Will you do this for 1 Million? Occupation Topics

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    MSL1563 write:
    I guess he couldn't take the pressure, so he deleted his comment/photo about his human waste fedish and his desire for someone to eat it...YUK!.....hey you guys, do you think he looks at it before he flushes..lol, I'll bet you any money he does. So when he says to someone he's having a s h i t t y day, he actually might be eating it as well. Oh well at least we don't have to look at that nasty p i s s ant tie anymore

    Maybe the comments about his tie were too much to take,he must have thought about giving away even a bowlful of s h i t too upsetting..maybe he decided to keep it all for himself !! Yeeeew..what a thought. This must be one of the worst threads yet!!
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    MSL1563 write:
    Ok...so let me get this right, if someone said to the guy with the crazy tie.... "Eat s h i t and die", he would have to eat himself and then die...lol...now think about this for a second, if he ate himself, he would then have to re-s h i t himself out once again. What a paradox....hummm I would pay a million dollars just to see that happen...I might even consider throwing in $15.00 for a new tie..maybe a solid color.......oh, wait... I already have a million, but was just pitching the idea for those who don't...lol.

    You are hilarious! about time someone put that moron who actually thinks his make believe millions will get him some hot chick, or even a warm chicken...
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    There once was a man
    Who was so full of s h i t
    He asked us all....
    Would you eat I t ?
    In a bowl or a spoonful,
    Asked dear Sharp..
    To the man with the tie,
    Who looks like a f a r t..
    Mmmmm what a question,
    Who can tell,
    A HUGE bowl full,
    I'm sure,
    Said MSL,
    Now heres a man.
    Giving his two cents,
    With class and verve,
    And a great dress sense,
    So picture this,
    In your minds eye,
    If a man full of s h i t,
    Eats himself,
    Would he die ?
    Indeed once eaten,
    Would the A s s hole,
    S h i t himself out,
    As a freakin TROLL.
    A pathetic smelly...
    Piece of P o o..
    We're not ready,
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    MSL1563OH write:
    Maybe it is the tie your wearing that confused her?...like birds flying into windows or s h i t hitting the fan, she may have been slightly stunned by the shock value of your level of human waste....lol

    LMAO!!! ROFL!!! OMG....THAT was funny!!
    MSL1563OH...geez how do we shorten THAT?? Ms.. or ...OH! lol
  • View author's info posted on Sep 21, 2005 11:15

    Money certainly does not buy dignity nor breed it..and we are witnessing it.
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