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    Ok guys,

    Kundalini - the awakening of dormant energies (sleeping force) within the body that can take individuals to higher understanding, awareness, and other realms of spirituality.

    Colors may change, body temperature rises, and a true appreciation of nature and life emerges.

    Now, I want to know how many people actually know what this is.

    There is another form of breathing techniques called transformational breathing that is also very powerful.

    It is more popular in the Eastern world but how many americans know what it is??

    Speak up guys.
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    yes, I've experienced the Kundalini energy..and more unique experiences.
  • View author's info posted on Mar 17, 2011 08:36

    It's good to see there are other groovy people out there :>)

    I've been tasking kundalini yoga classes a few years, am just starting to do some naam yoga, am into raw food.....
    have been very fortunate to have some experience of the universal energy.

    There are beautiful things in us just waiting to be discovered, would love to hear from anyone that's into these things....
    preferably in the south of england!!!

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  • View author's info posted on Jan 02, 2011 14:59

    Kundalini - the rainbow serpent that lives in the base chakra - in my experience it has been all about learning to be at peace with yourself in this existence and break free from pre formed ideas about who and what we inherently are and discovering these things for ourselves learning your own doctrine for want of a better explanation finding god within yourself and not looking to find it within others or externally, working with your own energy and light and working comfortable within your own boundaries to achieve inner and out balance and enjoying yourself as a sexual being also, without feeling ashamed of the very powerful and potent energy that we all carry within us,ultimately achieving enlightenment. All journeys have there ups and downs but in the end the destination is normally worth the effort, so when you start looking at things differently you need to be prepared for all sorts of different shifts to occur in ones life and we should undertake to travel on that journey willingly and with an open mind otherwise difficulties can occur causing dis ease within ourselves, this is what I see as being the dangers of working with this very powerful energy but most of us are using it in our day to day lives without even knowing it!

    Rainbow serpent the magical art of sexual energy by Merilyn Tunneshende is another interesting read on the subject but by no means a bible!

    Love and light to you all :-)
  • View author's info posted on Aug 01, 2010 20:21

    Hi tranquiloguy,

    Are you still using this site? I
    I see that its been 5yrs since u posted this msg.. im just wondering if you are still online?Hopefully you are.. your profile is great :)
  • View author's info posted on Jun 04, 2010 20:32

    Many years ago I studied under Muktanada while living in the ashram as well as Bagwan Shri Rashnish and all the books I could coxume on the subject. I also visited with the Dolli Lama. I meditaked so much that I was in atranslike state most of the time and the extacy ith incredable experiences with The Kuadilini. I am now 65 and I can hontly tell you all it has been so inlightening that I have let go of characterstics such as the anger I had along with a host of other sins. I am what I beleive mysellf to be an evolved soul today. Once when I was young in my development I beleive I angered it because of a base spiritual jelousy and I begin to burn as though I were in Hell. I fell to my knees with prayes of forgiveness and it left me.While burning in this Hell I looked into a mirror and my eyes were blackened. I was in shere terror like never before although I have felt this terror one other time years before when I appeared to grasp timelessness and oneness with a lady.This of course wasn'twhere I felt the terror but soon after Imy mind begin to reprogram itself for my root beliefs and I was plaged with horrible nightmares and terror. My experience have been soprecious to me and I have a connection with God and christ like I never dreamed possible .I came home with who I really am and fear death no more and welcome this topic with discussion with anyone who listens that has a strong interest in it. The Mustard Seed was a book that I practically had instand recall of every page in the book as I opened another person up that I beleived was ready which I canhope I did so with the greatest guidance and wisdom. He became a LIon and a very happy man today. The Love and kindness I feel supasses all feelings judgement today. I injoy who I have become tremendously and still in the process of growing each ,it's a hobby I say. sofican
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    Wow...don't let this thread die
  • View author's info posted on Jun 25, 2009 08:15

    I had a FULL Kundalini awakening back in March, 2007. I was 38yrs old at the time. I was raised Catholic/Christian and had NO CLUE what was happening to me at the time. I was switching medications for depression (Paxil to Remeron/Mirtazapine) and I was also looking for God to find the truth. I never felt like I could find the full truth within the parameters of Christianity.

    I prayed to God to reveal to me how to give myself fully to "God". That is when my kundalini awakened. I went through an Ego death and was left with my "true self" or "higher self". I just existed but had no idea or concept of existing as a human being. Well - I went to psychiatrists and they told me that I was not having a spiritual awakening and they put me on 3 additional medications for a total of FOUR. During the next 2 years (almost brings me to the present) I dealt with the Hell of being in a extended "Dark Night of the Soul". I decided that the medications were somehow blocking my spiritual awakening. I just weaned off of my last drug one month ago in May, 2009. I can feel my kundalini begin to rise again. I feel like a human being again and not a robot/zombie.

    I tell the group this to warn of the dangers of psychiatric drugs. They were a life saver for me when I first got depressed back in 1994. I think the side effects through the body/mind/spirit out of balance. Doctors only deal with medicine, science and societal norms. I had to follow my instincts to get my "soul" back. I would LOVE to share more about my experience and be a guardian angel to any who may be healed by my words.

    I have also become a Reiki Master this year. It is within ALL of us to find our Divine selves. I look forward to chatting/meeting with anyone who can resonate with my message.

    Peace & Light to all,

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  • View author's info posted on Nov 19, 2008 08:01

    Good Day All,

    I have read your posts and firstly would like to congratulate this group for actually sticking to the topic...smile.

    I am in the knowing of energies and powers from within, and do daily my best to be the best i know how...

    I how ever have been trying to meditate for the longest time and have tried many forms of meditation from Getting-in the Gap, to mantra's to hypnosis, and have not truly found one that has allowed me to connect with my internal powers...

    If you could please suggest some other forms of meditation that you have tried and had success with, and if you could talk about the key or what made it work for you, i would be very grateful.


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  • View author's info posted on Sep 05, 2008 16:04

    hi, I am new to this site. Saw this topic and want to jump right in. I accidentally had a taste of this while in deep meditation. I didn't know what was happening to me until I spoke with several people who explained. I was told one way to awake kundalini was by self sacrifice. Any thoughts on this?
  • View author's info posted on Aug 17, 2007 16:15

    Going through a "kundalini awakening" myself.
  • View author's info posted on Jul 28, 2007 08:33

    Hi Tranquiloguy:

    This is an awesome subject. I have taken workshops around it & practised yoga for many years. Basically the Kundalini is the serpent goddess who lies coiled 3.5 times around the Muladhara (base) chakra. As she awakens she climbs the Susumna & pierces each chakra. Thus the Kundalini is the actvating energy force that connects and activates the chakras.

    The chakras are complicated, but in their most basic form they are 7 spinning wheels of energy that exist in the body & intersect the Susumna, which is the central vertical nadi that connects all the chakras. When the Kundalini energy rises, it stimulates the chakras & helps them to function at optimum levels.

    The 1st chakra is located at the base of the spine, at the perineum, & is vital to survival, grounding, the body, beginnings. Color is red / earth.

    The 2nd chakra is located midway between the perineum & the navel, & has to do with emotions, sexuality, tantra, movement, & change. Color is orange / water.

    The 3rd is located at the navel, & is connected to power, will, energy, and transformation. Color is yellow / fire.

    Fourth is located at the heart, & is connected to love, air, breath, relationship, & balance. Color is green (sometimes pink) / air.

    Fifth is located at the throat, & is connected to speech, communication, creativity, telepathy. Color is bright blue / sound.

    Sixth is located at the third eye, & represents light, color, sight, visualizaton, clairvoyance. Color is indigo / light.

    Seventh is at the crown of the head & brings thought, knowing, transcendence, meditation, enlightenment and consciousness. Color is violet / thought.

    Currently our culture is oriented to the lower 3, money, sex, power. Eastern cultures are more oriented to the upper chakras,communication, spirituality, enlightenment. There are sexual practices that can help activate these energies.

    Leaning about the chakras is a worthwhile study & helps one gain balance.
  • View author's info posted on Aug 26, 2006 17:17

    Hi Tranquiloguy,

    I can see that you have experienced Kundalini, it is in your eyes. This isnt a line for those who are not so familiar with the transformational affects of awakening the Kundalini energy inside you. Kundalini is the life force that is understood as a coil, or snake like energy source in the base of your spine. This energy like the Chi, travels through your body, through your energy centres or charkras. We can have blockages in our energy centres which cause emotional, physical, mental etc complications and by unlocking the Kundalini energy within by powerful technique of yoga and breathing you can release blockages and allow the kundalini to channel through the energy centres and create balance and greater awareness of the self as a spiritual being having a human experience. This sounds like a load of bollocks to many but it is real. The enlightenment and the life changing benefits of awakening the kundalini energy are incomparable to anything I know or have experienced in terms of self awareness practices etc. However, awakening the kundalini is not a joke and it is extremely powerful. It is very important to have a good teacher whom you trust to be a solid person with loving and compassionate intention. In the wrong hands (someone who has alterior motives such as greed, lust, control.. etc you know the 7 sins etc) it could be disasterous for you spiritually, intellectually, mentally and send you into mental instability. Its so important to always have a sensible balance between searching for enlightenment and having a good grip on reality too... reality I mean is that we are living this life, we pay taxes, we pay bills, work, have highs and lows... our experience is a human one and this must be respected. What Ive always felt is that in order to fly high spiritually we must firmly have our feet on the ground first. Having said the pragmatics, Kundalini is trully a way of strengthening ones relationship with the self and God. Sat Nam.
  • View author's info posted on Jan 08, 2006 14:39

    For more on Kundalini, try researching Tantra.

    Great Book
    "The Jewel in the Lotus" by Sunyata Saraswati and Bodhi Avinasha.

    Best to take classes with them :)
  • View author's info posted on Sep 30, 2005 18:09

    bobcatmoon write:
    Kundalini, awakening the coiled serpent...Tantric sex is so very powerful on so many levels. To unite after exploring all of the senses with a very long period of fore*play to include so many truely exotic experiences allowing each other to really explore one another. Spirit allows to unite feeling a power so radiant you are in a trancelike state..it takes discipline of freeing your thoughts and creating with imagination all that two truely enjoy that is intoxicating for all of the senses...a wonderful find indeed to find a woman trained in this discilpine...and willing to communicate openly in order to fully explore one another on higher planes of spirituality...

    Wow!! I'm speechless!!
  • View author's info posted on Sep 21, 2005 23:07

    Wow...don't let this thread die
    I will have to read up...very interesting....
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