I've BEEN ON HERE SINCE 2005 & haven't met one person Dating Wealthy Men / Women Forward to friends

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    Very interesting comments!!! wow!!! is there hope for real LOVE???
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    I'm new to site too, and just joined to peek, not to find a sex partner for a one night stand. There are plenty of one night stand web sites which will give better, if not instant results. And if your a millionaire for $100 to $400 will give you best looking woman with picture, dimensions, telephone number and email address, if sex was the object.
    So I doubt most men are here for sex. Not to say it's not a byproduct, every man I know wants sex, a natural hormone for being a man. Nothing is more beautiful than the human body. And if we didn't feel that way "man" wouldn't be propagating - we'd be dying race.

    My concern is quantity to choose from, in my own nearby area. I don't want fly to New York, Florida or to Europe to meet; and then have to fly repeatedly thereafter to really get to know one another. I'd say, most, if not 99%, of the gals are beautiful on this site, intelligent and sincere. I've been to many sites and they spell and write like they are still in kindergarten, therefore the men here should feel lucky.

    I feel all you women give up to easy too. I myself have test procedure in my first reply, to weed out a very important criteria called compassion, maybe the other men on this site do to ? Only one woman on this site has met that criteria. A woman without compassion I would never want to marry, irregardless how intelligent or beautiful she is.

    Woman on this site have a better chance than the men do to find their objective. The ball is in your court, you just need to know how to use it. Another thing comes through, most women don't give the man a chance. We all have our days and the man isn't in best shape after traveling a 100 miles or a 1000 miles, perhaps even being sidetracked by a problem from work or whatever, so he is not in his best confident state. I know women love a confident man - it shows and you fall for it. But that's only good if I want to pick-up a stranger in the library or Starbucks for fun evening. Woman are more picky then men, you have total control, you just need to look deeper.

    Excuse me for my rant.
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    Hello beautiful yes there is good people out there hi. Sorry we are not running in large packs I very scarce. I love your pic are you still single I'am and would love to chat.
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    The thing that cracks me up the most its the stupid comments women make on this site...the guys a pooch and the women fawn all over him cause they think he has money...too funny
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    I like alot of the responses especially x0x0kt and racytay1020. It truly is hilarious when I read the statement, "If you're a goldigga, " please gentlemen. The site is called MillionaireMatch, although I'm not so sure about 99% of the men here. I just joined this site about 1 week ago and I find the men are not very responsive. II truly think they believe their own hype. I feel many are cocky. Some send winks, but as a woman I find that too juvenile and would prefer a sentence or two. I see many of the ladies are frustrated with the men who appear to be cyber-sex searching, but I am certain there are some decent ones on this site. Will give this one month and see what happens. Stay optimistic ladies and good luck with all your searches.

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    Humm, that's interesting.  I have had similar experience on another site.  A guy friend recommended this site to me simply because I have three children and we talked about how men who don't earn a lot of money are pretty scared of the prospect of three children.  Well, that is because (IMHO) most men are total wimps these days (thanks women's unliberation movement). Now we women get to do all the work we were always expected to do and work full time and then come home and feel like having doing the vertical tango.  No thank you.    It absolutely must be the "real deal", someone you are interested in and passionate about outside of the bank account if it is going to work.
    It's funny to me that there are men on this site and others saying if you are a "gold digger" not to contact.  Hummm....I think that is the equivalent of me saying "If you are only into hot women do not contact".  Women like creature comforts, men are visual.  It's more superficial not to admit what we really want.  I can and have fallen for men without much money, the problem was I have three kids and that scared them...even scares some with money and my kids are very well-mannered.  I've accepted that men see women as a sex object first, that's fine, as at some point I should be the object of their sexual desire and the only object.
    I think you are correct to want the real deal and not sleep with men just because they may have money.  There is no guarantee even if they have money that you will see a dime of it anyway...I have dated a lot of wealthy men and most of them not met online.  You can background check and find information online once you see their plates to their car and once you know real names...but like any other date, you have to spend time with them even to do that.  So, you are already investing your time. I don't think there is a need to invest anything more.  A man worth having is willing to wait, no treasure is gotten in one night.  No woman worth having is gotten easily.  Compare the right woman to the career the most successful men have...that career did not fall into their laps, they worked for it, they should be able to put a little work into convincing you that they are worth your affection.  You do not want to cheapen yourself and you are correct in that.  I don't think many men think of the risk to us women is much higher (unwanted pregnancy is a huge economic disaster for some women, the risks of STD is higher for us).  So, really, a man who cannot even consider this when he takes the rejection (heck they are all gonna try, except for the most exceptional gentlemen...oh and I so like those guys so much more) is not ready for and deserving of the true love you seek.
    Best of luck.  I have only been on the market for a few months....I keep telling myself that.  I have met some men that I really liked...not sure what the barrier to progressing was there...but whatever...was not meant to be then.  It's no worry...I can pay my own bills, I even take myself out on dates or take a girlfriend to the places I want to go when I have alone time.  I have also enjoyed my alone time so much more lately.  I write, cook, get my house, car, act, etc. together.  LOL!
    The right man will come, he may even not be a millionaire.  Gasp! You know most happy couples in the USA are not wealthy...
    best of luck!
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    I like your words, I new for this website., I hope you fine someone real soon. Good luck., :-)
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