Never Satisfied Romance Forward to friends

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    I was just wondering if anyone ever fooled around with the same sex? I did. I was never satisfied with the men I dealt with.It is hard for me to meet people and I always get 'sick' of people fast if they are not extremely cute,exciting, or interesting. I wonder how anyone 'falls in love and stays in love'forevor without cheating. I am very much for one person for life,but how do people do it without getting bored? Or if it is not bored,then what is the word? To have cake and more cake right? I am not bored with my friend,but I want someone 'else',someone I do not know yet. I have been good friends with my friend for ten years ( a female who her family thinks we are gay but she says she is NOT gay! and I don't know if I am or not and don't really care I always want more and more. I don't act on my wants so much,because it isn't easy for me to go out as I am somewhat of a re-cluse. But I saw some lady in Atlantic City recently and it seemed like she liked me. It is too bad she did not say or do something. I wanted her. She was a security person, and she looked good. It is too bad we could not find a place to be,it would have been nice. So I was wondering if anyone did this, or if anyone knows how people who are in love stay devoted to one another without cheating. For I would love to know.
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    I never cheated.
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