wherever you to destroy you and you gaylord friends...I'm suprised anyone has allowed to exist this long on Earth. What the hell kind of hole did you spend your life hiding in that no one found you and killed you already. Any assassins or buttkickers in BH, know this freak? Lets do business...

    It's a false profile Blackmouth, all in the profile is lies! There are quite a few on the forums at the moment it's best not to lash out just let them know how boring they are! They are not worth the energy...believe me!
  • View author's info posted on Oct 01, 2005 16:53

    ready2BwithU write:

    Blackmouth write:
    Hi, surprised no one's written back. Well if you don't mind younger guys then I'm totally interested.

    I like younger guys. You into guys? A little man to man talk? You Bi? I'll fly you to Beverly hills in my private jet. Ask NYCHICK about me, she knows. NYCHICK Is really NYDUDE.

    Ignore him Blackmouth he's just trying to pick anyone & everyone up! He's insisting Sharp is a guy cos he fancies her but he's gay so it's confusing him!

    Didn't I tell you Blackmouth, there are plenty of nice women in here??
  • View author's info posted on Sep 27, 2005 17:44

    How the hell did you manage to stay single for 13 years????

    Are there no men near you? lol

    erm...I'm straight by the way...just saying it as I see it!!

    oops I'll replace the rose with a wave
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