Rejection Friendship

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    you seem like a very honest, sweet guy, but I would suggest you change your nickname, it does make one think you don't even work.
    Use spell check, I have to as well, and don't capitalize every word, too much work and capitals in techno speak mean shouting.
    Don't think everyone is like the last one you dated either. That is what is referred to as baggage, if a person hasn't handled theirs then yes they do bring it into the next relationship. That's why you'll see in alot of profiles people saying no baggage or just enough to fit in the overhead storage. A little is natural. But not blaming the new guy for all the wrongs of the old guy. (or gal).
    Hang in there. There's someone for everyone!
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    Chin up, you are articulate, kind, good looking.
    Show us your rugged manliness.......we have seen the sensitive cuddle after making love side,
    now show us the confident
    male animal you are!
    It's all in the eyes.....
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