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    Stewart Hammeroff is from the University of Arizona as well as David Chalmers. Dr. Chalmers has brought back the hard question of consciousness. How does consciousness arise in the combination of compound things? His answer is that it can't unless consciousness is a base element of those compound materials. It very well could be that consciousness is the foundation of the Universe.
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    I am just joining this site, and I am glad that somebody opened a forum related to New Age phylosophy. If you come to Arizona next year, or the following I would recommend you to go to the conference "Celebrate your life". It takes place in November. I just went there (for the 3rd time), and I still enjoyed it. Mr. Zukav and Dr. Wayne Dyers were among some of the speakers, as well as Dr. Chopra. Reiki to you ladies. Bye.
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    I agree that we can not solve a problem on the same conscious level that the problem was created. It seems to take much more figuring to rectify a situation than it did to create the problem in the first place but in order to fix global problems then either the whole population of the earth must be aligned with the same purpose or an extremely powerful force must intervene. It is possibly that we are a part of something greater but most people have abandoned the reality that there is hope to return us back to whence we came. 'Earth School' as you have put it teaches us to grow either a heart of life and love or a heart devoid of light. This life that we live is filled with choice. Unfortunately not every one chooses the light.
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