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    you are absolutely right! thanks!!
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    i must write as i am an expert in this category! lol. i have 3 biracial children, i'm white (as white can be) and my two ex's were black, Jamaican to be exact. first time was true love. second time he was looking for a greencard. ugh!! my parents never really accpeted it, but that wasn't gonna stop me. my kids have never had any problems, they're 25yrs, 17yrs and 7yrs old. i didn't talk to my dad for 9yrs because of my preferences. so sad and he died in November and never got to see his beautiful 7yr old granddaughter. it's so sad to me that people can't understand when you love someone you don't see color. if you don't give someone a chance you'll never know what you could have missed. i'm grateful everyday for my 3 beautiful children and that they know they were made out of love not color or any other reason. lol ps. just watch out for the foreign ones!!
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    The thorny variety -- very sexy and no trouble at all..
  • View author's info posted on Apr 24, 2005 11:12 mean the thorny variety or ladies who are cute and curvy and named Rose, Rosie, Rosalind, Rosa...they come from all over Europe and the Americas. very which do you prefer..
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    Thats why I only date cute, and I mean very cute, shapely, sexy plants. I favor roses, and they are a lot smarter than some people I have met.

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    Interracial dating and marriage is a breeze compared to great differences in intelligence. Now you have real problems.
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    hi everybody....I have the impression that in Europe we have a different approach to "ethnicity"....The only thing it come up to my mind is that nowdays with all the travelling and moving or relocation of people we can't really draw a line between one ethnicity or another... I mean that maybe we are sure we are with a pure white caucasian man/woman and give birth to a child who is "chocolate"... cos maybe 3 or 4 generations before there was a mixed marriage in the family.... In case the couple is both black haired and the child is blond...doen't necessarily mean the milk man was there....LOL...Of course if the child comes out with red worries just "rust"....LOL...the couple does not practice often enough....LOL...Genetic is is tricky...LOL...a gene jumps generations and suddenly it comes back.....LOL..
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    I come from a country which is multi-racial, multi-cultural, where inter-racial marriages are acceptable and normal..
    LOVE should be color-blind..and the rainbow of colors that shine through that blindness is passionate and quite magnificent..
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    This website is really interesting---it will make you think regardless of if you find it funny or not.

    w w w Black people love us com

    It relates to the conversation. I had a comment from the woman who had never seen racism in Canada. Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Sad but true. The only can we can help stop it is through loving each other for their inside beauty and the way they treat us.
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    Globalisation and the post-modern world is one where genetic modification begins with cross-fertilisation of race, cultures and colors..and the hybridization of all living things make for better and stronger is natural evolution ..the survival of the fittest demands that...
    There are few pure unadulterated breeds alive anymore..I married another race, our bi-racial kids are beautiful..through 20 blissful years we learnt and practised tolerance and found that there are more similarities than there are dissimilarities between the myriad human races..the brave new world of the future depends on cross-fertilisation of minds and bodies..therein lies true peace for all.
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    I think interracial dating is wonderful. People who were raised differently have more perspectives on life and can teach you things you never realized existed.

    Case in point, one of my exes was a Hare Krishna. He was half white, half black, and I learned so much about the Vaisnava culture with its Indian roots. My experience with him introduced me to all sorts of different people.

    I've dated across the spectrum, and if you put boundaries on love, you're really doing yourself a disservice.
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    All I can tell you TomiGirl is.......STAY away from the Hispanic/Latinos!
    They just want you to be their maid....and this coming from a Latino.
    The 'machismo' is in their blood! so from experience I would suggest not even bother with them.
    My ex was half Mex and half Sicilian....and OMG...huge error!
    But...I would also suggest to get out of your comfort zone and be a little adventurous and try going out with one of those guys who are not your same ethnicity.....Who might find what you're looking for....
    I for one, love American guys....they seem to be more laid back and open minded.
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    It really depends upon what you are looking for.

    I've gone out with both Hispanics and African americans.There is no question in my mind that dating someone different is really fun.

    In both cases their families really could not stand me. My spanish isn't very good. Its hard to understand someone when you don't speak their native language. What seemed exotic at first really turned into a bad thing over time.
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    There clearly are challenges unique to cross-cultural dating, just as there are in crossing geographic, generational, socioeconomic, and even lifestyle boundaries. I think it?s ignorant to echo the politically correct and say the differences don't exist or matter.

    The rewards of cultural integration bring about so many positive things that they are too numerous to list. Rather than running at the keyboard, I?ll just say, I have crossed all those boundaries at one time or another and the upside beat the downside.

    Your experience will be dependent upon resisting prejudice (advance opinion) the best you are able. Pay careful attention to the character of the person and I don?t see how you can go wrong.

    Love knows no boundaries. Some people are so chummy with their pets that even crossing species appears not to be a problem. What is it with women and their doggies anyway? I don't understand why Pooh pooh always gets the good side of the bed when I'm the one that pays the bills!
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