(For Women) So why are you on MM site???? Romance

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    Well Michael as corny as it sounds, what is irresistible to a woman is the same thing that is irresistible to a man. Someone confident with a good sense of humour....that's it.
    Doesn't have to be the most handsome man in the room, or the best dresser.
    We women enjoy and want to be around men that make us feel good....it's that simple.

    Can't always tell from a wink either Michael. So one reads, and hopes half of what is written is true, then we click that wink! smile.
    Good Luck to You.

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    Honestly I've been on so many other websites i decided to give this one a try. I'm not seeking refuge.

    I'm looking for someone who has a soul and isn't afraid to show it. i'm looking for a best friend who isn't afraid to laugh til they fart or snort. I want someone i don't have to beg to let me into their life.

    I have been rogue my entire life and i'm tired of approaching men. I won't do it anymore.

    Irresistably attractive? Gosh where do i begin? Other than looks, kindness. Respect in other peoples beliefs. Someone who is past arguing or cheating. SELF RESTRAINT! A man with a strong mind who isn't held captive to carnal wants and wishes. A man that if he doesn't have what he wants, he's on his way to get it. You know i just described myself. Damn

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    Im here because I thought this would be a nice way to meet a man that was sophisticated, educated and willing to have a genuinely smart conversation.

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    I'm here because I want to find someone serious, reliable and educated :-)
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    I've never been on any dating site but looked at a few and decided there was probably a higher chance of finding someone who is educated and can have an intelligent conversation than on most other sites.

    I am not materialistic, neither am I stupid to think that everyone on here is rich. If you really had that much money would you seriously brag about it and get used by male or female golddiggers? I would think that most who have money and seek that someone special would keep it quiet to be liked (and loved) for who they are and not what they have but ... I may be wrong.

    Personally I don't care if anyone is rich or not as long as I can maintain my life style. Because of my work it is also very important to me that the person I may meet is also self employed or extremely flexible in their living arrangements if there is to be a chance of a real relationship. ¿ ¿


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    1. i m in MM site cause i want a rich man!
    i m sooo sick paying for guys.
    2. im am looking for Mr.Perfect
    3. cause they sent me first
    4. honestly... ass. my eyes just watch men asses when they walk in front of me.some can be sooooooo cute, some not.
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