Long Term Relationships & Long Distance Long Term Relationship

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    My ex-wife of 18 years was a long distance relationship.  The difference is I met her in person and dated for close to a year and then we were apart for months.  The distance only made me want to marry her even more.  On the other side, if I have not met them and I'm trying to create a relationship online, I just can't seem to make it happen.  I think I just need that initial contact to solidify that emottional love.
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    i will like that hit me up
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    once two persons are committed to each other then i believe that long term relationship will work.
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    Talk  about LTF......NO TALK NO, EMAIL, NO COMMUNICATION PRRIOD RIGHT NOW!! BECAUSE I'M NOT DIVORCED YET! BUT NO ONE'S broken it off. The relationship has been going on for over a year now and he REALLY IS THE MOST WONDERFUL GUY IN THE WORLD and makes me feel like his princess when we're together. The thing I don't understand is he wants to see me as soon as I'm divorced to" CELEBRATE the signing of my divorce decree" Like we planned and I won't get into Specific details. he also told me the last time I did hear from him that he thinks of me and can't wait to see me. I haven't seen him in almost a yr now because of my divorce & it's left a hollow place inside of me on top of this divorce. So, LTR..... ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! BECAUSE THEY CAN BE WONDERFUL & YOU CAN FALL IN LOVE!!!!

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    Excellent comment Steve1552.

    Long Distance Relationship CANNOT sustain itself without the ability to be around the person on a regular basis...to see how the interactions work doing daily, real acitivites.

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    i think is hard to do a good relationship in long distance.. is not the same.. .. a really hug that a emoticon?s hug.. dont think so? i dont like so much the distance.. will miss him.. i could understand if is temporarily
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    steve, i believe you hit it right on when you said lack of communication because i always believed communication is the key to any healthy relationship...
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    I think what makes developing a lasting, sustainable relationshp with a long distance partner difficult is the lack of quality time together. By quality time I mean just doing ordinary things together and really getting to know each other. When you do see each other, it's usually very special, romantic and exciting and you do special things together. A trip, dinners out and so forth. Plus you are on your best behavior during that short time period. That's all well and good but to really know someone and see if you're compatible and not just in love, you need to see all sides of each other. That comes from spending time with one another.
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    It varies from person to person. For me it doesn't work...well when it's dating and getting to know one another it's fine, but when things get serious I need to be with my man. That's how I ended up down in NYC. I was living upstate met my ex and moved down here to be with him. I've long since dropped him, but never regretted the move. I love change, new experiences, and I always seem to take risks, luckily for me they always work out...lol I'm definitely of the mind of "we only live once" so I plan on doing as much living as I can!
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    I have had a few long distance relatinships and I enjoyed them very much. The anticipation of seeing one another is nice and I enjoyed the challenge of keeping things spicy and hot! I enjoy the freedom that long distance situations offer. I have has a couple that have lasted for years!! Give it a shot.
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    Long term relationship can work if both really wants it to work. I once have a 3yr relationship. It was the best thing that ever happened in my life. No matter how things get harder, we are still together. My ex had patiently followed me. He frequently drives 5 hours to visit me in Germany, calls me everyday for an hour or three and flew in US when I moved here. I thougth it was the best fairytale of my life because we never have a figth, we have so much fun wining and dining together,traveling and he had always been romantic and treated me very well like so precious with lots of spoiling. But it did ended . . . One day, I encouraged him to go to single's party to have fun because I thougth I am standing in a stable ground in his heart but I was wrong. He always wanted a skinny girl while I want to have meat at the rigth place . . . He quit on me when I needed him most in my life. Distance had never been an issue between us but other woman did.
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    I once got a fine mail where it was mentioned that "Love travels". I think it is right that "Love travels", but it is quite different people in this world. My respons is often that the woman must have a concrete plan for her life and that I cannot travel the world around just due to hopes and promises. If there is something really serious in the bottom, "Love travels" of course.
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    hmmm - just found this topic, and HAD to post a reply.
    I have not stopped travelling the world, for the last 14 years, so EVERY relationship I have been in for that period, has been a LDR.
    on one foot, you can say it is bad, because I am never married, but on the other foot, from experience, absence makes the heart grow stronger - and at times, this really is the case. If it remains a LDR for a long period of time, this is where I have found the "strain" creeps in.
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    BlondeLightning write:
    Hi Bonnie,

    How are you this weekend? Hear any good lawyer jokes lately lady? lol.

    Can I interject something here?

    In California (Southern California) we like to say about the women here: Blonde Hair, Blonde Skin, and Blonde Teeth, lol. It's a blonde thing since 3 out of 4 are bottle blondes. And from being a natural blonde myself, I can tell who is natural and who is not, lol.

    HI Blondelightning,
    Do blonde men like you suffer from the same derogatory jokes that blonde ladies are typecast with?
    So u are a typical Californian blondie with taut six packs, the sort that skateboards or roller blades down the boardwalk with Ipod in you ears and old women oogling at you?
  • View author's info posted on Jul 11, 2005 18:34

    So the real question is - are the jokes all about the bottled blonds or the real blonds - lol - fake or real? So I couldn't let that one go and seems as a newbie you have to send one joke out sooner or later
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    champagnepowder write:
    I think it's less about the distance and more about the connection. If something is there I think the distance can be overcome. It probably wouldn't last forever and someone would have to compromise but I think it can work if the two people are willing.

    Hi CP, good to see you here again. So did you find anyone interesting on your highway 101 trip? HOpe you found the scenery and food as delightful as the Californian girls with their all year tan and brilliant white smiles.
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    I did send you a invite to the "hoo",so we could talk.(smile)
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    SugarKane write:
    Hi Bonnie,

    Yes to both your questions. And more - if following my heart to be with a guy meant that I could no longer pursue my vocation, I wouldn't do it. I know form experience that having my own job and income, my own projects, achievements and pride in what I do, is a very important factor in my life and without it, I'm miserable and no fun to be with.

    YOU are my kind of girl..man at best is only the spice in our life..and without them we could still go find our own brand of happiness..and a happy person attracts others too..jsut be happy and the rest takes care of itself.
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