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    I often feel that the most important things that make one happy are free and could never be bought at any price..

    Health, love, family and friends.

    What makes you happy and will keep you going even in the lowest of times?
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  • View author's info posted on Feb 01, 2012 04:46

    HI all,
    It is good to know that after a long break from this site, my question still reverberates with some here..

    Happiness is relative..but with good health , family and loved ones..building memories that we could remember for a lifetime is all that matters..
    I should know, I lost my husband 10 years ago and then my son last OCtober..all I look back are the happy memories we have had.
  • View author's info posted on Jan 05, 2012 01:23

    I'm the happiest when I'm away from the city. I'm happiest when I explore nature, fish on lake deep within a mountain range with no one around. Often I drive and drive for days in States like Colorado, Texas and Montana, Utah and Arizona, and Wyoming, exploring every inch. I have spend months on end exploring Canada exploring from East to West. That's were my heart is.

    I should be happy my health, it is top notch, never been sick in my entire life including I never had the normal childhood sicknesses, but I don't consider that happy, but grateful.

    I love cruises and sit watching the waves and looking for wales and dolphins for hours. Taking photos of Wildflower and bugs. Anything to do with nature brings out my personality and awe.
    I take family for granted, sad I know, but they just argue among themselves or scream at the kids, I'm too easy going to want to involve myself. Even with my X, it was only the 1st 3 years we had arguments, after those first 3 years and can't think of one argument we had.
    To explore nature and make something (to produce) remodel a room, make a fine cabinet, a chair, or a just a Birdhouse, build a computer from scratch, repair my washing machine makes me the happiest. I'm over hitting nightclubs 4 days a week, although I still love to dance. And hate TV, I listen to all types of music daily, from Pop to Buddha, from Orchestra to Rap. I love it, I relax.
    You ask a very difficult question. Easier would be "what makes unhappy. Nothing but that awful tube, the TV.
  • View author's info posted on Dec 22, 2011 15:18

    My family makes me happy. and my spouse in the future...
  • View author's info posted on Dec 11, 2011 13:23

    when im sad, hurting inside, the thought of dieing brings me happiness. to think one day soon, i wont have to share this life with a bunch of back stabbing cut-throats americans! wish i wasnt a coward, i would do myself in now.
  • View author's info posted on Jul 15, 2011 07:50

    waking up in the morning and noticing i am still here 

  • View author's info posted on Apr 20, 2011 15:08

    i WANT to be secure in relationship.
  • View author's info posted on Mar 22, 2011 06:36

    Hula hooping! Nobody can be sad and hula hoop trust me ive tried
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  • View author's info posted on Jan 25, 2011 16:07

    people can see me happy, obviously, if I am given the attention I wanted!

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  • View author's info posted on Oct 24, 2010 22:54

    Thanks 01MoreChance,

    Yes, I happened to be agreeing with you...

    - love when my doggy giving you kisses...
    - love walking with her in the morning...
    - love talking to my mom and my little cousin on the phone...
    - love finding the best solution for some who in needs...
  • View author's info posted on Sep 13, 2009 12:24

    To professor1319 "you are such an ugly woman": What a horrible thing to say and no one knows who you are talking about! You must not be much either, if all you can ONLY show is a picture of a good looking car!

  • View author's info posted on Apr 26, 2009 23:40

    well...there is no relation can be secure. and it is not a negative, rather its your waking up point to appreciate and accept what you have today...

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  • View author's info posted on Mar 02, 2009 09:14

    Mihailo, thanks for picture. If you want to continue this topic or talk about other topic email me. Since I have only guest membership here, I can't contact you other way. Talk to you late.
    P.S. I liked your picture.
  • View author's info posted on Feb 25, 2009 20:26

    Quoting imjase:

    What makes me happy.

    Yes friends. I love having friends from all different aspects of culture and life it makes it much more fun when you socialise.

    Doing random things when I'm bored.

    Not taking things too seriously when you don't need to.

    Understand that not all humans are giving,caring,friendly,selfless and happy to accept the fact that everyone is different.

    I agree. Especially on the part about understanding that not all humans are giving, caring, friendly, selfless, or happy to accept the fact that everyone is different.

    There is a saying, I have become to live by: When you are in need...a true friend is walking in...while everyone else is walking out. I will say this was tough for me to learn....however, I finally got it. Now, my life gets better every day! I feel much better being the friend walking in and helping someone, than having to deal with everyone walking out.
  • View author's info posted on Feb 25, 2009 17:17

    I would add to this: being secure in relationship, that's also be happiness.
  • View author's info posted on Feb 23, 2009 16:42

    hi i like to date you
  • View author's info posted on Jan 26, 2009 23:26

    Knowing Father God has given me another day...the warm sunshine and the beautiful faces of my sweet children.
  • View author's info posted on Oct 12, 2008 18:47

    it depens on people, maginificant choice to be happy!

    the little raindrop from sky and it makes the street quiet and block the noisey world into another moistured and peaceful ,slowly moved world, i do enjoy the slow down and quiet time lack of speed in any cornor, the little cute rain makes the whole world like a dreamy little cattsle......

    if in the hot summer day, walking alone the beach of stanley park and eat Italian gelato ice cream, the fruit smell makes me pretty happy and the blue ocean and the enjoyable people around me , all telling me: enjoy the sun, enjoy the moment, it is such beauty !

    When morning in the spring , carring my camera to chasing the beauty of vancouver uncountble flowers , the blomming flower dancing and smile in front of me, they communicate with me and pleasure my eyes, and satisfy my artistic soul, la vie, ce belle!

    Each day, watch economic news, try to figure out the crazy world with its most vibration in extrem danerous game, and it is pretty cool to learn and thinking, not by the whatever newspaper tell you, do your own home work and see how it would be the next step.... the prediction, the vibration, the eage of the whole world, though politic dancing around it, isn't is fun and exciting?!!!

    Go to one of my favorite web, to listen music in any changeing form and style, try all the new music , the recent fall in love with is Jesse cook's guitar, from the matisse the cat to cafe mocha....the flammenco song exactly match my passionate soul, we find a hamony indeed....

    Sometimes i would like to go to art gallery alone, or visit antique shop, the distance from realist life to little bit far away, satisfied my curious mind and it makes me smiled and content and my brain could spiritully alive , feeling more alived than normal days.

    When in life time you really meet the most witty person or sharp person that you feel mentally challenged, it is like old kids game, you hide and try to escape and some one still could catch you somehow.... but you try and here is the chance....what a game!
  • View author's info posted on Apr 18, 2007 00:54

    I agree with Bonnie and 01MoreChance and most of the others. Its the free and simple things in life that are really important. We just have to appreciate the wonder of them.
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