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i thought this was interesting...
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Posted on Wed, Aug 10, 2005 13:23

yall know i have my little "hobbies" outside of MM i thought i would post this for your personal information. can you tell im home really bored today?

Acacia : Protection, Psychic Powers, Money and Love Spells
Adam & Eve Roots : Love, Happiness
Adders Tongue : Healing
African Violet : Spirituality, Protection
Agaric : Fertility
Agrimony : Protection, Sleep
Ague Root : Protection
Alfalfa : Prosperity, Anti-Hunger, Money
Alkanet : Purification, Prosperity
Allspice : Money, Luck, Healing
Almond : Money, Prosperity, Wisdom
Aloe : Protection, Luck
Aloes, Wood : Love, Spirituality
Althea : Protection, Psychic Powers
Alyssum : Protection, Moderating Anger
Amaranth : Healing Heartbreak, Protection, Invisibility
Anemone : Health, Protection, Healing
Angelica : Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Visions
Anise : Protection, Purification, Youth
Apple : Love, Healing, Garden Magic, Immortality
Apricot : Love
Arabic Gum : Spirituality, Purify Negativity and Evil
Arbutus : Exorcism, Protection
Asafoetida : Exorcism, Purification, Protection
Ash : Protection, Prosperity, Sea Rituals, Health
Aspen : Eloquence, Anti-Theft
Aster : Love
Avens : Exorcism, Purification, Love
Avocado : Love, Lust, Beauty

Bachelor's Buttons : Love
Balm, Lemon : Love, Success, Healing
Balm of Gilead : Love, Manifestations, Protection, Healing
Bamboo : Protection, Luck, Hex-Breaking, Wishes
Banana : Fertility, Potency, Prosperity
Banyan : Luck. Happiness
Barley : Love, Healing, Protection
Basil : Love, Exorcism, Wealth, Flying, Protection
Bay : Protection, Psychic Powers, Healing, Purification,
Strength Bean : Protection, Exorcism, Wart Charming, Reconciliation, Potency, Love
Bedstraw, Fragrant : Love
Beech : Wishes
Beet : love
Belladonna : Astral Projection, Visions **TOXIC**
Benzoin : Purification, Prosperity
Bergamot, Orange : Money, Success
Be-Still : Luck
Betony, Wood : Protection, Purification, Love
Birch : Protection, Exorcism, Purification and Cleansing
Bistort : Psychic Powers, Fertility
Bittersweet : Protection, Healing
Blackberry : Healing, Money, Protection
Bladderwrack : Protection, Sea Spells, Wind Spells,
Money, Psychic Powers
Bleeding Heart : Love
Bloodroot : Love, Protection, Purification
Bluebell : Luck, Truth
Blueberry : Protection
Blue Flag : Money
Bodhi : Fertility, Protection, Wisdom, Meditation
Boneset : Protection, Exorcism
Borage : Courage, Psychic Powers
Bracken : Healing, Rune Magic, Prophetic Dreams
Brazil Nut : Love
Briony : Image Magic, Money, Protection
Bromeliad : Protection, Money
Broom : Purification, Protection, Wind Spells, Divination
Buchu : Psychic Powers, Prophetic Dreams
Buckthorn : Protection, Exorcism, Wishes, Legal Matters
Buckwheat : Money, Protection
Burdock : Protection, Healing

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Posted on Wed, Aug 10, 2005 13:25

ill post the rest if anyone wants it

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Posted on Wed, Aug 10, 2005 13:25

Caraway seeds: Protection, Lust, Health, Mental Powers. When carried, the herb is known to protect against all forms of negative or evil spirits. To attract a partner, add to sachets.

Cardamon: Lust, Love. To make a quick lust potion add a crushed seed to warmed wine. Alternatively, add to love sachets and incense.

Carnation: Protection,Strength, Healing, Vitality.

Cascara bark: Protection, Money, Legals. Often used in money spell mixtures, carry to protect against curses or negative spirits. To assist with court cases sprinkle around your home before going to court.

Catnip: Cat Magick, Love, Beauty, Happiness. Catnip is often used in love sachets and spells designed to enhance beauty and happiness. Given to your cat it is said to create a psychic bond between the two of you.

Cedar & Maple powder: Healing, Courage, Purification, Protection, Money, Hex-breaking. Excellent incense base especially when mixed with sandalwood. The smoke is both purifying and uplifting.

Celery seeds: Mental powers, Lust, Psychic Powers. Chew the seeds to aid in concentration and focus (although they may also induce lust). Burn with orris root to increase psychic powers.

Chamomile: Prosperity, Meditation, Calmness. Sprinkled around your property, chamomile protects and purifies whilst removing spells and curses cast against you. Add to the bath to relax and attract love into your life. The herb is also used to attract money, sometimes gamblers use an infusion as a hand wash to ensure winnings.

Cherry: Divination, Love.

Chickweed: Fidelity, Love. Carry or use in spells to attract love or to maintain a relationship.

Cinnamon: Psychic Powers, Protection, Success, Healing, Clairvoyance, Prosperity. When burned, cinnamon raises high spiritual vibrations, aids in healing, draws money, stimulates psychic powers and produces protective vibrations. Cinnamon should also be used in any love sachets or incense.

Clove: Money, Love, Exorcism, Protection. Burnt as incense cloves purify the area, drive away hostile or negative forces produce high spiritual vibrations and attract riches. It will also stop others from gossiping about you.

Clover red: Protection, Money, Love, Fidelity, Success, Exorcism. Add to your bath water to aid in financial dealings. Sprinkle an infusion to remove negative spirits. Also used in lust potions.

Colts foot: Love, Visions. Add to love sachets and use in spells of peace and tranquillity.

Comfrey: Safety during travel, Money. Comfrey protects and ensures safe travel when carried or worn. Pack in your suitcases to ensure they don't get lost or stolen. Comfrey root can also be used in money spells and incenses.

Copal gum: Love, Purification. An excellent gum to use in love and purification incenses.

Coriander: Love, Lust. Often used in love spells and sachets. To make a quick lust potion add a crushed seed to warmed wine.

Cumin: Protection, Fidelity, Exorcism, lust. Scatter on the floor with salt to drive out evil or burn with frankincense for protection. When given to a lover it will promote fidelity, and when steeped in wine it makes an effective lust potion.

Damiana: Visions, Lust, Love. Burn to assist with divination. Often used in lust spells or spells designed to add spice to an existing relationship.

Dandelion root: Divination, Calling Spirits. Burn with acacia gum or frankincense to promote visions or spirit communications.

Dill: Seeds and flowers, Attraction for money or Love, Lust. Add to a bath to make you irresistible or eat to stimulate lust. Also used in money spells.

Dittany of Crete: Manifestations, Astral Projection. Mix with equal parts of vanilla benzoin and sandalwood to make an astral projection incense. It also makes an excellent base for manifestation of spirits; the wraiths will appear in the smoke rising from the censor.

Elder berries: Exorcism, Protection, Prosperity. The Elder tree is sacred to many Goddesses, due to its white flowers. Grown in the garden it protects the household against the ravages of sorcery whilst it attracts prosperity. Hung over doorways and windows it keeps evil from the house. Wear to ward off attackers and protect against evil and negativity. Elder also has the power to force evil magicians to release any spells they may have against you. To bless a person, place, or thing, scatter the leaves and berries to the four winds in the name of the person or object to be blessed. Then scatter some more Elder over the person or object itself. Elder is also used at weddings to bring good luck to the couple.

Elecampane: Protection, Love, Psychic Powers. Smoulder the herb on charcoal to sharpen psychic powers, especially when scrying. Carried or worn, elecampane protects and attracts love. To make a love pouch sew some of the leaves or flowers into pink cloth.

Eucalyptus: Protection, Healing. Use the leaves to stuff healing poppets and carry to maintain good health and ensure protection.

Fennel: Protection, Healing, Purification. Often used in healing and purification mixtures. Hang above windows and doors or carry to ward off evil spirits and negativity.

Fenugreek: Money. To attract money into the house, add a few fenugreek seeds to the mop water or make an infusion then add to water.

Frankincense: Spirituality, Protection, Exorcism, Consecration. When burned the gum releases powerful uplifting vibrations driving out all evil and negativity. Burn to protect, purify, and consecrate, to aid meditation, induce visions and to enhance spiritual growth.

Galangal Root: Luck, Money, Hex-breaking, Protection. Burn powdered galangal to break spells or curses. Place together with silver in a sachet of leather to attract money. Worn or carried it protects the bearer and draws good luck.

Gardenia: Love, Peace, Healing, Spirituality.

Gentian: Love, Power, Curse breaker. Add to any mixture, especially those for love or breaking curses to intensify its power.

Ginger: Success, Power, Money, Love. Add a pinch of ginger to any of the above mixtures to ensure success and increase its power. To attract money, sprinkle the powdered root on a green candle and burn during the waxing moon. Add a pinch to love mixtures to add some spice.

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