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    SHIPHRAH write:
    From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

    Very true
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    Hey, Davey, we all get the no-repliers (or is it "replyers"??... hmmmmm).

    Patience and perseverance are the key, and in the meantime, you have fun on the Forum with everyone!!!

    ps - Mind you, that since I've been on the Forum, I have more females viewing my profile than men... shhhhhhhh....don't tell anyone, ok???
  • View author's info posted on Apr 22, 2005 02:00

    See Davy, the regulars are responding to your thread..so that is a good sign..now we just want to hear more of your voice..
    it is a thriling way of getting several responses instead of a one-to-one reaction...almost addictive..
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    Just keep writing Davey dude, and after a week or two, when we've read enough of your contributions to the Forum topics, we'll just accept you as another one of us and you may be able to email women and they'll answer next time! lol

    It's not a snob thing all the time, this NOT answering email .... it's sometimes all about safety and security and maybe for some obscure reason the girls you've emailed are either not feeling an attraction or are chatting with another guy they really like.

    Some people will say, "If you're interracting on a regular basis with someone, you should get off the dating site."

    "WHAT FOR?" That's what a dating site is ... looking at pictures, chatting by email (forget IM) and flirting on the Forums! So sometimes it's a matter of timing too. You may email them next week and they'll answer. Hit and miss. But never quit. What else have you got to do?
  • View author's info posted on Apr 22, 2005 00:06

    To each his or her own favorite topic really...some are flirtatious and some fairly serious..and most times it go awry and completely off tangent..till someone reigns the topic discussed back to track...
    I find myself getting fan mails from various people from both sexes...when they like what you have to say and some write to ask to see my face since their curiosity is aroused. ..it is probably a better projection of a person ..his or her personality comes through and is more colourful than a flat profile..
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