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    SIX and Orion, thank you very much for your posts... I truly appreciate what you said and really hope that the other members will read these posts and act accordingly.

    Thank you, my friends.
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    After rereading my last post, I sensed a tone of irritability that was more pronounced than when I was typing it for the first time!
    Thank you for the tone of temperance SIX.
    Ironically, my chastizing is probably a distant cousin to belittlement.
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    An eloquent post Moon.

    On a further note, I've read most of the threads in these forums en todo, and I don't know what it is Cajun might have said or did to rankle people, but I do know that anyone who stooped to bashing him should consider stopping.

    Has anyone noticed that Cajun does not "escalate" the nastiness thrown his way?
    Y'all remind me of a group of people watching a gravid shark hanging on a pier get gutted.
    Yeah, if you're in HIS territory and acting inappropriate, he just might bite you, but hanging there on the pier, tell me, other than an imaginary or perceived "threat", what did the shark ever do to you?
    Yet everyone stands around as the frenzy builds...and then suddenly, another part of that thing we call "life" is gone, and we never really knew it, now did we?
    And for some of you "Ladys" in these forums, how you deal with a minor issue such as an unsolicited comment or inappropriate advance, speaks volumes to the issue of your "character", or as may be more appropriate, the lack of it!
    Also, anyone ever speak to a real Cajun? Their syntax when speaking is nothing like the King's English! Their colloquialisms are truly unique!!

    I personally think a lot of what has transpired has been based on that simple fact.

    Sadly, I suspect if Cajun looked more like Mas, the women would be clamboring all over him, and as a further result the men would be standing in the wings envious AND silent, no matter what was said.
    Think about it people, eh?
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    What I posted on another thread and appropriate to this one too:

    "I agree with Tomi 100%, and with S4U, sometimes I just want to throw in the towel too. And I am very near to doing that... but then I go read threads that DO serve their purpose where people DO stick to the topic and DO have great input!

    One thing is for sure, I CANNOT stand bashing of any kind anymore (never did anyways), after all, we are ALL human beings and bashing
    hurts WHOMEVER the person may be, it is simply NOT RIGHT!

    And it makes me very sad to see this."

    realdealru2, I am very very sorry to see you leave, as I was very sorry to see Tomi leave and other great members. But I totally understand.

    Keep well, I love you guys!!
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    To the great friends i have met & made on m/m i wanna let u know, i have had enuff of this site & am removing my profile from this site with-in next couple of days..i wanted to get my good-byes in.it seems this site has gotten so far away from what was to be a date,romance & finding love site to being anything but that.the fighting, insults & fake profilers is just something i dont want any part of. i seen myself changing & didnt like what i was see'ing..it is so easy to get su*ck*ed into all of this & at the time it was fun, but then there comes a time when u have to look back at what u have said or what u have done...i did, i didnt like what i seen at all! if i have hurt anyones feelings i am truely sorry & ask for forgiveness. i wanna wish u all luck love & happiness, god bless each & everyone..Jolene
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    HAHAHA!!!! wellab... geeezzz... you look a bit green... are you not feeling well???? ;)
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    No problem, LAST. We all just want to get back to normal and have good decent fun here.

    I have emails from MM also telling me the same thing.

    Let's hope that he/she is gone for good.

    Have a great day everyone!
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