What do men who have everything want from a woman Long Term Relationship

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    Is it: be ready darling when I get home, whenever that may be or,

    a housekeeper, someone good looking on their arm, sex, PR,

    or a normal long term relationship with love,trust,commitment and friendship.
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    yes, I think it is true, it is only probably 1% of people both man&women who could understand what is true meaning in love/live.

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    As a millionaire how do you know if the woman loves you for you or for your money? I always wondered.

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     Regardless of where a man is at in life or who he is - a woman who is able to emotionally & intellectually cater to his needs to reflects balance and harmony in his existence will always be desired and treasured by him.

     As females we are blessed with insightfulness and natural emotional intelligence which are the tools that we can use to adapt to deal with people as well as life 's different situations.

  • View author's info posted on Dec 13, 2012 at 20:17

    Who really has everything. Men want from women the things that money can't buy.
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    Well of late, I'd say the recognition that apologies are a two way street.
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    well said
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    Perhaps because from a societal perspective materialism provides a voice to those who are never heard, liberty to those who are unable to escape, and respect to others who may never be seen...
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    I concur with RareRob.  Love, loyalty, and honesty make for a strong foundation.  I'd add communicaton and the ability to deal with conflict to the mix.
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    Very simple answer---unconditional love, honesty and loyalty. Love that doesnt change in bad and good days, and that despite having the material things, they are not the focus, they are only the tool that makes every day an adventure so the unconditional love can grow. Maybe i am a dreamer, but i have all i want in life but these things----and very very hard to find these simple values in a woman that ignores the material, and wants the man for who he is, not what he has!!!
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    i dont know what jim wants. when i told him he can trust me & that i would marry me he acts like an ass  so if he doesnt appriciate my kindness then i cant see him!
  • View author's info posted on Jul 24, 2012 at 19:31

    Your question is almost hard to pinpoint because we are all individual as people and so diverse in beliefs held, perceptions, manifestations of us in general, likes and dislikes that it is impossible to group men together of this sort. One man who has everything may want a woman for pleasure sexually and may have many other women on the side for this reason. Another man who has everything may have it all except what we all seek ultimatly which is love in the deepest sense. It is challenging, to say the least, when someone has "it all" in a material sense because what that draws are very greedy, money hungry two-faced people who can appear very authentic with quite different motives than meets the eye. Imagine what that is like for a moment. Knowing you have all the material things a person can want while at the same time knowing that there are many people who are materialistic that don't have all they want and set out to try and get these things by pretending to be who they are not. There are a lot of takers, it seems, who are not willing to put in the hard, dedicated work it requires (not in all cases) to build one's empire to financial wealth and would rather try and steal or a better word would be finagel their way to acquire such things. Take a woman who marries a wealthy man just to be privy to his wealth by divorcing him. This is trickery at its best (not to mention poorly planned on his end if he didn't have a prenuptual)!!!  And a person can have what seems to another person "everything"; but, in my opinion a person does not have "everything" until true love in the purest sense is found. Then the person is the richest of all---finding LOVE and that is a treasure.

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    My answer....I want a woman because she is not a man...I like the fact that a woman has talents and insight that most men don't.  This is not about being better or worse...just being a different gender.  I like their sensitive side, the fact that they "read" other people so well, they just don't listen to what you are saying but pay attention to how you say it, they feel (not simply reason or think), and they are the pinnacle of creation...I mean a woman is beautiful, her curves, expressions, hair, voice, laughter, smooth skin.  Men, well we are hairy and lumpy, competitive and sweaty (lol).  I love the way my house smells when a woman is living there.  I love the sound of her voice when I wake up in the morning.  I love the way she calls me at work just to tell me about her day.  I love the fact that women are so "relational"...they care about other people, know the names of their children.
    Yes, sometimes they get annoying (ha)...but, when you have lost your better half the way I lost mine, all of those minor annoying traits (especially when my faults are so significant) become so very insignificant...and you are simply left with the "void" of not having a woman in your life!
    Have a great weekend,
  • View author's info posted on Mar 07, 2012 at 02:12

    i think a man who has everything wants a woman because the have no one to share everything with and they wabt sumone to feel the empty whole in them that they have so that not only they can be happy but ttheir partner can be appy as well

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  • View author's info posted on Mar 02, 2012 at 13:18

    Congrats. You have experienced a wonderfull part of life that few do. It's a great thing to happen. And at such a yhouthful age. Enjoy!
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    Quoting Curious2078:

    "What do men who have everything want from a woman?"

    As I've never met a man who has everything, I haven't the faintest idea.

    But I can guess this much: If a man already has everything, he surely doesn't need you or anyone else he doesn't already have.

    Think about it. Just think about it for a few seconds. If the man has everything--he needs nothing.

    Got it?

    Very simple.

    If the man who has everything is trying to woo you, run like hell, my friend, because all he's looking for is a temporary hobby because he's slighty bored at the moment with the everything he's already got.

    Hahaha, I like the way you think it's makes sence and it's funny :)
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