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    Ever been visited by a Jehovah's Witness at your doorstep? You can spot them a mile away in their suits and ties. You see a car park at one end of your street, car doors opening, men in suits stepping out with 'literature in hand' walking from house to house.They come to your door and ring the doorbell. You open the door, and what happens next is them trying to convert you to their religious beliefs. You politely say 'no thanks' or 'I have my own religion' but they just keep on. Finally, you invite THEM to visit YOUR church, and that shuts them up every time. That, or they find reasons to tell you that your beliefs are not the right ones.

    And in the case with the 'Religion' forum on MM, we are all entitled to our individual beliefs. We have the right to not have someone shove their beliefs down our throats. There are christian singles sites where one may troll for a date AND preach. Why would someone be on MM looking for a mate, if they 'truly' live their life according to the bible? Seems to me a christian dating site would be more appropriate. Amen? Although there, they may not take kindly to a senior citizen chasing after teenagers(18 & 19 is still a teenager).
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    Hi girls,
    can I hide here.
    I know it wont be long....
    Luckyright now
  • View author's info posted on Mar 14, 2005 05:50

    LOL ,S16,
    no we were talking about ways to make the Jevoah Witnesses from coming to your door!
    It's a real pain in some areas. They come to your door dragging some 6 year old along to try an convert you to their religion.
    I told them I'm Buddist, (i'm not) but have a Buddah my uncle who lived in Singapore gave me. Once I said that and showed it to them,( it's a too out there religion for them to handle) they left, never to return. My former next door neighbours, it turned out, were Jw's. They sold their house and moved shortly after this.
    It was a male friend of mine who showed up naked at the door not me! Now they don't go there either!
    Understand now?
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