Why would a millionaire join an online dating site? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    So He's curious and I waste my time here, right? Gold-diggers can be the kind of person he wanted. When he will be in love he would help her (in every way), right?
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    I didn't come here looking for a millionaire, besides I'm very reluctant to give data. I'm very secretive when it comes to finance. I look like an ordinary guy, most of the times just wear jeans. I retired at age 37 so I take the privilege to look anyway I want. Ese01 - I don't splash cash, my own relatives don't even know. Just the other day, my brother-in-law, as me how much I'm worth - I didn't say anything, just smiled -- then he tried to coax me by saying "I know your not worth more than 6 million" I just laughed, because he was way low and off base. I never did tell. For me to know and him to guess.

    Myself, I doubt I will find a gal here, primarily because I'm not looking - just interested in learning and what this site is all about. I'm new too. And besides all that I'm very happy and appreciative, and consider myself fortunate lucky. I only have one problem - whom do I leave it to ? That question has been bugging me for ages because I have no children.

    Anyone who is a true millionaire shouldn't be Gold Digging, because the income derived is greater than one can spend. Only drunks and gamblers could qualify achieving that spending goal.
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    Great question! I am a successful woman and want to meet my equal. I am new to this site after trying another well known site so I am not sure about the quality and legitimacy here. All I can say is although money can't buy happiness, I want a man that has achieved what I have...and wants the same in his woman.
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    I agree with your quote about joining to meet a better quality of man than the other dating sites had to offer. I just switched from another site because of scammers were so bad and the men were not screened. So far this site the men I have talked to seemed nice and geniune.
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    I think most people join dating sites out of curiosity. Problem is, they are addicting to some. A bunch of kids in a candy store... I was just looking for a better quality of men.

    Whoever said money means nothing...you're kind of right, but not so fast.... We don't need millions to be happy; a fun career, a few bucks in the bank, a great vacation every year, ample retirement, home ownership, nice car..... In other words, not having to worry about money! It's hard for most single parents to make it in today's economy. But, if you guys can't find a woman on this site, something is wrong! So many beautiful woman, and they are making tons of money.... I have a master's degree and still can't pull in that kind of cash! But, on the other hand, I love my job (teacher). I guess it's better than being rich and miserable! Best wishes, everyone!
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    millionaires? if you dont rent and own your own property in a major city or country property then you are a millionaire, thats the reality. I prefer billionaire but who would advertise such things on a dating site? These people would have a partner found for them by a professional discrete agency where they pay heaps for being a member. Its all got to do with your perception....
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    While I'm not a millionaire I find it difficult to find men who are not intimidated by a confident woman with a successful career in a male dominated field. My hope is men of wealth (who have worked for it) will appreciate these traits not run from them. We shall see:)

    We should also realize being a millionaire could equate to a house, cottage and a couple of cars these days, that's easily said of most modern suburbanites.


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    That would make a fabulous first date idea, don't you think Dakota? Lol! Just being cheeky!
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    There are millionaires everywhere........... and they will always be amongst us or should they have or live in their own world?......no sistah!!!, they are people like us but only richer!! I am on this site for love, money is just a plus!!!
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