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    Lion, maybe it's too late for us to apologize, because now they're saying he's been kicked off the site. I did my part by deleting many of my posts to Spoil on the religious forum. But that was at the request of one of the ladies on MM. So actually I did it as a truce only. I'd like to tell Spoil if he was still here, that I'm sorry for our disagreements on this forum. I also let my emotions dictate my behavior, and I feel really bad about it too. There were a few times he showed his better side to me in his posts, so I know there's a better person inside him than he was showing here most of the time. Spoil, I hope everything works out for you, wherever you are.
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    Lion dear I too stay out of whats going on because I think it is sooo childish and immature to be playing games and it seems this is what some of these people are doing so let them be but don't apologize for being a human being personally myself if someone was rude to me I would try to handle the situation in a civil manner and if it doesn't work then I would just let them be and if I don't agree on a subject with someone then I would go on to something else and so that way what I am trying to say is there is ways that we can all get along if we wanted to and it takes more than one person to get into situations that are petty and not so pleasant and I sooo agree with you we are all here to find someone to LOVE this is a dating site and the forums are meant to be fun and not a WAR zone so I want you to know that you seem to be a great guy with a good heart and hang in there I am sure your right person will come along...........Have a great one!
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    Ed and HM i have missed something. I have not seen any of "her" post so yes preserve them. I read"her" profile and it has too much of spoils in there. But i will give him this. He did a bang up job of allienating many suitors.
    So do the copy and paste and SHARE with us who missed this thread
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    Lion....I agree! You are a good person. I however feel like women need to know how he really is, because unbelieveably, he is still snaring some in his trap. I don't understand what some women are thinking, but I guess to each his own. I wasn't criticizing you in the slightest....just wanted you to know your instincts were right on in the beginning. I know it began with you protecting my honor, and I appreciate that! You are a true sweetheart
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    Come on were correct in your observation in the beginning. BUT you are right not to waste any time nor energy on him. Now that he has been reincarnated (briefly anyway) as HOTTIE4u45....maybe you will see to the extent that he abuses.

    I can't speak for others, but I know that I didn't ever attack him, he just disagreed with my religious views in a very abusive manner. He lies when he says he only attacks those that attack him first. He will attack anyone that doesn't share his personal views and opinions. I don't have any tolerance for people like him. People with small minds. He just doesn't like that I am an atheist, which to normal people would be fine for my holding a different belief, but not to someone with psychotic dementia like him.

    Another reason for his abuse of me, I also rejected him when I first started on this site....he doesn't take rejection well. He's an older man than my father and that's just not for me. Despite what my profile says, I like men my own age, not grandpas!

    He touts that he has 'won' and 'bloodied noses' on this site with his abuse, but he is completely wrong. He has won nothing but the DISRESPECT and CONTEMPT of many good people. If that's winning.....I want no part of it. I would rather be the loser in that battle and will proudly declare him the winner. I hope you feel the same.
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