dishearted with some person that is trying to tarnish me Romance

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    I created my account about 5 days ago yet only became a paid subscriber about 2 days ago. Dissapionted now after discovering this eve that some person wrote a comment about me under view comments about me. I will say I have never been on here before however this person went on to say I am a veteran and they should watch out for me as I am only here for also went on to say that they feel I am a women that must of been hurt and all should be careful...what a shame that one feels compelled to create such a crazy story. Did I do something wrong? I do not believe I have ever offended anyone...could it be a guy that is pissed because of his own insecurities or could it be a gal that lacks security within herself?....How does one find this out?. i will say however I wish all the best yet am stunned at this discovery. I am not sure wether to be upset with the service that allows strangers to post forums or comments about people they have never conversed with. That makes it to easy for people to say crap about another without even knowing them....whats your thought on this topic and any advive on how I resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated
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    once again I have this mentally disturb female that feels compelled to to write comments on my profile....her name Friends...I have written Match and they have removed all comments each time however now a weebit pist wish she would focus more on herself then what I do. This time I wrote her back maybe not the wisest however felt compelled to in a diplomanic is what I tell me if it is adult like yet to the piont....appreciate all responses..............
    I trully hope you find success on this site and wish you the best in that adventure. I however am asking you nicely to concentrate on your personal life as opposed to mine. I have written the web site once again about your interference with me potentially meeting great people. I hope you will refrain from making negative comments about myself.
    Once again I will be polite and ask you to refrain from your negative comments about myself. One thing about you that you are not aware of is I am highly intelligent and have zero tolerance for negative connotation....beware I am too from Glasgow Scotland and can be as fiesty as the not push my buttons...other wise I may have to give you the wee Glaswegion wise and think twice. One more advice is please pay more attention to yourself and your desires as opposed to what I do. YOU MIGHT actually succeed in meeting decent people you continue in this behaviour....Maybe we can meet for a pint or Gabby water in Glasgow....should be that a side I would love to know why you feel so compelled to know what I do and who I am as a person???? As I see it you are very insecure and lack poor wee thing. It will be vey interesting if you attempt to contact me or post one more comment on my forum as You are al
    ready plaqued and being Watched from the ya on the dark side...wink wink
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    Thank you everyone that toke the time not only to read my message but respond. I trully appreciate your kindness. I was able to have the comment removed after contacting the service. LOL unfortunetly after having that done and not being on line in days I logged on again to have this person post a comment once again. What a shame this person who is looking for romance with a man is wasting her valuable time about what I do. I trully wish all (members) success in their adventures and hope this person will start focusing more on herself and what she can do to better her chances with success in love and in life.
    Once again thanks to all the kind people that responded to my message on the forum....CHEERS
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    Quite frankly - a comment posted by someone who doesn't leave their profile name won't even cause me to bat an eyelash.
    I've had one or two ding-a-lings take swipes at me and don't even ask MM to remove the comments - I figure they just add character to my profile. : )

    So don't worry about it - I'm sure anyone who contacts you will find out you are indeed a nice person!
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    I recently was a victim of the "drive-by posting." In my situation, I know exactly who posted the ugly message as he has been sending me nasty emails for over a month now. Why is that some people can't accept rejection?
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    From one beautiful women to another, the only advice i could give is ignorance is bliss! It's a persons insecruties that brings out their being judgemental or nastyness, take it with a pinch of salt.... at the end of the day this person doesnt know you!
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    Don't worry about it hunny. It's happened to alot of us. They are just jealous of how lovely you are.
    Contact mm to remove the posting and they will.
    Not all of us are like that!
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    Lassy, I wasn't on MM long before some "woman" posted on my comments board that "modesty was NOT a word in my vocabulary," when my profile isn't any more self-congratulatory than anyone else's who is looking for "compainionship" by becoming a member.
    You can contact MM and they'll remove the flames. There seems to be a human virus with nothing to do all weekend, working on this forum. I never read comments people have made about other members anyway. It could only ever be negative ANYWAY. Wait it out and the sociopath will leave eventually.
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