I've BEEN ON HERE SINCE 2005 & haven't met one person Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    I like alot of the responses especially x0x0kt and racytay1020. It truly is hilarious when I read the statement, "If you're a goldigga, " please gentlemen. The site is called MillionaireMatch, although I'm not so sure about 99% of the men here. I just joined this site about 1 week ago and I find the men are not very responsive. II truly think they believe their own hype. I feel many are cocky. Some send winks, but as a woman I find that too juvenile and would prefer a sentence or two. I see many of the ladies are frustrated with the men who appear to be cyber-sex searching, but I am certain there are some decent ones on this site. Will give this one month and see what happens. Stay optimistic ladies and good luck with all your searches.

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    I like your words, I new for this website., I hope you fine someone real soon. Good luck., :-)
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