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    Alrighty,this may turn into a complaint journal, oh well,lol. The thing is I tend to type what bothers me, not the good stuff. The good stuff is the best to experience of course but who learns from it? No one.

    Okkkayyy...I'll type one good thing. I got as a Christmas gift a wedding photo album from my daughter and her new hubby, it's beautiful and since I'm a procrastinator it's the best thing she could have given me.

    On to other random things...I just heard there was another skydiving accident nearby in Perris, unfortunitely a skydiver died, poor guy :( This is at least the third accident I have heard of there in less than a year! Flying is great, the landing is what can be difficult.

    Signed on another singles site today that I haven't been on for a couple years, first day and I am somewhat disappointed already. Their forum is okay though, they tend to have a lot more participation in it compared to this site. There are political threads,etc. that this site lacks although for the most serious political happenings I like Alex Jone's forum the best,PrisonPlanetdotcom.

    I don't feel like taking down any Christmas decorations. I may just have to have a party first before I pack it all away.

    Anyone going out for New Year's Eve? Ha! I don't think I will get an answer here! I have always been the non-conformist regarding NYE celebrations. The fact that I am suppose to kiss someone at Midnight after some countdown is ridiculous,lol. I do like watching drunk people though, I especially like watching white guys dance poorly, the worse they dance, the more entertaining it gets! Whatever you choose to do, please don't drive drunk or even buzzed, it isn't worth it.
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    Dear St. Nick, I don't want much this year, I just want the person reading this to be HAPPY. Friends are the fruit cake of life --- some nutty, some soaked in alcohol, some sweet, but mix them together and they're my friends. At Christmas you always hear people talking about what they want & bought. This is what I want: I want people who are sick with no cure to be able to be CURED. I want children with no families to be ADOPTED. I want people to NEVER have to worry about food, shelter & heat. I want PEACE and LOVE for EVERYONE!

    P.S. It would be nice to kiss someone special under the Mistletoe, if you could send me someone, that would be wonderful. I will keep it hanging up for a while, in case you can't find someone by Christmas since this is nearly a last minute request :)
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    I am not so happy at the moment for numerous reasons.

    I thought I had this crush, he certainly appeared to have one for me. He came on strong, I was thinking & feeling all kinds of good things then he dumped me. I always try to stay on an even keel with anyone because I know men and their limited attention spans on the internet but I'm human, I have feelings too.

    I also am still getting over a major disappointment from someone a few mths ago. It's too personal to get into but it was one of the worse let-downs that I've had in my life.

    Don't think that crushes with possibilities come across often because it is more rare than anyone could comprehend. I very rarely date because I very rarely come across anyone that I would be interested in dating. I'm pretty good at filtering and find out BEFORE a date gets to happen that it shouldn't happen at all, so there you go!

    I only managed to type about one reason. It is the biggest reason though,.. not having love in my life. I will be alright, I always am. I did want to be better than alright. Love is what life is all about, if you don't have love, what do you have?

    P.S. In case you're wondering why there is no name with most of the posts, it is because my previous profile was hacked into so I lost my old user name,etc. All those with no username are my posts.
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    I am starting to come to the conclusion that there may not be one guy in the entire male species that is right for me. The problem is I'm not gay! Lol,yeah I just can't change the facts, I am what I am,a heterosexual, mmm hmmm.

    Now a lot of this conclusion has to do with where I live, which is California. Yeah the weather is somewhat better than where I used to live but I say "We pay for the weather" because it's lacking in other areas. One of those areas is definitely the decent man category.

    The area where I live is inland which is quite different than LA or Orange County people which has it's own problems, namely the freaks, snobs, or crime, whatever it is, I am not going into it right now. Right now it's time to talk about where I live. I call it the Land of the White Bread Married Republicans, white bread because you're boring, married because...duh, that is pretty self-explanatory and Republicans, it is more conservative here which has it's good points.

    Don't bother guessing what my political views are but I will be voting for Ron Paul who just so happens to be running under the Republican ticket cuz what choice did he really have in the matter? He's smart like that. I always have to find a way to mention Ron Paul's name. Make sure you're registered to vote for him in the primaries!!

    Okay, where was I? Talking about men, and my odds. Lol, I'd have much better luck gambling but I'm too thrifty to gamble. Going off track again! There are so many types here, all pretty bad. It's getting late so I am gonna leave you with this to give you an idea of what I mean when I say my odds are low.

    *A tip before you read the following.
    Think of Jeff Foxworthy's routine of "You might be a Redneck", these are my words with his timing. I feel I'm not just speaking for myself but on behalf of a good portion of women, if any of this sounds familiar to you then we might have a problem.

    IF that thing on your upper lip you call a mustache looks like something could have crawled in there & died, we might have a problem.

    IF your idea of shopping for yourself is going to Kmart once a year & "stocking up", we might have a problem.

    IF keeping me company while shopping is finding the closest chair & dozing off, we might have a problem.

    IF watching a play means staying awake for the first 10 minutes, we might have a problem.

    IF you wear your UNDERwear as OUTERwear, we might have a problem.

    IF your idea of a memorable night

    includes a tattoo parlor, we might have a problem.

    IF when a woman is talking to you and what you hear is the Peanuts/Our Gang teacher, we might have a problem.

    IF you are such a sports junkie that you will watch badminton on T.V., we might have a problem.

    IF you conveniently only have a $100 bill & you look at me like I should pay instead, we might have a problem.

    IF you claim to be "sexy" and you're not, we might have a problem.

    IF "your place" is your parent's basement, we might have a problem.

    If your idea of getting ready for a date means slapping on some colonge to mask your B.O., we might have a problem.

    IF your six-pack looks like a keg , we might have a problem.

    If you park your bike or vehicle on the front lawn, we might have a problem.

    If you think techno and anything autotuned is good music, we might have a problem.

    If you have clothes inyour closet that you could wear for Halloween like 70's disco, Farmer in the Dell,etc., we might have a problem.

    IF you didn't laugh at some point while reading this, we might have a problem
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    Quoting bepositive:

    Did you discover you were hacked or did the support team find it?  Scammers are getting more and more creative these day but if we keep reporting them then MAYBE they will get the hint and slowly die away.  They are such SCUM!!
    I am sorry you were hacked, hope your account is back up and running.  Always enjoy your comments on the blogs/forum.  Stay positive will all work out.

    Hello bepositive :) hope you are doing well. You never did tell me how your date went, I wanted details!

    It was easy to realize something when I saw this guy's picture replacing my own on MY profile!!! It was a "pending" photo but it was there, clear as day. Some older guy with gray hair, I will have to dig a little to see what his user name was. So it was me, NOT the support team.

    I don't get to look back to see if I had any contact with this hacker before this happened because I immediately called this site's customer service and she proceeded to immediately, completely close my profile/acct. I can't look at any of my history whatsoever. I think he sent me an email once, whatever it was,I wasn't interested.

    I agree, they are pure scum, preying on innocent people. They need some justice done big time!

    Thanks so much,keep in touch and do I need to say-Be Positive? I think you got it already!
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    Did you discover you were hacked or did the support team find it?  Scammers are getting more and more creative these day but if we keep reporting them then MAYBE they will get the hint and slowly die away.  They are such SCUM!!
    I am sorry you were hacked, hope your account is back up and running.  Always enjoy your comments on the blogs/forum.  Stay positive will all work out.
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 17, 2011 at 03:12 PM

    I'm back, my account was hacked into earlier this week and when I contacted the site they immediately suspended my account.I was not happy :(

    Remember participation is welcomed. I thought this thread would be a good way for people to learn from someone else's experiences or at least to be entertained. Feel free to share!!
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    Wow Jutta, good for you , a date already!! I have not been dating anyone, I find out before the date ever occurs that we aren't right for each other so no reason for the date and ther you have it!

    No offense but I don't like The Secret, I don't follow New Age doctrine whatsoever, never have, never will. My friends are all different and that's fine, I just let them know what I'm about, and where I stand. Back to the secret, one of the guys (James Arthur Ray) involved with the book/movie was charging people a ridiculous amount of money for staying at this place where he had a sweat lodge, 2 people died, 19 were hospitalized.

    Good Luck with your date!
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    I am not a paying member either, thought I would try the site out first and if anything interesting came up I would decide. I have a lunch date on Monday so I will let you know how THAT turns out (a day later of course).
    Have you ever read the book THE SECRET ? It is a wonderful book and helps me maintain a positive attitude. Just bought the movie version and can't wait to see it.
    What other dating sites are you on and have you had any luck??
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    Quoting bepositive:

    The guy that kept sending you emails sounds like an idiot, glad you found out early. Just keep a positive attitude girl!
    So sorry to hear about your friends medical problems. We all hear the word CANCER too often and pray one day they will find a cure. My sister and mother both had cancer and my beloved husband died of the dreaded disease 3 years ago. All we can do is pray and be there for them.
    If you ever need to talk I am here for you.....

    Hello Jutta :)

    Thanks for your comment! The guy on Match was an idiot, no doubt. I really don't take it personally. I try to find the entertainmant in just how nasty they can get when their egos are bruised.

    I'm sorry to hear about your family and losing your husband. It is so difficult to see a loved one suffer and you are also suffering yourself from a broken heart. At some point cancer seems to effect everyone :(

    Through everything I have kept my faith, I would be lost without it. We don't know what is ahead but I'm sure there will be good times still to experience!!

    One of these days I will most likely become a paying member again but until then my communication is limited to the forum, so if you want to say hi, don't hesitate to leave a comment here :) *My messages are delayed a day or so until approved.

    Hope you had a good weekend!
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    The guy that kept sending you emails sounds like an idiot, glad you found out early. Just keep a positive attitude girl!
    So sorry to hear about your friends medical problems. We all hear the word CANCER too often and pray one day they will find a cure. My sister and mother both had cancer and my beloved husband died of the dreaded disease 3 years ago. All we can do is pray and be there for them.
    If you ever need to talk I am here for you.....
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    I am not having a great day today. I do have always say it could be worse but still it isn't fun to have a bad day. I am not going to get into too much detail but here goes. Other than the medical issue, the rest is trivial.

    To start off, my friend's sister is finally at the docter's hoping to get a biopsy done to see if she has breast cancer or not. He has a lot to deal with because she is mentally retarded and has mild cerebral palsy, so because of her existing condition they already failed once and couldn't do the procedure. The waiting to know can be awful, unfortunitely most of us has had a loved one who has been through this waiting period,or they themselves have, so you can probably relate, I know I can!! I am hoping they were at least successful with the procedure today, it has been months already, cancer can spread quickly.

    Second;I absolutely cannot stand my landlord :( He is here now, he was 3 hrs. later that he said he would be and now is demanding to also come tomorrow. I will spare you the details but he doesn't respect me and rips me off so I really need to move!!

    Third; I have a month long subscription on another site right now. This guy messages me and because he didn't get the reaction he preferred (I was not rude) he then showed his true colors and sent me this rant. Not that I usually describe anyone this way but I will help you along and tell you he was very short, very round and 57 years old and could pass for 67, with 4 kids and a very nasty disposition. Please note that I am not shallow, I was in a relationship with a guy I towered over,etc.etc. Anyway,here it is....

    True that, it's not something I'm used to, but to be rejected by a middle- aged self-styled hottie from Michigan is certainly nothing that's going to interrupt the sleep cycle. I lived in a border town across from Port Huron, and moved here to get away from women like you. Notice that the Beach Boys sang about "California Girls", not Grand Rapids Grannies?! Why did you follow me? It is funny, my daughters were complaining that I was dating too many young women (I'm a photographer so I'm around many and I do realize that trying to maintain a relationship with someone 20 years younger or more is a lot like trying to nail Jell-O to a tree.It does have it's rewards, though.. But on Match, I've discovered that instead of being more mature, having more in common and being less demanding, many of the older ones can be bitter, and angry that men like youngsters, or just plain nuts. I can put up with insanity or immaturity from a 27 year old, but from a 50 year old, it's just annoying...Hope you find coals in your Christmas (support) Stocking.
    Have to agree with you, I stay away from many of those who go to great lengths about their faith...While my own faith runs deep, it seems like many Christian women are trying to re-invent their virginity, and that's just no fun
    End of quote.

    This jerk sent me 4 messages within a short time frame,none of them being good. By the way, he's a local!! lol. This is just another example of why I am single.

    Update on my friend's sister- I didn't realize it until he told me today that they ended up doing the complete surgery on her today and took out a tumor the size of a tangerine! At least she finally got her surgery, this has been since August 19th that they've waited. Don't have the results yet whether it's cancerous or not.

    A side note; most people already have to wait way too long to see a specialist or wait for surgery,etc. If the Healthcare Reform Bill does not get repealed, what do u think the waiting period will be like then? It will be the nail in the coffin for a huge number of people. There isn't a political title to place a thread under, if I was to start one, I would have to type in a request for the staff to create one. By the way, because I am not currently a paying member, I was not allowed to even type or send in a question :(
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    I got put through the wringer today. lol, is that an old term or what. Funny how I type certain words but I never say them out loud in a conversation. Okay.. back to what I was originally saying. I was in another site's forum where I dared to comment with 2 main points,not only that I hated Obama but that I was Christian.

    Youu may first think that being a Christian means you shouldn't use a word like "hate". Well, I am a Christian but I didn't say I was a saint!!

    I spent a good portion of the day defending myself and my faith and typing reasons why I hate Obama. I don't believe I educated one person. People are so warped and stuck in their ways. I chose Fast & Furious to focus on because this naive woman couldn't even handle more than one topic. It turned out that she could also not absorb enough info.on Fast & Furious and chose to make ridiculous comments like, "Well it hasn't affected me". I just let out an audible sigh.

    Those type of people, we call sheeple. I would like to educate a few buy I am not gonna force it on anyone. Let's see if this works. Murdered Border Patrol agent Holder (attorney general) being questioned along with proof of Operation Fast & Furious Pay attention to the very first sentence "The President has directed us.." , he mentions Holder also

    Update: Apparently it did work, I didn't think I was allowed to have any links showing. I may have to start a political thread now, just a little something to get some info out there and see how many participate. Of course from the extreme low count of participators in any thread here, I won't have any expectations. For a serious political forum,I like prisonplanet, Alex Jone's forum.
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    Tomorrow I will be thankful, today I will complain,just a warning.

    The person who invited over for Thanksgiving? To add to the dread of it all, it is also her birthday. Which makes for more last minute preparations and even more expensive for me. I REALLY do not want to go.

    To give u an example of how my friends are cheap and constantly cost me money. Three of them decided to have a "Progressive Dinner" where you go to each house, one does appetizers, then the dinner, then dessert. I think it should have been called what it was, "We are too cheap between the THREE of us to feed you so it's Pot Luck!!" You would think they would NOT ask u to bring anything since it is already a pain to drive and attend all 3 houses but each was also a Housewarming so I had to bring 3 gifts, 2 food items in the pouring down rain and couldnt drink till the last house since I was driving. Do u think she would have provided something decent to drink? Nope! Then we went out , had to pay for my own drinks plus a friend's drink which she won't remember to pay me back.

    I warned that I was gonna complain here, didn't I?

    I am finishing up my 7-day free trial on a different singles site. Seven days is all I need, I am sick to death of reading most of the profiles. The nutshell version is that nearly all of them are seeking perfection and have virtually no personality whatsoever unless it is being shallow, materialistic and raving about how freaking fantastic they are. I am too tired just from reading about how energetic they are,lol. Oh, let's not forget what their "sign"is,lol. Yeah, I cannot take you seriously when your astrological sign plays a prominent part of who you think you are and what you're searching for.

    I am really getting the feeling that there is no man for me on the entire planet.. well there one guy, he was my scammer :( I practically loved that bastard,lol. If he wasn't in it for money, it may have been as good as it gets.

    Here is one I just came across, he's 50 but thinks he's 30. His headline is "Tall, Toned and Terrific" He felt it was also important to mention that he "tans easily" He has never been married..geez, I wonder why. He will find someone though, she will be just as shallow as he is, he is going to really start looking older (as we all do) and she will won't like that and in a few short years she'll dump him. In the meantime there will be no committment because he isn't capable of it. He is the one who wants someone to "compliment" his life ONLY, not complicate it.

    Yes..I have it all figured out. It is the reason why I don't date,lol. I know before the date ever occurs that it's a waste of time, I have better things to do.

    Update: I RSVPed a no to the Not-so-nice, B-day girl's dinner. While I appreciate the invitation I am just not capable of faking it.
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    Thanksgiving might be alright,it will probably be fine. I was invited to a friend's house and she had invited a lot of other friends, unfortunitely it appears that everyone (other than myself and her ex-boyfriend) all have made other plans.

    To describe Leslie,..the friend who invited me. She is like my bitchy older sister, you tolerate her because you know her but the bottom line is you don't actually enjoy her company. I won't get into details but trust me when I say it's not all good!

    So I will make an appearance for a while then maybe go to my neighbors that I love. They have 2 little boys that I would adopt if I could, I am going to have to babysit them again soon :)

    To anyone who is reading this..treasure the time you have with your families, you never know when it will all change.

  • View author's info Posted on Nov 20, 2011 at 12:01 PM

    I like men who express themselves with class.
  • View author's info Posted on Nov 19, 2011 at 01:43 PM Aluminium Christmas Tree

    I had an Aluminium Christmas Tree as a kid with a rotating base and a color wheel to aim at it. It was unique, I didn't know anyone else who had one. I remember at one time, I wanted a green tree like everyone else, now I would love to have our tree back!!

    I have been wanting to buy a new aluminium tree for a few years now. I'm not sure if they still make the color wheels but I want one of those too of course. I will wait at least another year until I move so I can get the right size. Waiting...a verb I am too familiar with.
  • View author's info Posted on Nov 16, 2011 at 01:14 PM

    This thread is really getting lonely. Alright..I won't say anything more :(

    Hmmm, something about myself.

    I am such a klutz it's funny. No really..IT IS FUNNY! Yeah, maybe being graceful would make me appealing somehow but graceful is boring while being a klutz is NEVER boring :)
  • View author's info Posted on Nov 14, 2011 at 09:44 AM

    I play security guard for my friends.
  • View author's info Posted on Nov 09, 2011 at 09:46 AM

    Quoting machevilli:


    Happy to share, thank you for those kind words. There isn't any doubt that the absence of my father had an impact. Yes, hurt is one of the many words that could describe my feelings back then. I was able to express to him later in my life my thoughts and feelings.

    The most interesting aspect was that I was there for him, in his life helping him until he passed a few years ago. In fact, when he passed after a long battle with a host of medical issues, and because he had no money to speak of, I paid for the entire burial cost. Everyone in the family including my Aunt (Dads sister) said they couldn't help with any of the cost.

    I was happy I had the chance to have a heart to heart with him about many things that had been on my mind. I was not angry, upset, hurt, sad or disappointed. You might wonder whether or not I was able to forgive him, at that point. I was at peace there wasn't anything to forgive, he was my father, I loved him. Although to be candid, I don't think he ever forgave himself.

    The really sad part was that my youngest brother to this day struggles with a number of issues related to the absence during childhood. He didn't have the opportunity to speak with him when he was here. With Dad now buried he continues to struggle with a host of unresolved issues.

    I definitely agree that the grass isn't always greener....However, in many ways I am a better person because of my father. We may not have control of some of the things that happens in life, but we are the captains' of our ship. Our struggle to grow requires, that we overcome certain moral obstacles such as jealousy, envy, conceit, and resentment or else we become imobilized by our inability to understand.

    As a combat veteran I've had many responsibilities none greater than the one to those who with whom I served. I am most proud of that service and the fine men and women who have continued that tradition.

    There are some who think most soliders are pro war, in my experience the opposite is closer to the truth. Having witnessed firsthand the horrors of war, it should never, ever be chosen except as a last option.

    After a number of years in the military, I used my hard earned, G.I Bill to go to school. Evetually I moved back to my hometown where I began a long career as an criminal investigator for a sex crimes unit. While my work has had its rewards, it has been one of the hardest in my life, for more reasons than most would ever know. On that note I'll close until next time. Take care.

    Hi Mach, I hate to say it but I didn't realize you came back with more until a couple minutes ago, sorry!!  I am so used to just going straight to this comment box and typing whatever that I failed to notice!!! I did enjoy reading it though :) I'm happy for you that you had the closure you needed with your father but sad for your brother.

    I'm surprised that you said you were not upset or hurt, along with the rest of emotions.  Maybe you were numb, I sure hope you are not the robot type of man, incapable of feeling emotions. I only say that for your sake.

    For me, one of the bravest things I ever had to do was to go back and say goodbye and go to my father's funeral. Way too complicated a story to get into but the point is I did do it. That whole Honor thy father and mother thing had something to do wih it.

    All our experiences make us who we are, even the bad ones.  We can look at a father who is incapable of showing love and say, "I will NOT be like you!".  Maybe they aren't nice to the waitress, it makes you make a mental note that I will be kind to my server who has worked so hard before I got here and will continue way past the time I leave. Whatever he was, in many ways I have chosen the opposite. There are times he creeps in but that is another story.

    It is a little similar for those who have been in the military, you would choose peace even more so because of your experience.  Of course I can't speak for anyone in the military but I would like to think it is true for some of the military.

    Interesting story you've told, thank-you :)  You take care too.
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