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    Whilst there is such a huge debate about men looking for younger women, I seem to get lots of young toy boys writing me.....since I am one of the few high female earners on this site., I do wonder about their private agenda..but I keep an open mind..and have found some very nice younger men too who prefer older women for good reasons..because we are secure emotionally and also financially..we are not on a baby making race and could be more relax and laid back about relationships...and there are lots of very beautiful attractive older women on this site...I m dating younger men and enjoying the experience..and had a very successful 20 year marriage with a younger man but unfortunately lost him to untimely let us not be so hung-up about chronological long as we feel compatible and there is chemistry and passion between two persons..who care for each other ..should'nt Love in this day and age be less concerned about chronological data, cultural and color-blind ..we are living in a globally diverse era..every experience should be an enriching enjoy Life...we have less time than we still makes the world go round..and MM is just such a site to reach out to diversity in race, age , color , enjoy this super kaleidoscopic party.
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    That's a good point to me. I'm very close to my decision to find an older woman...and why not?  I'm 34 years old. 
    Older women have more experiences than younger. Older women can understand more things. They know what is true love and can teach young men.
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 24, 2005 at 04:35 PM

    This is a good post Bonnie. I get many 18 to 28 year olds doing the vulture thing aroung me when I go out. I'm pretty sure I don't look like carrion, and I've never been told I smell like a month old pork chop. So I just thank God for the little darlings!

    I agree that age means nothing after you've already met and approved of each other's looks. Younger men than I are boldies ... they'll walk right up to you and tell you how hot you are! Love 'em!
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