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    You are very clever and wise person, Alexandria13...The money - its a good bonus to the good relationship, but not a major thing...

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    I would Have to say it is not all about Money. Do not get me wrong on this. It is nice to have money and have a little of life's everyday stresses lifted off of your shoulder's However does it Buy Happiness I am sad to say in some cases it does..
    There are alot of Ladies in the world only looking for a guy with money to make herself Happy. it is not right Because it gives the good Ladies such as myself and many others a bad look. Real ladies do not need money to make them Happy because we are Thankful for the little things in life that God has given us. Such as opening My eyes every morning and being able to see the sun shine and to be able to walk and talk and eat and so many other things so many take for granted. as in the Gold diggers of wanna be Ladies. Grow up and do not go for a guy just because he has something to offer you until the next best thing comes along.. Want him for him not for his Money. Because wanting him for him tells him that if one day he lost everything you would still be there standing strong beside him instead of looking for your next sugar daddy as they say.. so to me Money is good yes and it does take away some stress.. But I am one of the Charity type Ladies.. I love to see everyone Happy and love to Donate my time for AWESOME causes. ok just my input .. If this offeneded anyone I am sorry but it is the truth...
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    Happiness only comes from within ones self. If it could be bought for a dollar amount, then this would be truly sad. Having money just makes life financially easier.
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    I agree with FirestarterFL. Financial and intellectual equality seems to bring happiness and understanding, but there also has to be a common goal for the relationship to last.
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    Money doesn't buy happiness by any means. My ex is very wealthy man but he was very pessimistic. He never had fighting chance to enjoy his life because most of it was spent guarding his assets.

    In my opinion most affluent people are sad because they can't reap the benefits of all their hard work. They search their whole lives trying to find true love.

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    Money doesn't buy happiness but it does give you time to breath when you are feeling down. If a person without means is depressed, they still must get up and go to work and find a balance. You have to keep a brave face even when you want to cry in your pillow all day long.

    If your depressed and have the means, lots of means,¿ you can just get on a plane and go somewhere to hide the pain you are feeling. It doesn't solve anything but it sure masks the hurt until you are over it.

    In the end, who is better off is the real question!

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    Because as your wealth increases due to your hard work and efforts, the "distance" between you and your immediate geographic social group tends to increase. With the best will in the world, financial and educational differences seem always to cause friction in a relationship - At the beginning, the more wealthy, more¿intellectual¿¿of the two always finds themselves "carrying" their partner. This is the basis of the trophy wife/husband. The more powerful partner gets the physical benefits of a younger, more beautiful partner, and sacrifices the ability to have a good conversation and really be in a partnership of equals.¿

    Rich people with¿trophy¿partners seem to have a lot of affairs, ¿whereas¿people in relationships of equality seem much more stable.¿

    A little off topic I guess but that's my thought. I'd rather date someone cleverer and "richer" than I - the challenge is delicious.¿


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    No money doesn't buy happiness, but it can make your life less worry some and enjoyable. Only unconditional love can make your life happy. It is better to share the failures with someone you love, than share your achievements alone.
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