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    robotic123_74 write:
    As you all know RITA is coming to the Houston area. I may be a fool. I am not leaving. I can't prevent my house being blown down if it is indeed blown down.

    I was out on the streets last night about 9:30 PM and there was so much traffic it looked more dasngerous to me than any potential danger from the hurricane. Many cars were on the grass beside the freeway. Out of gas I guess. Every gas station I saw had a long lne of cars. I nearly ran over a STOP sign that had been knocked over and was in the street. The cars on the freeway were moving maybe 5 MPH. They are all going to have to find shelter or sleep in their cars.

    good luck robotic man we are feeling it too here in louisiana we got hit down here real bad by katrina's winds man now we are experienceing water problems because rita is comming towards the west pon te chens road flooded out down herre and low areas bayou towns are flooded.
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