Brand Names: Do Designers really matter??? Do clothes make the man? Romance

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    Just out of curiosity, what designer clothing are you inseparable from?

    I recently became aware that designers existed.

    Woe to me for not reading Cosmo and People and other such drivel that parades Dolce Gabbana, Chanel, and Dior in front of the word.

    Question for the board: Which designers spell class? Why? Is it imperative to wear designer clothing? Do clothes make the man (or woman)?
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  • View author's info posted on May 06, 2005 01:30

    I know this one went off topic -don't they all in the end?lol

    Who really sees the tags you are wearing when you have your clothes on?

    In the last few years knock offs have become more common here and god knows how many women have those fake LV bags, I mean they are so common I wouldn't bother buying a real one because everyone would think it was fake anyways.

    To date, my best deals: a pair of leather knee high boots that I bought in the UK over 9 years ago for less than 20 USD... I still wear them! a timeless Gucci purse at a charity shop in Switzerland for $3 and a dress I saw in the UK for $100...and I bought it in India (yes tags and all) for $1

    The cut and fabric are the most important aspect of a piece of clothing and if it suites your body type. I agree with Moon,it's an absolute sin that some places charge crazy prices for jackets that are unlined and end up looking cheap(ugh)

    I'd have to say that designer tags inside clothing mean nothing to me other than when I see a designer piece and it's something really hideous and that's when I question "what fool would pay that much money for that?"

    Just because you spend alot on a piece of clothing does not guarantee you will look good...
  • View author's info posted on May 05, 2005 22:03

    lets delete the off subject posts.

  • View author's info posted on May 05, 2005 00:45

    wwwww123 write:
    I never like to drive. I like to keep my hands and eyes free.


    so i guess you either need to ahve your personal chauffeur or take the bus then..
    we are driving off course yet again..
    it is designer brands we are talking you with a designer belt ..need to move over for real designer brand owners to have their say!...
  • View author's info posted on May 04, 2005 00:48

    I remember a tattoo on a rear end that I studied for two days. Never did figure out if the word was misspelled.


    well rear distraction is known to cause lots of car you are lucky you were not driving..
  • View author's info posted on May 03, 2005 13:44

    More haste less speed would apply in your case www.

    Speed reading is like gobbling down a big Mac. and you either choke on it or wonder what the hell you have just consumed...takes all the pleasure out of savoring the exquisite taste and beauty of language..of course unless all you read are dull dry scientific or financial reports..or pompous wordy legislations and acts..
  • View author's info posted on May 03, 2005 02:50

    wwwww123 write:
    Thats 4 guesses, no winners.
    U Can't count either??


    The last was a sort of elaborating the generic Dumb..OK you win this time..what is your problem if you can't master your own language and spell correctly..
    maybe you should learn Chinese or Japanese , they don't have dyslexia..only need good memory to master 3000 to 4000 words..
  • View author's info posted on May 03, 2005 01:18

    I give you three guesses why I can't spell. Wanta try?


    I think it is called the D-disease:

    Dementia or Dyslexia or Dumb..
    or Don't know how to use spell check..
    hey, we are going off course..

    Branded belts as long as they are not fakes are also fashion brands..but fakes mean that you aspire to owning one but just too smart to pay the full price ..
  • View author's info posted on May 02, 2005 03:35

    Between Ursula Andress and RW..they could floor every guy..they don't make them like those days now..and I am sure they had the real stuff too au naturale..

    www.. I think you better pay attention to names otherwise you won't go far in you gigoloing...but of course just call them honey, darling, dear, sweetie pie..that way you won't be offending forgetting their names..(lesson one)..Min..better start teaching this guy some real etiquette if we are going to make any fees at all!!
  • View author's info posted on May 01, 2005 18:21

    OH MY GOD!!!!!

    I have been turning down Racquel W for many years, almost 30 years. I must learn to spell --Look what I have been missing. All that time I thought she didn't want me and I had the name wrong.

  • View author's info posted on May 01, 2005 16:22

    www...she is Racquel W..just make sure you get her name right should you ever meet her..apparently some years back her son married a British girl and at the wedding, full of paparazzi reporters landed in the small town chapel chasing after the mother-in-law rather than the bride..sure hate to be her daughter-in-law on her wedding be upstaged by a glamourous mother-in-law..thank goodness she did not turn up with that famous bikini!

    Min- My favorite dress designer-Issey Miyake , Donna Karan , Thiery Mugler. Shoes/bags- Gucci, Salvatore Farragamo, Bruno Magli..(should only buy at sales or factory outlets in Italy ) very small feet so must wear only Italian/ French/ Spanish designs..Jimmy Choos and Blahnik ..too high , only for red carpet appearances and grand balls ..
  • View author's info posted on May 01, 2005 12:32

    I had a designer belt buckle once. Does that count? May even had some designer shoe laces.

    Ladies, if you look good, you can dress in rags. Probably the best selling poster of all time was Rachael Welch in her cave woman outfit.
  • View author's info posted on Apr 29, 2005 15:17

    HI folks,
    I design, sew, knit and crotchet my own clothes since I was a teenager.. but also buys designer clothes only if they are classic pieces that are worth their value and will last more than two seasons..since I used to be in the rag trade, I know what is good value..
    RECYLCLING of clothes esp designer pieces is something I enjoy doing and currently trying to teach women in my charity to do it for a good cause. I do that all the time by taking them apart or adding pieces to make them into different garment. I ahve unpicked entire knitted jumpers and re-knit them into dresses and it is creative and satisfying. Quite a few London designers are creating one off pieces from old vintage clothes..
    IN this day of mass-production, mothers and daughters have lost the great bonding opportunity to learn how to sew and knit..hence in Hollywood , some famous stars are reviving this therapeutic craft form.
    So folks go through your wardrobe and give your old designer clothes a new lease of life by recycling..take them apart, re design them with all sorts of trimmings, cut them up and make them into something else..from pants to shorts, long dresses to short..have fun with them and you will be singing all the way to the bank in your new recylcled look!
  • View author's info posted on Apr 29, 2005 00:50

    The best dressed and cutest dressed woman I have ever met bought most of her clothes at resale shops, garage sales, etc. For very little money she probably had 300 or 400 outfits.

    The second best dressed sewed her own clothes. She could see a Paris creation and have a copy, -- often with improvements within a day.

    and, I vote for those burlap bag creations also.
  • View author's info posted on Apr 29, 2005 00:21

    I personally think that style and chic has little to do with brands..but more to do with the individual taste..I know people who spend a fortune on brand names just for the sake of flaunting them but look like an over-dressed christmas tree..but I also know those who buy brands for quality and assemble them well and look elegant but low-key..I also know people who mix and match branded stuff with cheap charity clothes and look like a million the key is not to be a slave to fashion or brands..I know peopel who don't wear brand names and still look fabulous and individualistic..
    just find what works best for your lifestyle and could put a personal stamp to your own taste and look..unfortunately fashion designers and the fashion industry love it when we could all copy their latest season and make them a fortune..I know, I had my own fashion business for several years and the profit margin for fashion goods is quite phenomenal..close to 1000% don't be fooled by them..if u must have brand names ..go only when there is a sale..u don't need to be up to the minute..u just need to know what goes well for you..and make you confident and feel comfortable in it..there is nothing worse than 'dressing mutton to look like lamb..'
  • View author's info posted on Apr 29, 2005 00:03

    Let me get this straight.

    If I go thrift store shopping and look presentable, or sew my own clothes (a hobby I'm trying to learn to do), I will not appear physically attractive to men or women who shop exclusively at designer stores?

    What is that all about? What does it matter? As long as the person can READ and carry on a COHERENT (god-forbid), INTELLIGENT conversation, they could be wearing a burlap sack on Rodeo Drive!

    That's it! I'm starting my own line of clothing! Burlap sacks--all the new rage! Anyone want to write a press release?
  • View author's info posted on Apr 28, 2005 11:09

    I like ladies that wear nothing but the best in undies because I stuff my pillows with them.

    And, Daisy Dukes make the girl. Any other clothes are a waste---around the house, at least.
  • View author's info posted on Apr 26, 2005 21:54

    I don't bother looking at whether a man is wearing brand name and I don't even notice quality of fabric and stitching, unless it's a powder blue polyester lycra leisure suit ... but like a $50 bill lying on the sidewalk, my eye is instantly averted towards a good-looking man in a tux ... yummmmm and men in clean, pressed suits. I would even say I go so far as to gawk.
    Hot guys in anything else is also an eye-catcher but a tuxedo or a suit is ........ smokin'!
  • View author's info posted on Apr 25, 2005 11:24

    "I splurge on my lingerie, and even though my outer attire needs a major rehaul, I delight in knowing my undies are impeccable and sexy. "

    Ingenue... I'm the same... and like 1HM said, you never know who might see them when you least expect it!... hahahahaha

    Mel, I'm very sorry I've caused you such grief... Granted, I understand what you're saying, but sexy underwear is so much nicer... exactly how katiegirl explained it!!!!!!
  • View author's info posted on Apr 24, 2005 21:32


    I'm so sorry about your previous underwear experiences.

    I think we should start a nonprofit to help women get cute underwear.

    I splurge on my lingerie, and even though my outer attire needs a major rehaul, I delight in knowing my undies are impeccable and sexy.

    Isn't it wonderful?

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