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    On a serious note. On June 12th I will be participating in a the American Diabetes Tour de Cure in Cleveland. If there are any recreational bike riders who are interested in finding out how they can ride in their home town, please check out the Amercian Diabetes Association website
    This is not a race, it's a ride. If you can pedal 10 miles or 100, it doesn't matter. Thanks.
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    People, seriously. If anybody thought Andy was offensive in any way in his post, he wasn't. That was Andy's way of supporting what I am doing and a cause that is very special to me. To those who found his post offensive, it's ok, trust me. Andy is one of the decent people on this forum thread. (Needs his meds. adjusted periodically, but he's ok)
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    Ed Wrote:

    My guess is this whole bike ride thing is some nefarious plot you conducted to stuff your own pockets. Just like you did with that MS scam last month.

    Since you mentioned it, wasn't it you that pocketed half the proceeds from the MS scam which you created. Remember, sitting at that lovely hole in the wall Mexican joint in Chesterland, counting the cash? By the way, how is that overseas fund you put your half into doing?
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