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    i need to hire a winker back person-- people are beginging to think i am stuck up for not responding to winks.. its not that i dont want to or am too lazy - i just hmmmm mean to and winker assistant wanted
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    wwwww123 write:
    Boy you gals sure bust my bubble. I was thinking about hiring a winker to send winks. Maybe a programmer that will write a program that just sends winks all day along to everyone.

    Now, I see it would not work.


    Maybe the programmer can write a program that will send out sexy letters with random chosen words.

    I do need a list of words that will work on you women. Suggestions anyone??

    List of trigger words for you 5W:
    ( . )( . ) or bo*obs or t!ts
    ( y ) or bu*tt
    se*x, k!ss, raunchy,
    nuts & bolts& screws
    ugly woman
    rough and ready
    anything blue and yellow
    cheep cheep
  • View author's info posted on Sep 23, 2005 19:45

    butterflynjax write:
    I know I dont want the job...Im in the same boat...Guilty as charged...

    Is it really bad of us guys? I never answer winks either...

    I just dont have time,,,what do you say to a wink anyway?

    Maybe someone has some good wink answers that they can put up on the board so we can just copy and paste the wink answers.

    Then we wont be bad winker answerers.

    butter u are right- whts the wink about? u wink at me i wink back so we simply spend time just winking.. makes no sense.. i prefer jewelry over winks anyway
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