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    So your claim on knowledge to the contrary is tenuous at best. They are simply incorrect beliefs. My wager is still good, and if you are right you'd be a fool not to take it. We can lower the amount if you like and you can donate it all to charity. I'd even let you publically disclose my real idenitiy if you win and lambaste me in the forums. And I'd quit MM too. - and probably will anyway - it really takes too much of my time for its entertainment value.

    Anyway, I debated if I should answer you and how. I decided no further good would come from attacking you privately if you're leaving MM or intend to keep our truce because I now believe you are a disturbed individual. I don't attack infirm people. All in all, it was fun having you as a forum foil but the manner in which you acted, especially towards the end, suggests to me you really have some serious mental isses. Perhaps you should consider therapy. For someone to get this worked up, not only in the forums but to have to send me this type of email should tell you something. I know you're not stupid. It's ONLY a dating site Orion.

    Listen, if it were only me, then I'm easy to ignore. But if a lot of people criticized me, even friends, and I could see I was making more enemies than friends I would consider some introspection. Think about it Orion. I don't really wish to see people die lonely and unhappy, even you. You're smart enough to change.

    Good luck,
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    Reprint of EMail reply sent to Orion:


    I hope you find some peace and changes for the better in this new chapter of your life.

    Fact is, I never lied to you, my explanation was truthful, I did reply to you, but apparently you never got it. I still recall getting the second reply from you but may have remembered it incorrectly and there is no record of it. My clarification post (defending 1HM) on that matter was truthful. You made a big deal over nothing - a lot of nothings, in fact.

    I really am happily married for almost 25 years (on June 27). My wife and I both have eccentric senses of humor and enjoy a great relationship you probably can't comprehend.. But we're very happily married with 2 boys. I have never lied to or cheated on my wife though I have faced temptation (my cheating post was true - if you read that). She regularly reads MM. She has been upset a few times about my posts but no big deal. She knows it's just a dating site and we have no vested interest there as long as we remain anonymous.

    I really do have a red belt in TKD. I started late in life joining when my younger son decided he wanted to take it. I'm nothing special but I can defend myself. I've fought for people and things I believe in several times at great risk to myself.

    Were you really serious in calling me out to a fistfight - a stranger from a weird dating site? What would that have proven? It wouldn't have taken back the libel you spread about me sending obscene pics of myself out to MM ladies. Assuming you had won, it would only prove you're a better fighter. There are lots of people who can fight better than me. I'm not interested in proving anything to you and the people I care about know I'm no coward.

  • View author's info Posted on Jun 10, 2005 at 07:19 AM

    OrionsQuest wrote once (without naming the originator, Abigail Van Buren)
    "Hanging onto resentment is like letting someone live rent free in your head."

    OrionsQuest wrote:...nothing the 3 of you have ever posted matters one iota to me.

    You need help Orion. You're sick. Despite Jim's and Suzan's doubts I had hoped you would obey our truce and I did not post any replies to your other libel the other day as I promised. Suzan and Jim asked me to add to your story above, which is obviously a thinly veiled attack on us. I'm not going to. I'm not taking your bait again.

    Orion, you are obsessed with us. This is clear. You wrote a dimestore novella to try to satisfy your obsession and bait us. Why? You're not stupid. Think about it. I used to think you were just a harmless fool and often had fun sparring with you. But after the private email you sent me I'm no longer sure this is the case. I also understand you've been feverishly trying to find out more about me from some others here. I fear you could be a danger to me or my friends. For the first time I will be reporting you for abuse and I ask others, even friends of Orion, to do the same and do what it takes to get him to leave this site. It's doing him more harm than good and he may do harm to others.

    Orion, I'll refrain from posting your private email to me (you are free to do so of course). But I'm reprinting my reply to you below. It's time people began to understand what lengths you'll go to to "win" your fights. They can infer what you wrote from my response. But please Orion, consider seeking counseling or therapy. Aren't you smart enought to realize this isn't healthy?

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