Why is it so hard for a hot woman to find a normal guy. Long Distance Relationship Forward to friends

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    Fear of rejection! Saying to themself that she is way too hot for me no way would she like me.
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    From my experience, hot women usually want normal men, coz they are fed up of hot men, who think no end of themself...and its a big challange for a women to get a normal man to her, coz she thinks, ahh there is one guy who is normal, maybe does not want to come straightward and ask.....here I think this is then like an adventure for a women.
    I like quiet, shy, normal guys.....my mind just goes bonkers, and its a big challange for me to break thru him...
    Normal guys may think, aah this women is definately looking out for some hot guys, since she looks hot...not all the time right...
    so guys if you want something go get it....
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    Honest nice woman writes to a new man about plans together while he is confused does he needs more than 16mo. to start dating after his ex kicked him out. When a new woman with patience waits 8days for his email he tells people here his email adress & he forgets who is who. So does he needs a psychiatrist? What does he needs to move on? why when there is a very deserving woman he still can't trust anyone? What if there is no other man to date but this one? Is it possible for him to put himself together & be a good match for the best girl?What to expect from somebody like him? How it all gonna end up?
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 16, 2012 at 08:28 PM

    Define normal. Men, aren't we all normal?
    Most "hot" women are about themselves just saying they're hot
    is a clue. If a "hot" woman speaks and shows some personality without being all
    ego will no doubt get asked for a date.
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    This is interesting.  First time on a Forum.
    Men stare and do nothing because of two things:
    1) they are afraid of rejection from an attractive woman (it stings for us as well and we are only human);
    2) if you don't give us a smile at least, we aren't getting a cue to come over and say hello.  How do we know you aren't waiting for another man to arrive, or that you're spoken for or even interested in women!??
    A nice smile when you catch the eye will go a long way.  If a bloke can't find the courage to follow up on that, he isn't worth another thought.
    Dating is a tough old thing, made worse by society and conventions.  Maybe we need to get back to chest beating and shouting "Ug", then everything will be obvious and easy to deal with.
    In all seriousness, most of us get out of practice or due to work committments, seldom go out so we all, male and female, struggle to make the most of a chance encounter.
    Keep up the fight, Ladies and Gents.
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    Men have to realize that if they don't ask, they will never know..if you like someone let them know. If they reject you just say next..
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    ..normal guys are boring.
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    Don't ask questions if you are not ready to hear answers :) Please read that part of dating tips which says what pictures better not to post.
    Hourglass, you have nice curves but guys might get nervous by seeing a messy bedroom in your pics. Do your homework and you'll see the result!
    Happy New Year!
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    Don't let anything make u slow down in ur search to find ur love. write to me...
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    I don't even go for a hot woman, their just fun to look at.
    I found too many are stuck up and just think of themselves. I just go for the eyes, they tell me if she cares, is a flirt, or only wants to show herself off. Maybe I'm wrong sometimes, but my senses are usually very sharp.
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    i would only ever want you.
  • View author's info Posted on Sep 08, 2011 at 06:35 PM

    Because most hot women don't want normal men.  To wit:  Most normal men are rejected by hot women.  So if a hot woman wants a normal guy, she needs to let him know.




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    many normal guys are not skilled in dealing with girls and the imensely hot ones end up having girls worship them so they have the woman skills
    again many ok guys end up skipping the radar of some girls
    again these rules also work for girls
    the hot ones get all the atentiion from guys and are more skilled in dealign with them
    its just not a fair balance but thats what life makes of it
    give your best effort and if it dont work then know that the outcome would not have come any different cause u did ur best
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    It can be an awkward situation to go directly to a woman.  Some don't want to be rejected, some don't know how to approach, some just want to enjoy the beauty and nothing more.  If you have an interest in a man it help to send over some flirtatious messages... smile, several glances over, ask him for help, etc.  We might get the hint then.

  • View author's info Posted on May 11, 2011 at 10:35 PM

    I just want a honest,loyal straightforward kind of guy that is proud to be himself around me an not to pretend to be perfect.I'm not perfect.
  • View author's info Posted on May 11, 2011 at 01:05 PM

    Plenty of women but a few men. how does it make us fell?
    I look for a man who doesn't look at anyone (ever) because he's faithful? I believe it's possible!
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