Stories about love making during day time Romance

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    let's find out when was one of the best time we made love during the day time...
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    ....LOL... I can't believe nobody has nice stories to tell about love making during the day time.....LOL....
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    ....I just realized I am the only one writing on this thread.....Y????
    Please let me know your experiences and opinions...LOL
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    ....The day is warm and humid, I see you in the shower, cool and wet, the water cascading off your body. I want what you have and I want you. I throw off my clothes and walk into the shower with you, grabbing some soap and mould my body to yours and feel the cool water and your warm body, giving me incredible sensations. I feel your co*ck stiffen against my bum and you grab my ti*ts and soap them down until a rich lather covers them, making them smooth and slippery and your hands slide all over them...hmmmm
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    The new story of the day :
    3 pm of a hot summer afternoon

    ...It is 3pm outside is very very hot.You are lying on my bed naked, face down I am nibbling your neck and ears then taking a bottle of fragrant oil I massage your back, shoulders first..a circular motion sometimes deep sometimes the gentlest of touches..I am working down..the muscles either side of your backbone, and to the cheeks of your buttocks..I give each a slap making them red..a little pain is hands slip to your inner thighs just brushing the entrance to that special place..I carry on down, and notice that the flower between my legs is beginning to anticipation perhaps. You are now on your back, I am massaging each breast,your nipp*les are hard,I li*ck each one taking it in my mouth between my teeth, then su*ck on each. They are really hard and erect,you are ready for penetrating me,but..not tongue is working its way down across your stomach..I open your legs wide to give me access..lic*king the inside, pulling the skin of your balls with my you like it?..I slide my tongue up until I find your Cobra, with his head sticking up ready to bite.. it is hard..hmmm..majestic..I cover it with my mouth and su*ck it like you would with my are gasping with pleasure and moan as I slip a fingers into you..I can feel your orgasm build..My clit is swollen my pus*sy soaked wet...your co*ck is hard and stiff the head large, gorged with blood..U enter me..just the head of your cobra rocks back & forth grinds a little..hmmm.U start pumping,alternately long strokes,short stroke U vary the depth of each thrust some hard some orgasm is building I m moaning & biting your shoulders tearing at your back with my nails.I cry out with pleasure as I orgasm,my all body is yours & your whole body is mine.U orgasm yourself jets of thick white spe*rm run into me,being deposited in the only place it should be.So much cu*m it runs out in torrents.We stop & U kiss me tenderly
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    The piano

    ...It is Sunday early afternoon we had our brunch the weather is fine ...
    ...You are wearing a white-well ironed- T-shirt - tight enough to show your muscled chest- and confortable light cotton house pans....
    I am still not quite dressed...I am wearing my short electric-blue "dentelle" (lace) night-gown and the matching short dressing gown but nothing under it... and my hairs are pulled up and held with a nice flower.
    ...My son has just finished practising his piano lessons - I love when he plays piano- now he is playing with the computer.....
    ...I took the place of my son at the piano and I try to play but with my long nails it doesn't work as it should..... I see you coming smiling toward me place yourself behind me and putting your hands on my shoulders you make me understand to keep on playing (doesn't matter how..) ... I feel the warmth of you body through the dresses and it a moment of beautiful sweetness, tenderness and are both happy and relaxed.....but feeling you so close to me my concentration at the piano is not what it should be !!!! ...suddenly I feel your hand searching for one of my breast and starts caressing it ...even if the caress is vary gentle my reaction is instantaneous....I feel like a fire burning from my deepest start coming up to my body heat raises quickly sending the message to your body ...... HIS reaction is immediate and I feel it through the clothes....HE placed himself between my shoulders and I can feel HIM in all his length all the way to my head! ...
    I stop playing ...we both stay still, we don't want to break the precious undo my hair and I start moving my heard from left to right giving him a nice gentle massage.... We know we should change the room because my son is next door but the moment is so delicious.......I turn around , we are now facing each other, I have my chick against HIM....
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    you cares my hairs and I put my arms around your waist and hold you so tight you can hardly breath ! I fell the blood pulsing in HIM at the same as I feel my blood pulsing in HER......I start breathing all against HIM and through the clothes my breath becomes so hot that HE can't do anything else then Grow !!!!
    ...I start looking for your nip*plets under your T-shirt , once I found them I kiss and bite them gently. At the same time I pull your pans down to your knees and I find that you're wearing Thong!!!!....this excite me very much ...I am already completely soaked with my own juice.....I start caressing your buttocks which are all muscled and hard (because of the position and of the excitement) and with the tip of my tongue I play with the little part of HIM that comes out of your thongs!!!......The moment is heavenly delicious but we are aware that we can't stay there! takes all our "willpower" to stop and move to our bedroom....
    We shut the door behind us and turn the key ....we walked toward the bed and we positioned ourselves in the same way we were before, but you are not wearing your T-shirt and pans and thongs anymore and you had already token off everything I was wearing....
    I am sitting on the bed and you are standing in front of me. ...I start playing with HIM with my hands and then with my mouth I li*ck all around and then I eat HIM ....while HE is in my mouth I use my tongue to give HIM the most incredible pleasure. ....
    ....Now and then you push gently my head against you so that I can have HIM deeply inside....
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    ...even if HE is surprise I leave HIM for a moment, just the time to put my two breast around and over HIM ....I give HIM a delicious tender massage with my ti*ts going from left to right and nip*ples are so hard at HIS contact...... I lay down on my back and you come on top of me ....HE is brilliant he finds the way in ...I am moaning out loud're kissing me all over ...our tongues look for each other and we share the most deep kiss. You look in my eyes while telling me what you feel for me...and all the other things that a loving man says to his beloved...
    suddenly you take HIM out of his warm home and you start playing with HER... kiss her doing what ever your imagination suggests you.....
    SHE is so excited smooth with HER juice mixed to your .....everything is so beautifully sensuous ..... come back deeply inside me but....without anticipating my move I turn you around and now I am on top .... you under me .....HE didn't come out...HE is still there enjoying all these muscles movements... I am sitting on HIM ....I fell HIM so deep in me that I can hardly caress my clit my ti*ts my hips and you TALK to me !!!!! the sun shines and gives my eyes a particular tone of green (that you love) and my read hear are tickling your chest while I play with your bellybutton.....I stick my tongue in it and you moan.......
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    NYCHICK write:
    playgirl called they need u as a writer..good writer- dont write kids stories whatever u do

    ...LOL... i wish my mother tought me something about "s e x " instead of cooking and knitting....LOL...
    Hey NYchick the only problem with my writing is that I write my stories when i have a man in mind....LOL....I need inspiration.... These are all "ancient souvenirs" :-( LOL... I need to make new memories ...if u know what i mean...LOL
  • View author's info posted on May 24, 2005 03:02

    Rofl...OMG Ed...u r incredible I am LMAO... it doesn't turn me on but i tell u it makes me crack up....LOL.... and I love man that make me laugh.....LOL....
  • View author's info posted on May 23, 2005 21:58

    playgirl called they need u as a writer..good writer- dont write kids stories whatever u do
  • View author's info posted on May 23, 2005 11:59

    hi 1IB, I am glad u read my stories....blushing or not blushing.... anyway nobody sees u....LOL... beside "blushing" makes the blood circulate all good...LOL....and after all is the TEA that makes the difference....LOL
  • View author's info posted on May 23, 2005 08:38

    champagnepowder write:
    Ahhh, it wouldn't be the same without the cup of tea

    of course... beside the guy didn't like coffee....LOL....
  • View author's info posted on May 23, 2005 08:24

    ...Thank u Butter... happy u liked it....LOL... is easy to get by the machine censoring...LOL...
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    This it has happened an afternoon so i called :"One afternoon Peeping through the door keyhole"
    ....You can see me through the door, bending over the bed in just my knickers and a sweatshirt, which just covers my assss. You quietly open the door and creep in, tip toeing behind me and start to gently kiss my neck while your hand reaches up under my sweatshirt and caress my tummy, gliding up and reach for my ti*ts, gently holding them while I kiss gentle feather kisses on your neck and ear lobes. I feel my nip*ples tighten and a familiar feeling in my womb as a start to pluck at my nip*ples, pulling them, pinching them. Rolling them in your fingers as you start to feel the wetness between my legs. Your other hand reaches between my thighs and cups my mound, pulling me back and I can feel your hardness pressing up against my assss, pulsing against me. You use the palm of your hand to rub against my entire s e x, my knickers damp in your hand. You slowly pull down my knickers, turning me round as you kneel down and pull them over my thighs and over my feet. You're face to face with HER smelling my sweet excitement and you look up at me as you gently li*ck my vaginal lip, flutter over my clit and kneed my assss pulling me into your face. You writhe against me, your pelvis grinding me. I stand up and our bodies rub against each other as we take off your sweatshirt. skin on skin. Chest against ti*ts. You push me back on to the bed, pull my pus*sy towards your co*ck and pull my legs over your shoulders. I am are open, waiting for you to fill me . You start rubbing your co*ck around my entrance, covering it with my juice, and then rub it all over my clit. I writhe, needing you in my womanhood, and you reach down and push me into you...You start to grind into me delving, searching, exploring and then you start thrusting hard, banging against my g spot. The change leaves me gasping, groaning with intense pleasure.
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    You bang into my, yours balls slapping against my assss, your co*ck banging deep inside me, I have lots of small intense comes as you shift my legs over one shoulder so your is hitting a different spot and then to the other shoulder and then back to the starting position

    My whole cu*nt is being probed and explored , its screaming with pleasure and so am I as my womb is on fire and your pummels my g spot and I writher, my hips moving to meet you stroke for stroke, I start to moan and writhe and your balls tighten and slap against my assss, hard, time and again

    I start to climax and I grab your assss and pull you hard into me and then my whole body tenses, I feel your spasm you groan and I start to shake as I catch you and we come together, your seed shooting deep inside me, mingling with my juices, and we collapse together falling into each others arms, your slipping out of me shiny with my excitement. ....
    then I make you a cup of tea!
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    2linepass05 write:
    I guess this is where the phrase, "Talk to the hand" comes from?

    ...LOL... he wants to makes us believe he only has loooooooong talks with his hands....LOL...poor boy
  • View author's info posted on May 20, 2005 04:04

    bobsthename write:
    Actually, I did have sex in the daytime one other time. After the sex part was over, I looked at my hand and I said...god you're beautiful! You're the perfect companion. Always there when I need you, my whole life. Except when I broke my thumb and my hand was in a cast. That was tough having to use the other hand. But I always say to my left hand, "Why can't you be more like your sister on the right?" Somebody stop me!

    ....oh what a sad story....LOL... but a part from the fact that your story could also have happened in night time....hahahaha...LOL...tell us more....LOL... r u always alone with your two hands????.... isn't that boring at the end?....LOL....
  • View author's info posted on May 19, 2005 06:15

    EdTarboosh write:
    I love the stories here. I just wish I had such a sultry story to tell.

    hi,being one of the rare people having good s e x with his own wife.....LOL.... U can tell us what happens when the kids are in school....LOL... come on don't be shy....
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    Hi everybody, i have a great news to tell...LOL...I received something from a secret admirer and i found it so nice that i want to share it with all the Forum-especially because i don't usually have admirers (secret or non-secret)-LOL- So take note everyone also "D0mino" can have an admirer-LOL-Here we go:
    "..The last person I expected to find in the coat room was Gabriella. I had watched her all evening from across the floor, her milky white bre*asts exposed to the point of being all but politically incorrect amonst the high society hibrows at the gala.Her dress was shorter than any of the other Ladies present, and the slit in the front was icing on the cake whenever she sat down. She had purposely not worn underwear in case she had occasion to show a certain gentleman her "special places". Many wives were obviously irritated at the attraction she garnered. Her "come fuk me" heels only aroused the men further. And now here she was, alone in the back of the coat room, leaning between and against several fur coats. The dim lighting had made her all but invisible when he walked in, but the scent of her parfum drew him irrestibably to the rear of the closet. And now here she was, daring him with her eyes. She didn't say a word, rather she just looked at him. The corner of her mouth turned up slightly, encouraging him to get closer, if he dared. She was startled to hear the smooth confidence in his voice. He leaned in and smelled her hair behind her ear. She could feel his warm breath on her neck and her nip*ples hardened. He kissed her on the neck and suc*ked gently for just a moment, and she could hear him litely moan as his teeth released her. Shivers ran up her neck and down her spine. He sensually whispered in her ear, "you know what I want you to do, don't you?".He put an emphasis on the word 'don't'..."
    WOW,I hope he is going to tell me what happens next otherwise i'll have 2 write it myself-LOL...
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