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    Toonces write:
    thats beautiful. my daughter is a single mom of 2 beautiful little girls and she has heard that line before - "what do i care what happens to these kids, they are not mine". I'm sure it happens to guys too, but i think it probably happens to women more. And most women just shut down and turn off when they hear that type of comment. This "baggage" is the most precious baggage you can have.

    this pic is of my kids and grandkids, minus one that is still in the oven, due in Oct. I love them babies!

    Hi Toonces..I bet your looking forward to October!! Your family photo reminds me of mine in my profile..a happy mum surrounded by her kids and granchild (in my case) grandchildren in wonder you're so proud..they're lovely!!
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    Hi Mimi,
    Another lovely poem, you have so much talent as well as beauty and a busy single mum too..well, as a possible partner for any could he ask for any better? you will have had many more life experiences than most...motherhood being one of the most wonderful of all experiences..

    I am a single mum of four children..two married girls,and one beautiful grandchild, I have an older son just home from University..(that was so very difficult to help him through the expense of getting through 3 yrs at University as a single mum)and last but not least an 8 yr old son..

    I am 53 yrs old and I find that many men of the same age have just found the freedom they have been longing for..'the day that the last bird has flown the nest' as an older mum I have the problem of older men who are not interested in 'starting again' so to the rearing of another youngster!!

    I'm so proud of my young son..he's a well mannered and polite and absolutely lovely young lad.Everyone who meets him congratulates me on the way I've brought him up.I don't consider him as baggage at all..we're both first class all the way!!! Someday someone will see us both in that light, until then we're as happy as can be on our own..

    Good luck Mimi
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