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    If I may,
    A girl on here namely, roxyblonde, has cut and paste from my "about me" profile, 2 her own. It was brought 2 my attention, by a great gentleman, so I tried 2 IM her and she wouldn't respond. So I felt it necessary 2 send a comment, 2 her profile in reference 2 this. I am a paying member(only the 2nd month on her) and rather than allow my user name, MM arbitrarily, authored it as friends, and did not include that I was flattered in her doing so. But yet only a couple of weeks ago, I contacted MM, 2 alert them, 2 a main profile pic of total frontal nudity of a male. They were so embarrassed(I guess) they did not acknowledge with a return e-mail, as in other cases,which were less extreme. Seems, like some things slide right through and others need altering. Seems like their decisions may B a little skewed!
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    alot of times those "friend" comments are from others who aren't paying members, don't sweat it.
    I just looked and you have lots of lovely ladies wanting to get to know you.
    Don't let one goof get you upset, and you can contact MM and have the comment removed.
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