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    Butter that is horrible Im terribly sorry you had to experience this.
    Love ya dahlin!
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    Butter you and Cat are the most compassionate, geniune and kind souls on the planet. Your empathy for your fellow man is admirable.

    We all can learn from your shining example and open our hearts -- and wallets during this heartbreaking time for our southern neighbors.
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    Butter..That's wild. You think someone would of said something about it. People in that state of mind don't think rationally and he could of just as easy took others with him. Good thing his paycheck wasn't short...

    Glad you're OK.
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    farrah look alike thank god u are ok.. i do feel bad for the man who really thought his problems could not be fixed and saw one way out.. however. i am a firm believer in things happen for a reason. We simply have today that statement is true, u wake up take the day for granted and suddenly find it could be your last day.. so i say thank god butter u are ok .. and please dont run outside when theres chaos u never will know if u are gonna be in the line of fire.. sometimes we forget who is in charge.. for some its God for others its themselves.. i choose the later..

    where on earth would we find another blonde dippy girl to replace you??
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    maayan write:
    Butter, I'm so glad you're fine dear girl. Please take care. Hugs and Kisses. For you too Petite.

    Thank you Maayan. You are a kind little soul!!!
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    That is an absolutely emotionally moving story Butter. We all have pain. I wonder what caused his to go off to that extreme? I think the only event in my life that could make me feel like taking my own life would be if my children died. Even then I couldn't do it as I know in the Bible taking your life will send you to hell (and I am already in time outs with God)...In the end he had some rational thoughts as he took his own life and not others.
    I can imagine your emotions yesterday and the horror you had to experience. I am sorry for that. Your faith in God is strong I know Butter and He was looking out for you. There are times God makes us question our own existence which I believe makes our lives stronger.
    It is incredible that our society is so filled with these murder/suicide shootings. We talked about that yesterday at our staff meeting. How we need to be prepared if an angry parent enters the school building irrate with a gun. We actually have a procedure we practice with our students in the event of an emergency like that. Parents most prized possession,their children, can make them go crazy sometimes in cases of custody battles and so on.
    Butter, I am happy you are okay as well as the people you work with. You are so right. We should take these people seriously as they are crying for help. Maybe he said it in a joking manner and no one wanted to act upon it. That man needed somebody and a support person could have saved his life. That is a could have and what is done is done. We can only learn from these horrific experiences. Thank you for sharing that. Thank God you are okay and only experienced a "wake-up" call. I guess it tells me the little things that go bad in our life really don't compare to really big things going on in our world. The saying "live everyday like it was your last" is a motto we should all live by. Thanks Butter!
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