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    Unfortunately most of the men on this site are not looking for Old Fashion Women. I myself believe that I am old fashion, so I understand.
    Even the older men are not looking for old fashion women. Wealth is so commercialized in so many ways. Men want what the media says is hot and sexy and usually that is not a old fashion woman. So what I am trying to say is that young, hot, sexy, petite, fake boobs,
    blond or not, is what men want because thats what the media indicates is part of a luxurious lifestyle ( cars, homes, money , young women, booze). And most of the young girls are not asking for commitment, the men give them gifts, they give the men something, young women usually accept whatever men offier and that is unfortunate.
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    Well i'm an old fashioned kind of guy.
    Believes in chivalry, courtesy, treating a lady the way a lady should be treated.
    I go out of my way to be funny, witty, charming, polite, basicaly a great companion.
    You can only get out what you put in, I never take for granted.
    I know from the many friends I have made on this site that my , dare i say it,Brit Charm is much appreciated.
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    Here, Here, B-Dreams.

    Here, Here!
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