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    First, there are just as many mentally unstable women.


    Second, the main reason people care so much about the shallow stuff is that it is easier to verify.


    Usually in a first date you can easily tell if someone is tall/short, fat/thin, wealthy/poor, old/young, white/asian/black, etc.


    But trying to figure out if someone is honest, persistent, nice, ambitious, etc.  can take months.


    That is the main reason why people end up being shallow. 


    Imagine what would happen if their was an instant, accurate, online personality test, but that it took months to meet in person.   Suddenly nice people would be in huge demand, while the douchebags wondered 'what happened, I used to be so dateable?"

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    It happens that ladies tell stories about their former husbands or partners, which basicly I don't find very discrete. However hearing these stories I often wonder what qualities they were looking for in those man in the first place, as it happens that they cheat and lie and stuff to them. Why not have a "clear list" in mind at the beginning and go slow through the "checklist" and really check things seriously. Values like: Honesty, integrity, persistence, to be who we really are.....why women often do not seek these values, but rather go for a bank account first and forget about the rest?
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    When I get a message and I am not interested I just don't send anything back... and believe me, I have no trouble

    just got back from Barcelona Blondie. what a great town you live in. congrats!!
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    and does the same apply to women? they never stop once they latch on with those canines !!
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    I fully agree no response is sometimes the best response to ridiculous or outright despicable behavior.

    ?Any fool can criticize,complain, condemn,and most fools do. Picking your battles is impressive and fighting them fairlyis essential.??Dale Carnegie
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    5w-123,(see below) there are 6,462,571,933 people one earth, one is normal, quess who?............................

    You said: I once asked a shrink friend of mine what percentage of the population had mental or personality disorders. She started listing the percentages. Almost 45 percent of the population had some disorder, to some degree. It shocked me and was scary also.
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    Dont be sorry you signed up i have met several very! nice men on here.. a lot of men find it hard to commit to actually meeting i find also . but I say thanks for not wasteing my time .. good luck to you .. this has been the best site so far.. however with all dating sites there are many! undesireables.. take care!
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    I read somewhere that during WW I all GI's were tested and for the most part they were found to be at a mental age of about 12.

    I would suppose that the general mental age of the general population is about 12. Including women.

    Most people seem to forget what they "learned" in high school and college as soon as they are out of the classroom. And what they do remember they can't use to solve problems in real life.

    Most people depend on a big company or some boss to provide their salary and benefits and a pension then the government to provide social security as well as Medicare. Like a Big Daddy.

    Most people seem to let the church think for them even if they don't go to church.

    People love baseball and other kid games. They love juvenile movies and TV.

    I find most grown women at any age still think like 12 year old girls.

    There probably is no way to make people grow up.
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    There is a psychological problem that afflicts mostly about 7 million men in these United States. It is the inability to use a urinal in a public restroom. It is called the "bashful bladder" syndrome. Technically it is known as paruresis. It is not confined to men who have a small one. And it afflicts men in all walks of life.

    In most cases it seems to have been caused by some sort of traumatic experience like say you were standing in a stall as a kid and going and some big guy comes up behind you and tickles you as you are trying to go and you spray the stall and yourself. But that is only one example.

    I had it for about forty years, I know from experience how socially disabling it can be. I may not be completely cured yet but I think my condition is a lot better.

    There is help. You can go on line and type in the word paruresis. There is a book and there are groups all over the country you can attend.

    This condition is no joke. Those who have it know.
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    In my post I said having a high IQ or a low IQ does make a person fall into that category. I meant to say it does not make a person fall into that category.

    I do not yet know how to edit a post but I am trying to learn.
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    I agree with what Robotic said and would like to add a little. I once asked a shrink friend of mine what percentage of the population had mental or personality disorders. She started listing the percentages. Almost 45 percent of the population had some disorder, to some degree. It shocked me and was scary also. Many of these people are doing fine with their jobs and careers, running companies, preaching, holding office, or any other job you can think of, but they are still sick, need help, and can cause a lot of damage to other people. I think its important for everyone to gain a little knowledge about personality disorders and mental illness. It can save you a lot of grief and perhaps even save lives.

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    Physical health is fairly easy to determine. Mental health is something else.

    What is mental health?

    Just because a person has a lot of ideas with which I do not agree does not make him crazy.

    Take a Hindu from India who worships cattle and believes in reincarnation.

    I don't believe that but he has been taught that since he was a baby and to be a part of his "tribe" and be accepted he believes it.

    I don't believe most of what is preached at every church around the corner, but are the people there mentally unhealthy? Maybe if they didn't believe what they are taught every day of their lives they would be mentally unhealthy.

    I would say a person is mentally unhealthy who can't hold a job, who can't establish a relationship, who though young enough and physically healthy enough to do so can't control his urges and kills people, who does not know that what he does is wrong or even that it perhaps is right, he can't tell the difference.

    Having a high IQ or even a low IQ does make a person fall into that category. The mentally sick person has a brain that does not work right. But even that is not conclusive. Some people with brains that don't work right in many ways can learn music and play a piano perfectly with no training, they can memorize thousands of books and so forth.

    I have a neighbor who told me that he thought the brown spots in his grass was caused by demons dancing across his lawn at night. Yet he is a nice guy. He doesn't bother me. That did make me wonder a little bit, though.
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    1HotMama write:
    Ladies....there are some very good guys on this site! Don't let the bad ones give the entire thing a bad name!

    I could not agree more..I have been very lucky to have found some really great friends here both male and female..and if I chart them on my map, I should be able to plan a fabulous tour round the US visiting all of them..and indeed have visited and met up with one of them and remain close friends.
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    All women are not bad. All men are not bad. However, there are lot of sick people in the world, and we have all run into them. They confuse us, they hurt us. The best way to avoid them is to learn about the mentally sick and those with behavior disorders. Please spend a hour or two on the site Mental Health Net and other similar sites on the net. Its a real education and I guarantee it will save you grief, and maybe even help you if you have problems of your own.

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    HAHA... GOOD one, Orion!!!! ;)

    1HM... I am a witness to indpls posting real sentences in this Forum... very few but still there... ;)
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    i doubt i disgrace anyone
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    Good for awhile?
    Good for nothing?
    Good to go!
    Good gawd he's an hermaphrodite!
    Can you define "good" please?
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    That guy has had several names on here and has been a threat or jerk to a number of ladies. Be glad your not available to him. You'd be sorry!
    Some of these guys should come with a warning sign!
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    to ladydynomite
    viper is crazy-i tried to contact him and he blocked me for just saying hello-it was on instant messenger
    What is the problem with the men on here-where are the real men
    they are out there somewhere
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