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    ciaobaby7 write:

    My prayers are with you and those around you..Keep the faith!

    thanks but pray for those in nola they need it worse at least i still have my home
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  • View author's info posted on Sep 03, 2005 22:29

    its BAD down here not as bad here in al as nola we FINALLY got power today. i did notice georgia power was here in al tho not al power

    controlled chaos with evacuees here in town im only 5 hrs away from there. its such a nightmare i have met people all week from nola i cry with them every day. the heatbreak...
  • View author's info posted on Sep 03, 2005 14:42

    No worries Ciaobaby about being frustrated I too am. I posted about this very thing on the honesty thread. Here is what i SAID. But before you read it I want to further add that I am p*issed off a t George Bush for telling our Prime minister Paul Martin on the telephone quote thanks for the help but we are trying to determine the needs right now...what a croak....THE Canadian military put troops on standby and prepared to load ships with gear and equipment. The Canadian red cross also was sending 200 experienced disaster workers to bolster the American red cross staff.

    I myself am on standby but the idiots are not taking up my offer...infact they have not called me back. I called a # 1 888 886 3998 (help) advertised on CNN. I am very fortunate to have support from the hospital I service to take a leave of absence and the family support to watch my child...So why in the Hell am I not there? I am so frustrated because I know I can help with providing care and hopefully prevent some deaths.....these people deserve to live
    Sorry for venting guys

    My goodness....you want honesty that I can provide. How dare the president allow these individual suffer and die as we sit and wait....Canada needs approval from the U.S

    What a shame all ones energy is focused on she said he said. Have we all lost compassion and sensitivity? I believe everyones attention should be redirected to the castrophic event that just occured in New Orleans. I am sure all members are sicked with this natural disaster. But do you really understand the ramification this will cost the members of society? Lets look beyond for one moment about the loss of homes/businesses and cost it will take to repair. Not only were lives lost but the pain these precious souls are going to continue to experience is far worse then one can imagine. I will skip through all this mumbo jumbo and explian the worst I see about to come. Not diminishing nor forgetting the survivors still not found due to the rescue/search team put on halt because of the violence/shooting/beatings/rapings....con't below
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    weelassy1 (view my profile)
    (Woman,36, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada )
    Posted 02-SEP-05

    The hospitals which lost their back up generators which provided ventilation the the intubated patients and as a result some were bagged artificially from the staff for hours a time....the babies in the Neonatal units ect.

    The worst I see to come is many more lives being lost due to lack of first aid and medical supplies. Think about the people that were injured....simply things that most take for granted I.E simple scratch/cut/bite is @ great risk for bacterial growth that could lead to infection then septicemia which will result without treatment amputation and most certainetly death.

    Lets not forget about the people with compromised immune systems that require even the most basics of bronchodilators...cardiac meds ect....con't again
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    weelassy1 (view my profile)
    (Woman,36, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada )
    Posted 02-SEP-05

    The list goes on unfortunately. In the heat and dampnest/moist areas that they are surrounded in is a bugs best friend. They are surrounded by contaminated water due to the decomposing bodies/animals....the very water they walk in and some have even drank for survival means...some whom have not drank it have died as a result of dehydration because they are still stuck on roof tops or under debris and the Moms that were unable to provide liquid to there infants/toddlers....what a shame....so people give the wee head a shake and stop this silly banter and start praying for your fellow man

  • View author's info posted on Sep 03, 2005 04:43

    It's about frickin' time!! Last night around supper time, we were told by our media that the U.S. FINALLY accepted our military help and supplies!!!! I'll NEVER understand why they didn't accept it sooner!!
  • View author's info posted on Sep 02, 2005 16:58

    i keep telling myself least im not in new orleans but...
  • View author's info posted on Sep 02, 2005 16:30

    Toonces write:
    and where are all the other countries that we always jump in to help. I've heard 6 or 8 have offered help, but where are they, we are always first on site to help. HELLO!!!

    over 60 countries have offered to help and the US has not accepted there offers...
  • View author's info posted on Sep 02, 2005 16:29

    your not down here in the middle of it like i am keep your mouth shut about what you have not seen first hand and no nothing about ok...

    sorry ya'll i have not had a hot shower in 5 days now...and we have to eat out every meal and the city is overrun with evacuees she just p**** me off
  • View author's info posted on Sep 02, 2005 15:47

    Toonces write:
    and where are all the other countries that we always jump in to help. I've heard 6 or 8 have offered help, but where are they, we are always first on site to help. HELLO!!!

    Our Prime Minister talked to President Bush yesterday and as a result of that communication this is being reported.

    "We're waiting to be told how our aid can best be directed.

    "The Americans have said to us, 'Listen we're not in a position to take this. We have to set up coordinating bodies.' Once they are set up, we will be able to do it. But for us just to land there in the midst of a lot of chaos really wouldn't do anybody any good."

    Canada will increase oil exports as requested by the International Energy Agency and has dispatched military ships, aircraft and personal to the affected areas.

    On a more personal basis Air Canada is providing rescue flights to evacuate New Orleans and has launched an in-flight Red Cross donations program for the victims
  • View author's info posted on Sep 02, 2005 13:32

    I heard an interview yesterday with one or our Canadian top-ranking military here saying that we have 3 ships, trucks and helicopters loaded with supplies, just waiting to get the official OK from the U.S. Government, but up until now, no word from the U.S.... Isn't that weird or what!!!
  • View author's info posted on Sep 02, 2005 11:40

    Hmm interesting input so far and I should concentrate on providing solutions rather then commenting on the past. But from beginning to end the impact of Katrina on New Orleans could have been avoided. This is a quote from the New York Times of 2002 "The city would be trapped inside the levees, steeped in a worsening witches brew' of pollutants like sewage, landfill waste, chemical and the bodies of drowned humans and animals". All these warning fell on deaf ears due to incompetent politicians, all levels of Government and misinformed environmental activists. These are the same folks trying to clean up the mess, so why are you surprised a*t the incompetents going on.

    The Mississippi and Gulf region, like New Orleans, are only built to withstand a category three hurricane and with the advent of global warming stand by for more of the same. Another profound and telling statement penned by others in my profession "If you think safety is expensive, try an accident". The shoe fits in this case.

    Will we be as human beings ever learn? I doubt it. In the mean time Pray for our fellow humans and the horrors that they are going through and open your wallet.
  • View author's info posted on Sep 02, 2005 08:48

    Dear MoveOn member,

    Hurricane Katrina's toll on communities, homes and lives has devastated the nation. Now victims must face the daunting question of where to go next?and we can help.

    Tens of thousands of newly homeless families are being bused to a stadium in Houston, where they may wait for weeks or months. A t least 80,000 are competing for area shelters, and countless more are in motels, cars, or wherever they can stay out of the elements. The Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Red Cross are scrambling to find shelter for the displaced.

    This morning, we've launched an emergency national housing drive to connect your empty beds with hurricane victims who desperately need a place to wait out the storm. You can post your offer of housing (a spare room, extra bed, even a decent couch) and search for available housing online a t:
    MoveOn . org Civic Action Team
    Housing is most urgently needed within reasonable driving distance (about 300 miles) of the affected areas in the Southeast, especially New Orleans.

    Please forward this message to anyone you know in the region who might be able to help.
  • View author's info posted on Sep 02, 2005 08:08

    i have to agree with ya girl-- we spend more money on "save a whale" then we do on our human beings.. yes its more then disturbing and jerzee this is bringing thoughts of 911 right back.. too many in pain - are we powerless? i think not..
  • View author's info posted on Sep 02, 2005 07:49

    ciaobaby7 write:
    What the hell happened? What I am seeing in NO and neighboring cities, is not only disturbing but mind boggling. These are conditions and sites we read and see in national geographic from disaster's in third world countries.Who would have ever thought that American people would have to be subjected to watch fellow Americans literally dying on the streets because they have no food or water. While our government takes their sweet time gathering and authorizing resources, the continued reports show conditions that are inhabitable to animals, nevermind human beings.This is a disgrace!
    I am disgusted, saddened and furious all a t the same time. There is no time for BS, just get these people out!. You have people interfering with rescue efforts? shoot their azzes down, period! Yes there are some "scum" there too, even before this disaster happened. But you can't turn you're back on tens of thousands of decent people because of a handful of bad apples. I don;t understand why most didn;t evacuate myself, but right now it's irrevelant. I am not a liberal nor much of a political junkie, I am just a realist. A t this point I can give two damns who's right or wrong, the situations continue to worsen. People are dying, women being ra-ped, children starving, poeple are shooting..The more time our government takes, the worse it will continue to get. We have other countries/cities willing to help, bring em' on in!!. We are always the first to jump in when other countries are in need and now its our turn. The Tsunami victims received food drops from the US, TWO days after the disaster arose, So save it with the sad story Mr. head of FEMA, and I quote "we just found out they had no food or water". What a crock! Funny how we all knew. There is no way in because of the potentially dangerous conditions? BS..Harry Conick Junior managed to get in, CNN and other news casts continue to get in, Sooo , what is the REAL problem?

    These people u speak of...just dont give a damn! until they or a family member is caught up in something as devestating as this..or have all their utilities cut-off..they're not going to.so i say, let's cut-off their a/c, water, gas & way to the grocery stores!make them go out there & live in the sewage..think then these people will have their attention?
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