Why Cats are better than Women Romance

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    Katie- scripps....you two are very creative on the fun.

    Of course female cats will never fake it (how they can? Tips from a vet.)
    Anyways lets leave the felinus for the felinus......And the women for us.....with the high maintenance and all that stuff...Lol>-----)>
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    "Cats don't ask "Am I getting fat?" and expect you to lie. "

    HAHA... as a friend explained to me once, that's the trickiest question ever because whatever you answer, it's NOT going to be the right one... you're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't.... Even if the man answers "No, I don't think you're getting fat", the woman will say "You're lying, you don't care about me..." hahaha

    Good list, SRM!!!!! :)
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    Buff...you can change that cat pic back in a second. Someone complained about all the pus*sies around here to the mm guys and they tried to ruin our fun. Hisssssssssss
  • View author's info posted on Apr 13, 2005 01:06

    Scripps, you are such a character! You're a lot of fun.

    I composed a list, for you, of why cats AREN'T better than women!

    * Cats WON?T give you a really great back massage, unless you LIKE the emergency ward in the hospital.

    * Cats WON?T pick you underwear and socks up for you and throw them in the laundry.

    * Cats can?t make you a double-decker sandwich because you don?t want to miss one second of the game.

    * Cats won?t wake you up to watch your favourite cop or CSI show.

    * Cats won?t let you do them in the shower.

    * Cats won?t purr just because you want them to.

    * Cats won?t wear a garter and silk stockings under their dress when you go out, and only tell YOU.

    * Cats won?t feel your forehead and bring you some hot soup in bed when you?re sick.

    * Cats won?t stick their tongue in your ear and then whisper something naughty.

    * Cats don?t care if you can do a really hot Chippendale strip dance.

    So, gentlemen ... you can get a cat to keep you company ... or girl. We're a little higher maintenance ... but soooo worth it!
  • View author's info posted on Apr 12, 2005 21:57

    Yeah........thas right.....what he said.
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