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    I agree that certification adds integrity and validity. I don't believe people are just out for the money- they could go to the sugar daddy site for that! This is a nice clean site and I will recommend it to my friends.

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    I agree with ZOEC53. the person only care about the money and not the person.

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    hi my name is becki, iam new on here. in fact today is my first day,looking to meet possibly my soulmate.
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    some men figure if they say how much money they have they can actually buy any girl they want use them and drop them for another model or someone else who is all made up there are some of us ladies out there that would like to have enough money to live comfortable my mom taught me its not what you have but how you treat a person money cant buy you love it has to come from in a persons heart true love shouldnt be based on how much money you have but how much love you can give a person
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    isn't that the truth
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    I have seen what greed does to people and how it can affect relationships. My family was destroyed by greed after my grandparents past away and still has a very harsh affect on my relationship with several members of my family. Money and materialistic goods cannot make a person happy, they can only show status.

    "I would rather be the happiest person in the world with no money than have all the money in the world and no happiness."
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    Prince? If not mistaken....major real estate player and film financier. It never hurts to be born into a family that is well off. :D
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    yea you are smart.. be careful ok dont share you # with anyone...
    but also have a little limit on it.. if someone want to speak with you just let him or har chat with you...

    Happy new year

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    i spoke with a girl on monday this week and she told me she can not go out with me.. I asked why?... she said to me that i can not provide for her needs.....

    I told her she should stop going towards men with that impression that she needs money, but she was so desperate and wanted that money... I dont blame her she is a full time college student and she has a grand mother she had too take care of but she never care about her own stakes not to know that its going to affect her love life if she continues to seek for rich men....

    what i am saying is that sometimes women has a reason for their needs of riches.. but should it be so ovious and should it be that way... isn't there a way to this...

    but i know that we dont have to go extra miles just becus of money but its an essecial factor of life...

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    i agree with you, money should not define who someone really is,, but the only way to know who someone altitude is when he or she is rich...

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    Hello Pretty lady
    Happy New year

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    Hello cute lady, you look so pretty, can i get to know you.
    would you like to comment on my picture too ?

    Happy new year

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    Not sure why you are asking this question...you are old enough to know the answer and I bet smart enough just the same.

    I know of ONLY of a few VERY successful marriages/relationships where two people really are in love and would never trade their mate for any another. My parents are perfect examples of what true love is. Dad made big time money, mom invested it wisely and totally watched what she spent, the biggest bargain shopper of the 20th century she was....they lived a very very good life and had a marriage that everyone envied. Though my father had a income way above the rest, he could not believe once my mom passed away exactly how wealthy he had become and all because he allowed my mom to budget his earnings while he managed his own business. Reality is, he would have traded all his wealth to give mom life again but life is the one thing that cannot be purchased for any amount of money. My dad died a very wealthy man but missing his life partner each day before he passed away.

    I say being verified is good because it shows you are the REAL DEAL (many out here are just pure BS) but it's a big ol spot light for money hungry gals.

    If women are willing to KILL for insurance money what does that say about how money can cause GREED?

    GREED......It's been around since time immemorial....he who had the best cave and is the best hunter and provider gets the gal.

    just as...

    SHALLOWNESS.... men rather date a pretty young thin woman regardless of her character as long as she makes him look good. In reality when youth stands next to older men...it just makes him look older and make people think he paid for her company. Usually that is the case.

    Depends what you are looking for I guess.

    You must know, those who are capable of being the best PROVIDERS can easily get the GREEDIEST GALS.

    Men want sex with a hot young woman so they can afford to pay for it. It's an ego boost for the man. Do you want TRUE LOVE or an ego boost?

    Women want $$$$$$$$ ...aka a good provider, regardless of who much the man disgusts them, they get what they want with their looks and eventually move on.

    Take Trump for example....he trades his companions in on a regualr basis and in return the women get a very good settlement.

    Many insecure wealthy men trade up...why? because they can, they can afford a new ego boost and need one especially when over 40. Trust me...Trump does not get the gal because of his looks and Hefner he is a cool cat n all but come on Hef was born in 1926...a grandpa with cash. I will say this...my dad did admire Hef..dad was a real joker kind of guy...he said Hef is the only guy that did not have to die to go to heaven. :D

    Greedy bimbos trade just the same...why? because she can....hot young chicks and hot mature chicks too do not want an old man or unattractive man... they want youth and or good looks such as they are so once they got some of the wealthy man's cash, it's time to trade out for the young hottie with the six pack abs.

    Wealthy men need to ask themselves...
    1.) Would this chick date me if I my income was that of middle class America?
    2.) Would I date this chick if she was nice looking but not a Barbie Doll?

    The answer will determine who and what you are.

    There is a price attached to everything in life.....even companionship....just ask any hooker.

    Sorry to sound so harsh. But the truth is the truth. I seen enough wealthy men use the wrong head and then do nothing but bitch about getting burned once they are dumped and lost a ton of cash. Worse yet...if they have children in common, women often use the children as bargaining power. Another fine example of kids paying for their parents mistakes. So very sad :(

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    So have you found what you're looking for from all the numbers, winks,or emails? If not good luck to you, the best things come to those who wait.
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    There are a lot of liars out there....someone who went through any kind of a verification process is a safer bet than one who has not. Seriously, all other items relatively equal,a man (or woman) with money tip the scale to their favor.

    And then there are those with a ton of money, but, with the unfortunate lack of social skill to the point that it doesn't matter how much money they have....that sace is NOT tipping favorably....then the unfortunate sap should spend a little bit of all that asset s/he has accumulated and get someone to train him/her in the subtler sensibilities of social intercourse...

    Just my humble opinion....what do I know? I am making this stuff up as I go...
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    I don't think it changes much. Your picture says it all.

    Let's connect.
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    If they are only looking for money, I would say that the answer is obviously, yes. Why would that surprise you?
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    I need a good men that likes going to have fun
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    When you flaunt it what do you expect LOL  I am financially secure and financially free ha!  But its a 2 edged sword...   what did you expect???   If I wear a ton of diamonds of course it will draw attention and even the wrong and right kind of people.  Sometimes its hard to judge however, giving out my phone number  -  no way.  Its so easy to track someones home address with such information.  Also, I am very selective to whom I speak with period.  Not stuck up just smart.    : )

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