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    next time when making such statements, do your research first. otherwise you just end up looking real stupid.

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    Yes my savior lives. Hello come on man still so many hearing is word and still neglecting him. Who don't believe you better start reading those bibles. How do you think this whole world came into existence the light of the world is jesus and we need to start believing that. Because without jesus in our life we are not. No money, cars,house, no luxury can't save us. That is the truth. And sorry to say so. And people there is no such thing as re carnation. If you die without jesus in your life hell will be your destination and if jesus was in your life heaven is the place. We need to speak the truth. And be honest to ourself because in the end only jesus is going to make that final ruling. Everyone who is reading this message pls if u don't have a bible get one and read what it says and if you don't understand it tell a pastor or a friend who knows about him. Or better yet pray and ask jesus to let you understand it. Love you all.
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    Did Jesus Exist? Is not even a legitimate question. That's like asking did Abraham Lincoln exist? Jesus' existence is not disputed. Both Biblical and extra-Biblical documents (e.g., Josephus, other Jewish records, and Roman Government Records of Ceasar Augustus, Pax Romana Age) prove and give record that he existed. It would take an idiot to say he didn't exist based on the evidence.

    What is disputed is whether or not he was the Messiah and the the 27 books of the New Testament give perfect record that in fact Jesus Christ was both God and Man and the promised Messiah from the line of David where Matthew gives an excellent geneology of Jesus Christ the son of David, the son of Abraham (Matthew 1:1-18).

    John 1:1-3 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.

    In John 1:1, John the Apostle it is clear that divine inspiration is at play in the writing of this text. The absence of the definite article in front of the nominative Noun Theos that is qualitative stressing its essence or quality is intentional; and because Logos the Word (Jesus Christ) has the deinite article "ho", we know that the Word is the subject. So what is the importance of all this and the importance of John writing the text bringing Theos foward lacking the arcticle? It indicates that the Word is God, yet distinct from the Father in that it keeps us from identifying the person of the Word (Jesus Christ the Son of God) with the person of God the Father. The word order tells us that Jesus Christ has all the divine attributes that the Father has and the lack of the article tells us that Jesus Christ IS NOT the Father. So the idea of the qualitative Theos here is that the Word had all the attributes and qualities that "the God" had and shared the same essense as the Father, hence the Messiah, the promised God-man of Israel.
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    well said.
    and about Jesus Christ and his ancestors, their roots, "his religion". specific question. That is the old testament, "the Torah and the Tanakh
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    awwww, hmm, seems like someone has never read their bible because it is a recorded account of the Man Jesus. It is a eyewitness account. The gospel of John he tells you that he is one of the 12 disciples he also of course wrote the gospel of John.

    this is what I say and is and original quote from me: I would rather live my life as if there was a God  then die and wake up and find there isn't rather than to live my Life as if there was no God then die and  wake up and find there is.

    Hmm, this is whats written in the bible it says: that no one can do anything against the gospel, that means that what ever one says or do to try and refute or tear down the gospel know that that person can only hurt themselves.

    It is also written in the bible: dont be deceived God is not mocked whatsoever a man soweth is also what he shall reap!

    By the way the bible was not written by just men but men who were inspiried by the HG.

    So no one man wrote the bible anyway many did and at different times but it took a few scholars to compile what is the bible into one book. The New testament writings are mostly letters done by the apostle paul. But youre right he wasnt there when John was on the island of patmos and wrote the book of revelations. But both what paul writes and what John writes agree eventhough they were not to gether when they did so. And the men of the new testament were not there when the old testament writer like moses and david were alive but Christ fullfilled all the sayings of the Old testament writers. No man can claim credit for the way the bible is put together and written and it doesnt take a geniious to figure that one out. No one is that clever nor has been that successfull. The bible is the most successful book ever written and it just wont go away.

    There have been artifacts found that had the writtens on it "The House of david" along with other things that have been found. How would you explain that  hugely large boat that  can be seen by plane on Mt arifat ? Would you say it got there by itself or that the people carried it up there? I think neither I think it happen in a flood just the way the bible says it did and can still be seen to this day by aireal view. That may be something you might want to google and take a look at the pics for yourself before you make a final decision and try and convince others that there is no proof of Jesus existance.

    So again as it is written it is better to fall upon the rock and be broken than to have to the rock to fall upon you and grind you to powder.

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    OH and yes He lives! He lives! dont believe me just go and see the place where He was buried, but you won't find Him because He's not there for He is risen!  He is risen! He's alive and well and He has the victory because He has risen! Glory Halleluyah!

    Oh death where is thy sting? Oh grave where is thy victory?

    Satan has been defeated!

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    Yes he did,And Still is and He is amazing,it's sad that after all he wen't though and suffered for us betrayed people still don't belive,but still he will be by your side and he wan'ts to give you life,don't fight these hands that are holding you,he loves you.

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    It seems to me that the person who asked this question is an unbeliever. To answer you, first answer this:

    Did Marthin Luther King existed? Did President Roosvelt existed or is all fictioned? Did the American Civil War existed or was it all made up? Did Einstein invented the Atomic Bomb or was it mere coincidence? Are all the problems of the world today exist, or is it only imagination and will dissappear tomorrow like a blink of an eye? For my friend, if you cannot find the true answer according to your searchs, it is because you are not looking in the right place. Look and you will find, ask you and you will receive .....

    Jesus Christ did born and existed and still is existing in our daiy basis life. Whether you want to believe it or not it is your inner concious problem. Does mountains and rivers and oceans and animals exist or are there part of our imagination? Do you have to see to believe? Do you have to touch like St. Thomas to believe? Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem and lived in the Palestinan Territory until he was taken because of His believes and talks into crucifixtion and raised up again. This is something we, who believe, can testify. He is present at this very moment, talking to you in the shape of a simple person.

    Jesus Christ works miracles everyday everytime, at all times, some are touchable, others are touched by faith, for the Spirit of the Lord is with Him.

    So my friend, Look for the right answers at the right places.


    He said: I am the Resurrection and the Life, anyone who comes to me will have Eternal Life. Anyone who sees me, sees the Father.  For I and the Father are One.

    Historical speaking I agree with Builderrick. Everything is said at the Council of Nicea and the old History Books, so my friend, you will have to make a thorough search again and read more about it before trying to deny someone you don't know much about!



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    What? Of course Jesus Christ was a real person. He walked this Earth and was really put to death. And he founded the Catholic Church.
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    Galatians 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.(KJV)

    Did Jesus Exist?

    He lives witin me. I just talk to Him today...as I do every day. My testimoney.... He Lives! Yes, He does exist praise God!

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    Standard answer to that question is C.S. Lewis's argument he had to be either a lunatic or the Christ. Nothing based on lunacy would have lasted 2,000 years, change the course of history and hearts of those throughout the world. The greatest writers, thinkers, artists, architects etc. since post-modernism have devoted their lives to dealing with matters of a Christian faith. They get their knowledge from the media's dreadful coverage of Religion. Read a book on apologetics, or visited a website that will answer the basic tenaments of faith, Those arguments were answered were originally dealt with in colisieum.
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    I forgot the essential: not only that He lived, but Jesus is alive!! I can testify for that. He washes me everyday, takes care of me everyday since I accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour. And that is possible cause He pours Himself - his blood - dayly. He is wonderful. A RIVER OF LIFE :) You just have to be open hearted and to want to know Him... ;)
    He changes your life completely, it s true...
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    I think you just don t have the information. I suggest you take a library for documentation and not the internet!
    Jesus did exist and there is solid historical evidence for that. :)
    Even more, I believe He is the Son of God,... the greatest *thing* that ever walked this earth:)!
    take care
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    I dont want to seem argumentative but your statements regarding historical accounts of Jesus are just wrong... If you want accurate information you should research the Council of Nicea. cummulatively, its a historical body of evidence that was utilized in establishing the current Bible. It adequately demonstrates that over 30 different authors wrote entirely separate and distinctive information that in fact testifies to a historical Jesus. Further, the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls long after the accounts of the previously mentioned books, written in GREEK obviously indicates the accounts utilized to establish the modern day bible were at least accurate to the beliefs of those that lived in that era. One more point, historically when examing evidence.. Historical accounts are given top consideration.... Most overlook biblical books as such because the bible is often considered one book. In fact it is 66 books, 39 old testament, 27 new and over 40 authors. One can believe what they may about the content of those books, but they are a historical record.
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    I've have Known the Lord All my Life!!! and I used to think it very unusual when I found out others did not have the same experience I had..Of course know that I older I realize how true it is...

    If you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died for you you will have eternal life..

    Romans 10.verse9,10 in the King James Version (read the prayer to yourself outloud and ask) if you believe he died for you .........all you need to do is believe and ask him..............

    I have had numerous experience with the lord my entire life I'm no nun!!! trust me I've had on several occassions my downfalls but mostly business.....of course !!!!!


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    YES!!!!!!!!!!! He's real!!! Romans 10. verse 9,10, read the prayer and if you believe he will transform you unto his image....................if you don't believe than the inevitable according to his word......

    I have had several experience to prove it.................
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    Lombard write:
    Actually, BigBozMaam, when a babe plays a candy apple red strat, it proves that god exists.

    And here's you proof. Now if all those other people would just get it...lmao!

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    Lombard write:

    Now, Blackhole makes a statement saying that, since, logos is the underlying root of logical, therefore Jesus must be logical.


    If I say my name is Mr. Truth, does that make me truthful?

    I am not doubting his existence. I am doubting the proof of his existence.

    Sorry for editing your post, Lombard.
    Agree with your logic. Just because your name is truth does not make one truthful.

    At the risk of being accused of blasphemy from the devout Christians, I also have doubt of proof of Jesus' existence. Further, I have doubts that he was the son of God. It comes down to what someone wants to believe. I believe Jesus existed. I do not believe his was born from a virgin mother. I believe he was a teacher, a spiritual leader but not the son of God. I believe in God.
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    Did Jesus exist, does Jesus exist, will Jesus exist? Yes, yes and yes. What if the Bible is the word of God and what if Jesus is the only name given unto man by which he may be saved? What if there really is a Satan and a hell and what if it is more horrific and more terrible than human intellect can possibly imagine...? Yes, and what if Jesus is the truth and the way and the life - like the Bible says he is. What if the only way to the Father is through the son... what if...? You have heaven to gain and hell to lose if you choose Jesus - now , as your Lord and Saviour. Blessed be his Holy Name. Blessed be his Holy Name forever. Jesus - I love you. I love you Jesus. Jesus you are my Lord and my Saviour. I love you Jesus. Praise be your Holy name. Blessed by the name of the Lord from this time forth and forever more. From the rising of the sun, unto the going down of the same - The Lord's name is to be praised Hallelujah. Praise be the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen.
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    Lombard write:

    You are giving the "god by any other name" argument. Clearly it does not pass logical muster. Just because allah means god in two languages, it does not follow it means the same god.

    The Islamic god is not trinitarian, it is not a died and reborn god. It is a god of laws, more like the Jewish god, though with some different laws. In fact, one of the central tenents of Islam is the "unchangingness" of god, which negates a tripart "dead and reborn" god.

    Monotheism, god, yahweh, allah and Jesus are not all equivalent terms. We, in the twenty- first century like to smooth over these differences to create a kitchen sink god that nobody can fight over, but if you believe in a specific god that is monotheistic, by logic, it excludes all other gods. If you believe that that god commands you to glory him and create his kingdom on earth, it is wholly logical to kill those who want to block your goal, whether they are Hussites, Huegonots, Cathars, Sunnis or Nestorians.

    I can give you hundreds of reason why the Jewish, Islamic and christian gods are different gods, and not even mythically related to the Indian "great spirit' (merely one of the native American mythologies by mostly Athabaskan speakers).

    Which leads to this whole "I'm spiritual, but not religious thing" The speech goes something like this" I know that there is something greater than me, but I don't think it is the religion I grew up with. Therefore, I will combine all of the elements I like from the noble indigenous peoples of the world and create some custom spirituallity with candles, chanting and easy choices."

    Of course, we are all just people, and the chance of this religion being right is exactly the same as a traditional religion being right. Zero, nada and bupkus.

    Exactly! And when you remove all the funny words and terms, it mostly boils down to opinion and ego. And often times one big ego trying to impose their opinion on others. If your God infects your life positively and doesn't impose negativity on others, run with it...
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